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Important Things to Know About Online Train Travel Bookings

Whenever you want to travel to a new place, choose your travel by train. It is your best companion throughout the journey—due to advanced technology, booking your online train tickets has been made more accessible. It helps you in saving your time. You will never know the time while you are on the train. Traveling by train is flexible and most comfortable. Online train ticket booking takes just a few minutes.  

Online Train Ticket Booking Services 

IRCTC has launched an online train ticket booking service to book tickets online. There will be a portal through which you can book tickets. Firstly, you need to register on the portal; you will get a user ID and password. Then, log in to your IRCTC account and book your ticket.  

What is the process of online train ticket booking?  

Here is the process:  

  • Login to your IRCTC account  
  • Select your initial and destination station 
  • Finalize the date of your journey  
  • Select the preferable trains  
  • Check for the ticket availability in your preferred coach.  
  • Enter your personal information, such as the name, phone number, age, and gender of the passenger.  
  • Select your berth preference  
  • Now, the final step is payment. It can be done using your debit or credit card, online banking, or through digital wallets.  
  • You will receive an e-ticket, and the details of the ticket will be sent via message on your registered phone number and email ID.   

How about the bookings and cancellation of tickets?

There are lot more chances for people to drop their journey due to some reasons. Some people may plan to go on a trip with family and friends. So, they’ll book their tickets in advance to get the seats confirmed. And unfortunately, the plan may get altered, or a few of them have to drop out because of their work. So, that is why Indian Railways have also provided a ticket cancellation service.  

How to cancel an online reserved ticket?  

  • Login to your IRCTC account  
  • Go to the reserved ticket section.  
  • Select a cancellation option and cancel your ticket  
  • Cancellation charges will be applied.  
  • After deducting the cancellation charges, the remaining amount will be credited back to your account through which the ticket has been booked.  

Is it Possible to Transfer a Train Ticket?  

Obviously, yes, you can send your confirmed train ticket to anyone. You can send it to your mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, son, daughter.   

How to Transfer a Train Ticket?  

You have to submit a request regarding ticket transfer a minimum of 24 hours in advance before the train departures. Moreover, the ticket cannot be transferred if booked on concession. Tickets have been shared between the students of a well-known educational organization. They can ask for a request from their principal. You can also transfer tickets to NCC cadets.  

Is it Possible to Change the Type of Class Coach?  

If you book your ticket in the lower class and want to change it? You can change your lower-class ticket to higher class on the exact date on the same train. However, it depends on the availability of accommodation. The ticket collector (TC) can change your ticket during the journey.  

Do you have plans with your family and want to go peacefully? Then, premium special trains are the best choice for you.  

Premium Special Trains:  

With these premium special trains, one can have a luxurious travel experience and excellent facilities. These trains are started to offer accommodation in trains for long-distance journeys. These have become a great advantage for the people who make sudden plans. Generally, these are scheduled once or twice a week.  

What is the process of premium special train bookings?  

Generally, a person can book their train tickets 120 days in advance. However, for the premium special trains, booking a ticket is different. So, you have to be aware of the online ticket booking rules that help you plan your travel trip conveniently.   

Here are the rules that are needed to be followed while you are making premium special train bookings:  

  1. Only Online Reservations are Available: 

IRCTC allows the passenger to book their tickets online. You cannot make offline reservations. PRS (Passenger Reservation System) counters or reservation windows cannot book tickets for premium special trains in any station.  

  1. Advance Booking: 

These trains are open for booking just 15 days before the train departures. Online train booking is faster in the opening days as the ticket price is charged at a low price. When the train berths get booked, there will be an increase in the price.  

  1. No Intermediaries are Involved: 

No agents are allowed in the process, or they cannot book your tickets. These tickets are booked only by the passenger online through their IRCTC account.  

  1. No Concessions Available: 

There are no concessions applied for your online train ticket bookings for these trains. The ticket price is equal to all the passengers traveling on these special trains.  

  1. No Quota Seats: 

Quota seats are reserved especially to provide the berths to passengers who travel in a particular class. Other than that, there is no special quota like ladies quota, senior citizen quota, and student quota offered by Indian Railways.  

  1. No Changes Will be Done: 

Usually, Indian Railways allow passengers to change their reserved tickets, such as altering boarding stations, transferring their tickets, etc. While coming to bookings in special trains, there is no option of changing any travel details. Once you’re done with the reservation, you don’t have any other scope to change your details.  

  1. Cancellation of Ticket is not available: 

Once you reserve your ticket, it is done. You don’t have a cancellation option for your ticket.     

Don’t you feel that booking your train ticket online is such a simple process? Nowadays, every person got habituated to online bookings as they can book tickets from their comfort zone. Trainman is the best ticket booking website, and they also provide an exclusive offer that can surely benefit you. 

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