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How To Start Making Money With Zip Nada Zilch

How To Start Making Money With Zip Nada Zilch

One could be doing. Not to mention, anyone can easily download my book from the link in the right sidebar. Therefore, I thought I would post the answer publicly so that everyone has access to it.

Znz one is a work from home opportunity that requires “immediate traffic” to make money, and immediate traffic will come from places like Craigslist, work from home forums, and social media sites.

In all honesty, I took it even further when I first started out, I printed up flyers and put them outdoor to the door.

(yes I really did this) I went to apartment complexes (not expensive ones for obvious reasons) so I could put them out by the hundreds in a short amount of time.

Obviously, if you are going to do this you need to get a domain name from GoDaddy and forward your long and ugly link you get from OPDS.

For example, my domain name is simply, it is short and easy for people to type when I am advertising offline. If you don’t know what

I mean by “forwarding”, you can just call GoDaddy’s customer support and they will walk you through it. I will not respond to questions on how to do this when they are available to you.

That is just one creative way to start getting immediate traffic that no one else is doing.

Now you have places like Craigslist and Back page. Back page is second to Cl; yet they don’t compare. I am not saying to not use Back page at all, but don’t post ads there and sit back waiting for the money to roll in….the response you will get is minimal compared to what CL offers. (I know this from experience!)

You want your ads to stand out, if you signed up under me you have the marketing guide and should know how to do this.

Not to mention I included a classified ad creator in the bonuses which were sent; please use these tools. Also you want to create MANY ads, not just one or two.

Idealistically you want to create countless accounts (so you will need countless email accounts) and post under each one only once every 48 hours to stay within their posting guidelines.

This should keep your accounts from getting closed by Cl, and yet you should have ads going up every single day. This is a lot of work, but again I have always said the keyword in work from home is in fact WORK.

Get involved in work from home forums, these are free, and you can just participate in discussions and your link will appear every time you post.

These forums allow you to have two to three links set up in your signature, the more valuable information you contribute to a conversation; the more the readers will want to know what you involved in and will check out your link.

VISIT THIS SITE: conflict-news

Social media; use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to build business pages and get your links out.

Read and learn all that you can on internet marketing, I have an entire category on marketing tips and experiences with countless “do and don’t’s.”

What I don’t have is the time to mentor new entrepreneurs “one by one.” If anyone says they will do that for the twenty or sixty-dollar payout they receive from Znz they’re straight-up lying to you.

If you put yourself in their shoes, would you honestly be available night and day seven days a week to answer questions for only a few bucks? You would never get anything done!

I know this because I tried the phone thing in the beginning, and it is crazy

how people feel they can just keep calling and having you take them by the hand through every step.

If you have a few dollars build a website! I have said it many times on this site, there is no real competition for Zip Nada Zilch; yet it is searched! You could be on page one of Google in a matter of weeks

if you read the information available here and learn what it takes to rank your site. This way you are getting your immediate traffic from Cl, forums, etc….then when these people go looking for Znz answers, they can find you again.

You are in a sense getting them on both ends which could be extremely prosperous!

You get those who see the ad and just “get it” and complete

the required referral, and you get those saying “Hmm” but need more answers first. It’s a “win-win” situation!

You have to remember that I was right where all of you are just over a year ago. Everything I learned has been through research, determination, and GOOGLE! I never had a resource site like this,

I just Googled what it was I needed to understand and found the answers.

How To Start Making Money With Zip Nada Zilch

You absolutely CAN work from home with Znz and MAKE MONEY, but you have to want

it and not be quick to “give up” or rely on

someone else to take you by the hand every step of the way.

This is YOUR opportunity to work from home, and if you do the necessary work; it can quickly evolve into your new career!

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