How to Wear Men’s Sandals: A Quick Style Guide

Gone are the days when men used to wear sandals at the gym or holidays only. Trends have changed now that this open-toed footwear comes in so many different forms such as sliders, hiking style sandals, and Birkenstocks.

Sandals don’t ideally go with office wear but they look quite versatile when worn the right way with the right outfit. One wrong move will make you look like a lost tourist. On the other hand, wear them right and you will be stylish yet comfortable.

Haven’t done this before? This style guide reveals all the tricks of wearing sandals with different attires:

Tailored Trousers

Sandals are pretty easy to pair with a smart pair of trousers, unlike khaki cargo pants. You just need the right pair. Go for trousers with a wider-legged cut but a cropped ankle. It must finish an inch or two above the sandals.

You can’t wear it to your office even if it’s formal trousers. For a smart look, go for leather strapped sandals. Black or brown leather in a chunky rubber sole will last longer than the ones in thin leather.

Sandals with Suit Separates

Who can ever fathom wearing sandals with tailoring but it’s possible to nail this look if some rules are followed.

Rule #1: You can’t wear socks

Rule #2: Flip flops are unacceptable.

Something black or navy without a logo or patterns would do the work. Suit separates will deformalize the look. Wear dark trousers. To create a balance, wear a neutral blazer.


The simplest outfit for men in summer is a T-shirt and chinos. To make this pairing a little more interesting, add sandals. Feel free to wear grays, blacks, and other earthy shades. If you use the metro quite often, a Birkenstock is your best bet.

Tucked in tees, chinos and a chunky sandal is the best casual combination.


If you live on a tropical island, there is no reason why you won’t wear jeans and sandals.

Full-length denim may be unacceptable to many but when done right, it makes a really handsome pairing. Since it’s going to be a casual look, I suggest combining faded jeans in a slim fit with laid-back footwear.


When you are packing for a beach holiday, you either take your sliders or flip-flops.  There is no harm in taking hiking sandals with you for a change. The straps make them more functional. Plus, after the beach, if you decide to head to the bar or a nice restaurant, you won’t be side-eyed by others.

For a decent beach look, pair swim shorts with a dark neutral top. This combination will bring out your tan as well.


Wearing sandals with shorts on the weekend is a combination that comes naturally. But pulling off this look requires a little thought.

Tailored shorts in dark or muted colors with a well-cut tee is a good inspiration.


Yup, it is totally fine to wear sandals with white socks. 20 years ago, white socks with sliders was an ugly sight but today, it is a statement look.

If you are into this look, there are a couple of ways to nail it. Shorts, a vest, and a printed shirt with white socks and sliders are an easy combination to try.  When you want to keep things safe, wear neutral black shorts with a block-colored tee.

Also, socks and sandals are only for men under 30s.

Quick Tips for Wearing Sandals

Need help with picking the right type of sandals and wearing them the right way? Check these quick tips:

●       Choose matching colors

Pay special attention to the color of the sandals to nail your appearance. If you are not great at matching colors, then stick to a monochrome look. It’s much safer. Blue and black colors complement most outfits.

●       Pick leather sandals

The most versatile type of sandals out there are leather sandals. Leather material is available in gladiator and Birkenstock sandals. These come in a wide selection of aesthetics and even colors. The best part is you can wear them with casual and sport outfits.

●       Clean up your feet

When wearing a sandal, don’t forget to scrub up your feet. If your feet are not in a great state, it’s easy to clean them up. Soak them in warm water. Clean the nails with a brush and trim them, if needed. Then, slather a bit of moisturizer. That should do it.


See, you are not limited to wearing sandals with shorts only. They are a perfect match no doubt, but so many other bold looks exist. Escape from this one-dimensional thought and open yourself up to a world of possibilities. Experiment with your looks by wearing them with outfits in your wardrobe and embrace this change.

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