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How to Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office365?

Wizarticle | Several users are hurry for the solution to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365. Users are mainly want to move from one email service to another due to its features and benefits. To do the conversion process there are many challenges faced by the users when they want to export from Yahoo email to Microsoft 365. In this write-up, we will explain the migration process so, that users can easily complete the process.

By using the best Email Migration Software to transfer Yahoo Mail to Office365 quickly and easily. Below is the full explanation of the software.

Let us start the process step-by-step to make your conversion easier.

Why do Users Need to Export Email from Yahoo Mail to Office365?

There are many reasons due to which users were transferring to new email software. Some of them are:

  • Yahoo mail has slower execution as compared to Office365.
  • Due to its irrelevant ads.
  • The graphical user interface is a little complicated.
  • This mail is unprotected because of hackers.
  • There are security features of Yahoo mail that are affected.

Methods of Migrating Yahoo Mail to Office365

• Manual Solution
• Automated Solution

Yahoo Mail to Office365 Conversion by Using Manual Solution:

There is no manual method available through which users can directly export from Yahoo mail to Office365. The users have to keep this thing in their mind that they can’t complete this process directly by using the manual way. For doing so first users have to migrate Yahoo mail to Office365 account via Outlook method and after that transfer Yahoo email to Office365 account.

Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office365 | Automated Solution

As said above, there is no manual solution for completing this task. By using a automated method users can easily and quickly migrate Yahoo mail data to Office365. Users can use Yahoo Mail to Gmail Migration Tool. This utility will help users in Yahoo Mails and transfer them to Microsoft Office365 without any extra effort. It also provides advanced filters for selective migration of Yahoo emails. This software preserves the internal structure and integrity of Yahoo mailbox emails. The utility can arrange multiple Yahoo emails with many file naming options. Even it is capable to Export from Yahoo small business to Office365 directly with ease.

Working Process Explained – Yahoo Mail to Office365 in Bulk

1. Launch and run the software on your Windows Machine. Click on the Open Button.
2. Go to Email accounts >>Open IMAP Configured Accounts>> ID (Google details).
3. Now, the tool load all email folders on the software panel. Click on Export Button.
4. Then, Choose Office365 from the saving options that you required to take the backup.
5. Browse, to select the destination path of exported output where you want to save it.
6. Click on the Save Button.
7. Finally, the messages have been Exported Successfully. You can see the complete preview of the destination path that you have exported.
8. Demo Edition export only 10items from each folder. For this, you need to upgrade to Licensed Edition to Export All.

So, this is how to we complete the migration process of migrating Yahoo Mail to Office365 without any issue. Use the above steps to know the easiest way for the task.

Migration of Yahoo Mail to Office365 – Features & Benefits

1. Selective Yahoo Mail Email Migration Solution: The Yahoo Mail to Office 365 migration tool allows users to move all messages from their Spam, Trash, Inbox, Sent, and other folders and labels to Office 365. By giving the needed choices, the tool gives advanced filter options for transferring items based on Date, Subject, email addresses (to, from), and other filters.

2. Quickly Switch from Yahoo to Office365 Account: The best graphical user interface platform is included with this software. It allows users to migrate from Yahoo to Office 365 without the need for technical assistance. It was created using the most advanced methods to help users save time and effort when migrating from Yahoo to Office 365. As a result, even novice users will find it simple to operate.

3. Batch Mode for Multiple Mailboxes: The utility has batch mode to export multiple Yahoo accounts into Office365. A user can load mailbox items of many Yahoo accounts in the tool panel. It creates a CSV file and lists the username & password of all the Yahoo email accounts.

4. Preserve on-disk System Folder Hierarchy: Therefore, it will preserve the on-disk System folder hierarchy of mailboxes for the migration. The emails from a certain folder of Yahoo will transfer exactly to the same folder in Gmail. It will help a lot in managing the resultant mailboxes.

The Verge:

In this article, we have discussed how to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office365. Without putting any extra effort users can easily do this process. There we have also explained the manual and automated methods. Use an automated solution to export Yahoo mail data. If the user has still some doubts then you can see the demo version of the utility first. In which users can easily transfer 10 mails. For more benefits and features migration, users can have to upgrade the tool.

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