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8 Best Places To Take Stunning Photographs In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a concrete jungle that contains high-rise buildings touching the sky all over the city. 

However, you can also find mountains, temples, and waterfronts to split it up along with these concrete structures. All these things make this city a superb place to click your travel pictures. 

If you are a fan of indoor photography, you will find some awesome photography studio in Hong Kong that offers you complete customization to get the perfect indoor shot.

In this blog, you will find my suggestions for the 8 best photography places to take stunning photographs in Hong Kong. Listed below are 8 top and Must-visit Instagram and photography spots in Hong Kong.

  1. Sky Terrace 428 at the Peakhong kong

Among the best and many well-known places for photography is the Sky Terrace 428 at the Peak. 

You will get to enjoy the whole beautiful view of the city from up here. So I’ll suggest you visit this beautiful place around the sunset and during the blue hour.

This way, you will get a chance to click the photos of the city in different lighting. However, it may get busy, particularly before the sunset, so give yourself enough time to reach up there.

  1. Yick Fat

If you are visiting Hong Kong for a trip, the Yick Fat building is the major spot that you must not miss during your visit. 

It offers the ideal opportunity to show your followers what could be considered perfect Hong Kong-style architecture. 

This place is great to visit during both day and night, and if you’ve got the time, I would recommend you to come back to take pictures during both day and night.

  1. Choi Hung Estate

The Choi Hung Estate is an amazing place to click the best photographs to post online as a result of a number of its colorful facades. 

The ideal place to take pictures is at the top above the parking garage, where you will be able to frame your photographs with all the basketball courts as well as the colorful exteriors. 

To make the colors pop up the little add some vibrancy and/or saturation to your photograph while editing.

  1. Kowloon Waterfront

If you desire to enjoy the Hong Kong skyline, the waterfront alongside Kowloon is a perfect place for you. 

I would suggest you visit this beautiful place around sunset into the blue hour to get the perfect lighting for your photographs and enjoy the awesome atmosphere.

  1. International Commerce Centre (ICC)

The International Commerce Centre (ICC) is a 484 meters tall skyscraper building that is also the tallest building in the city. 

To get the best possible views for your photography, you may stop by the Sky 100 Observation Deck, or you can stay at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. 

If you have plenty of time during your visit to enjoy the view and get some perfect shots to show to your followers on Instagram, I would suggest you come up around the sunset-blue hour.

  1. Trams and Hong Kong Island

All over the Hong Kong Island part of the city, you will get to see the tram tracks. 

You will get enough space over the bridges alongside the main road, which will be providing you with a safe place to click your perfect shot. 

There isn’t any perfect location that can be called a great place to take photographs, so just wander along the main road and click your photographs at a place you find to be good.

  1. Ten Thousand Buddha Temple

The Ten Thousand Buddha Temple is a perfect place to take photographs and also a fun place to visit. 

The main temple is situated at the height, and as you walk through the path to the temple, you will find many different images of Lord Buddha in different poses. 

When you reach the top, you will find the main temple, beautiful architecture, and some other elements and beautiful views.

  1. Tian Tan Buddha ( Big Budha) 

The Big Buddha is a sitting Buddha statue, which is the world’s biggest outdoor sitting Buddha.

It is located on Lantau Island. If you are a peace lover and desire to spend some time in peace during your hectic city travel, this place is the best for you. 

Visit for more information and on how you can reach this place.

Photography Tips

As a photography lover myself, I visited to meet the team of RH-Studio. This beautiful place offers photography studio rental in Hong Kong and gathered some professional information regarding photography.

Below listed are some tips that I learned from the professionals there.

  • When taking photos at night, make sure you use a tripod to find the best quality shots.
  • Use a wide-angle lens while clicking photographs of the architecture to capture as much as you can.
  • Use an ND filter to shoot long-distance images during the daytime. For instance, from a peak or at a waterfront. 
  • Try including local elements like trams, buildings, and taxis to give a more interesting touch to your pictures.

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