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As a premier school, we understand the importance of schools at every level, especially at the preschool level. After all, pre-schools engage children in fun activities that aim to educate them and help with cognitive development and behavioral growth. How many parents know that significant brain development takes place till 5 years of age? Yes, genes play an important role, but sensory experiences, which a preschool in Pune can provide help to enhance learning and brain development. It is during this time that cognitive-linguistic capacities develop that will impact the physical and emotional health of a child into adulthood.

So, early childhood education can impact a child’s future in several ways. Here we have listed 8 advantages that a young child gets from attending a preschool in Pune.

  1. Personality development

Everyone has a unique personality that sets them apart from other people. A personality is distinct and recognizable from birth. Typically, personality development focuses on these factors:

  • Temperament: It relates to your child’s genetic composition, i.e., the traits that the child inherited genetically. It determines how they express themselves and react to situations. Pre-school will teach your child how to deal with their emotions and express themselves without being disrespectful. The teachers take time to understand how each student reacts to situations and helps them deal with their feelings.
  • Environment: Your child’s surroundings can determine their personality. The resources in a preschool create an environment that nurtures both cognitive and behavioral growth. preschool in Pune teachers prepares the classes before students arrive, with different workstations and activities that encourage them to learn. The wall decorations are intentional and aim to educate the students.
  • Character: Character involves the social-emotional, cognitive, and behavioral patterns of the student. Although it tends to rely on past experiences, you can develop character over time. Since the brains at this stage are flexible and more open to learning, pre-school presents an opportunity to nurture their character and instill the importance of good morals. They learn to relate with teachers and their classmates through daily interactions.
  1. Develops a sense of independence and fosters confidence

At home, children are dependent on their parents and other caregivers. They know who to ask or how to react when they need attention. They may cling, cry or simply walk up to a parent and ask. Within the four walls of a home, a child is totally dependent. Single children are the center of attention, and are usually, more dependent than a second or third child, or a child born in a joint family with other children.

However, enrolling them in a pre-school, lets them develop a sense of independence and lower their dependency on parents and other caregivers. In preschool in Pune following GMP, the students are in charge of the curricula; they choose which activities to engage in and who they want to interact with. When they can decide and find ways to entertain themselves at that young age, it will foster a sense of independence.

A sense of independence will help in fostering your child’s confidence. When they ask questions, interact with other students, or perform well during class activities, the student’s confidence can get a boost. They can fluently express themselves and make decisions before they join primary school.

  1. Prepares students for primary school and academic excellence

Primary school education is more structured than preschool in Pune education. A child that enrolls directly in primary school may have a challenging time adjusting to the curriculum and environment. Pre-school prepares your child for the transition by teaching them the importance of following routines, listening and following instructions, and social interaction. They learn to read and write; that makes it easier for them to adapt to the changes in primary school.

Pre-school teachers integrate mathematics, languages, and other literacy skills to prepare students for advanced learning. The children learn these skills through songs, fun games, and class activities prepared by the teacher beforehand. They learn how to count, recite the alphabet, and point out various colours, objects, and animals. Although pre-school does not focus on academic excellence, it instills a love for learning and acquiring knowledge. Your child will develop curiosity and eagerness to learn.

  1. Holistic development

At two years, your child is still developing and learning new things. Therefore, you can create an environment that will support their development. Sometimes, your home may not provide all the resources that a child requires for all-around development. A pre-school is designed with the needs of the students in mind. For example, the Montessori curriculum used at GIIS Pune emphasizes the importance of holistic development.

GIIS Pune uses the Global Montessori Plus curriculum to foster all-around learning and ensure the students develop cognitively, physically, and socially. The curriculum gives students the freedom to follow their interests at their own pace.

  1. Professional teachers and caregivers

Training a two-year-old or three-year-old is not an easy feat.  Often, they will do whatever pleases them- which is where programs like GMP make a difference. But, you need trained teachers and caregivers, to let children be themselves even when they are learning. For example, a child wants to play with colourful sticks – an experienced teacher will use the opportunity to teach basic counting or colors.

Pre-school teachers are trained to handle children at this age. They have the skills to communicate, discipline, and educate them without causing any harm. Enrolling your child in a pre-school allows them to learn without seeming to do so. It will enable enthusiasm and retention, and in the hands of the right teacher will make children more inquisitive.

Many parents are enrolling their children in pre-school because of these vast benefits. Taking time to prepare your child for advanced education has long-term benefits, which impact them even when they are older. Keep in mind, a preschool is a fun place, where your little one will interact with children of their age, and indulge in activities that interest them.

If you are interested in knowing more about our international school in Pune, please get in touch with the admission counselor. We would be happy to schedule a virtual visit to the school.


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