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How to Make a Poster Using an Android Application?

A poster is something that is used for attracting the attention of potential clients. People keep on staring at well-designed and attractive posters because of the distinct colors and layout of the design. A poster always serves as an advertisement for a product or service. Businesses also use them for an announcement, launching new products, and delivering their messages to the target viewers. It is primarily used for calling the attention of the target consumers. But very few people are aware of the attributes that make a poster stand out. The following section of this article talks about some of the hidden secrets of designing stunning posters using the Poster Maker Free App

What Is the Objective Of Making A Poster?

Professional poster designers have observed that posters without a clear objective fail to attract the necessary attention. Therefore before making a poster from scratch it is important to step back and think of the objectives. People often design posters for announcing a message to the board audience or invite people to an event or it is to call people or register, click, and get discounts.

The process of creating posters for various purposes is quite exciting so that people will gaze at them for a long time. But it is essential to fix the purpose before starting. Always remember that poster has only one objective. If it is asking the audience to do multiple things then the viewers are likely to get confused. For example, a business conference poster should inform participants about the event, mention the subject matter of the event, and contain the website URL to help participants find more details.

Who Is The Audience?

Without determining the audience one must never start scheming their posters. At first, it is important to know about the target spectators. Besides knowing the age group and preferences of the audiences is also necessary. For example, if the poster is for a confectionery company then it must include elements that will attract the target customers. Similarly, if it is a poster for an event it must attract audiences interested in the show. 

It is very important to know the audience while designing posters. The designer can create typography and layouts as per the intended purpose. When the audience comprises of millennial posters should include imagery that reflects their personalities. It also increases the chances of a poster meeting its objectives

Finding the Right Poster Maker Size

Creating a poster using an Android application one must always keep in mind the size of the poster. Typically the poster comes in sizes of 59.4 CM X 42 CM. It is the internationally accredited standard size for all sorts of posters.

Writing for the Copy of Posters Including Call to Action

The next important step in poster design is writing a copy of the poster. The basic principle at the time of writing a copy for posters is that it must reflect the emotional response of the viewers.

The poster must create a sense of urgency through communication. Posters with writings like “raining discounts 20% off on all products hurry limited stocks” create a need for the product. Use as a tool to the audience for doing something. It is commonly known as a call to action or CTA in copywriting.

Design Posters on a Smartphone For Free

Let us now focus on creating posters that will attract customers to a specific product or service. The below section of this article will talk about poster design using a smartphone

The setting of the Application

  • At first visit Google Play Store to download the application. These platforms are easy to use and require no design skills. Poster Maker gives users an extensive collection of new poster designs to create a unique brand identity for their business.
  • Users can make use of this application for making storage business advertisement banners flyers social media post business cause invitations logo designs and any other kind of graphic design for marketing and business promotion. After finishing the download users need to register with their email ID for activating the free account.
  • After signing off users are directed to a dashboard that contains a plethora of poster designs. Users can also use the search bar at the top to search for poster designs.
  • There is an extensive collection of poster templates that one can choose and modify as per their needs. 
  • However not all the templates are available for free? Some premium designs require the user to create a paid account. 
  • After selecting a template design the user can make necessary changes as per their needs. It also allows them to update social media links for sharing them online. 
  • The poster can be saved on the device in PNG JPG or PDF format.

Poster Maker


Technically one cannot design a poster on their smartphone due to the smaller resolution. However modern applications are optimized in a way so that the users can make high-resolution posters using Poster Maker for Android. One must keep the above-mentioned factors in mind when developing a poster for their business or social media handles.

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