Healthy Tips of Maintaining Natural Long Nails

Healthy Tips of Maintaining Natural Long Nails: If you have naturally long nails, you’re certainly one of the few lucky ones. This means you don’t have to wear faux nails except you really want to. That’s a whole lot of money and time saved.

But wait, as gorgeous as they are, long nails can be difficult to maintain. Due to their length, they shelter more dirt than short nails. Also, it can be quite cumbersome doing chores with them and most times, you have to be careful not to hurt yourself.

Healthy Tips of Maintaining Natural Long Nails:

How can you then nurture your nails to ensure they keep making you the cynosure of all eyes? Here are some easy tips!

Eat nutritious meals:

What you eat always reflects on your body so eat consciously and eat a healthy diet and your nails will shimmer like a diamond.

You may have won the gene lottery, but you definitely have to keep tending those nails with healthy meals. Opt for diets with vitamins, proteins, and calcium and watch your nails grow and become stronger.

Drink plenty of water:

Water hydrates and you need a lot of it for your nails. Make sure you take at least four liters daily to keep those nails elegant.

Wash and sanitize your hands regularly:

To prevent your natural nails from being the storehouse of dirt, you need to wash and sanitize your hands as often as possible.

Be careful here, though. Watch out for products that are too harsh as they may weaken your nails.

Wear gloves when doing chores:

This gives triple benefits. You protect your nails from exposure to germs and harmful chemicals, you prevent your food from being infected while cooking and you also shield your nails from breaking and hurting you.

Protect the cuticles:

The skin around your nails is like a protective shield to your nails which needs to be taken care of. Never pull your cuticles far out or damage them in any way because that will indirectly affect your nail health.

Clean your cuticles and nail beds regularly:

These are areas where dirt hides and constant cleaning will keep your nails from housing them. A ball of cotton wool and a mild liquid sanitizer would do.

Trim & file:

Like our face, body, and hair, our nails also require constant care and attention. So, trim and file your nails from time to time to enhance nail growth.

Avoid acetone-based remover and harsh polish:

All of us in today’s world have now switched from normal to organic in all aspects of our lifestyle and that should be the case with the nail polish and removers as well.

Constant use of chemicals fades the natural shine and health of your nails so try to use mild polish and remover to avoid constant chemical interaction.

Also at the time of removing your acrylic nails such as solar nails or french nails, you have to sock your nails on acetone, which can weaken your natural nails heath. Proper care of your nails for a few days is recommended.

Avoid nail polishes with harmful chemicals:

While applying nail polish to your natural nails, be sure to look out for harmful chemicals in your nail varnish.

Formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate found in some nail polishes are damaging to your nails and should be avoided. In fact, these three are called ‘Big 3’ or the ‘Toxic Trio’. They have been linked to many health issues like headaches, nausea, dizziness, lung cancer, and even reproductive problems.

Wrap up:

As you can see, the tips are simple and easy to follow. In the nutshell, give your nails the attention they deserve and you will see shining and healthy nails.

If you have other ways you maintain your beautiful nails, kindly share them in the comment section below.


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