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Instagram Posts As A Beginner: Avoid These Mistakes

It is simply impossible for beginners on Instagram to not make mistakes. We have observed people making the same mistakes over and over again. To increase their Instagram likes the people make use of wrong techniques that are of no good. This blog has been written specifically to study those mistakes. Moreover, we will also give you some advice about how you can avoid making those mistakes.

These are 3 tips to Avoid as a beginner;

Tip 1: Be Hyper Strategic

This is the most common mistake that almost all people on Instagram make. This mistake usually happens when people are drafting posts for Instagram. Most of the businesses are not hyper strategic when it comes to increasing Instagram followers. They also do not strategize the description of the posts that they are going to make on their account.

The very first line of your Instagram posts acts as a hook and helps increase Instagram likes. The first line of Instagram posts works the same way as the subject line of the email. You need it to be very eye-catching so that it grabs the attention of the readers and stops them from scrolling past.

What this means is that your post should start with the most captivating part of the caption. You need to give people a reason to tap on read more if you want to increase your Get Instagram followers. You have a very small window that lasts just a few seconds to grab the attention of readers. Most people scroll past Instagram posts at a rapid-fire pace.

Many of the Instagram experts start their caption with a question. This gives the followers to stop and pay attention to the post. Moreover, it promotes the followers to start a conversation with the account holder. You also need to think about an emoji that can go with the aesthetic of your brand.

Tip 2: Add a Call to Action

The second thing that we are going to talk about is the call to action. By using a call to action you tell your followers the very specific action that you want them to take. Moreover, the good thing is that the call to action can be used in almost all types of Instagram posts.

By making use of a call to action you encourage the followers to engage with the company. Mostly the businesses use a call to action to tell followers to comment, send a direct message or look up your Instagram bio.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is avoiding the overuse of aggressive calls to action. Not all posts should revolve around telling people to buy from your brand. Instead, you need to develop a connection with your followers if you want to increase your Instagram likes. So, you need to encourage a two-way conversation.

Tip 3: Craft Content with your Audience in Mind

This is one of the major mistakes that almost all beginners on Instagram are making. We have seen businesses share excellent content. However, the content doesn’t even relate to their major audience. Before uploading something on your Instagram account, you need to ask the question ‘what is in it for my followers?’

This statement shouldn’t stop you from sharing personal content on your account. All you need to consider is the impact that the content would have on your followers. You need to build trust in people about your brand if you want them to spend money with you. People only spend money when they trust the brand and understand that the brand is there to make a connection with them.

People usually share a good recipe with the caption that the recipe is good and my family loved it. But we believe that the caption is not that captivating. Instead of this you should read ‘let me share an excellent recipe with you. If you are running late or are late from work and require a nutritious meal that can be prepared within 10 to 15 minutes then I have got you covered.

You would need to spend less time on cooking and would have a lesser number of pots to clean. We think that it is a win for all the families that face problems when it comes to cooking. Tag your friends and family that you think would benefit from the recipe.’ Writing something like this would be much more captivating and would stop the followers from scrolling past.

Whenever you start an Instagram account you need to make two types of posts. The first post should tell your followers about you. However, the second post should revolve around the followers and should tell them what is in it for the followers. The second post on your Instagram account should start with a strong CTA if you want to increase your Instagram followers.

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