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Everything You Need to Know Before Posting Your Videos on Reddit

The allure of the Reddit homepage may be tempting, but getting there is tough. Here’s everything you need to think about before uploading your movies.

The Reddit community is as vast as it is fickle. Thousands of views, likes, and comments may be attracted by a video showcasing your work traveling throughout its various subreddits. On the other hand, the community was created to be an aggregator and repository for discovered content rather than a platform for self-promotion – and there are several built-in safety measures to prevent it from becoming too commercial.

Let’s look at what makes Reddit unique before we get into the suggested posting strategies and etiquette.

Reddit By The Numbers

Reddit has more than one million daily unique visitors according to its own statistics (above), which is around 1,000,000 a day. The website currently ranks as the Alexa-ranked 24th most-visited site on the internet throughout the world. Despite its popularity, it has an intimate feel and acts more like a community bulletin board than a social media platform. This implies you’ll need to understand how Reddit works if you want to submit your own videos. And then, you can use Reddit to mp4 to download it.

Understanding the Community

Reddit is commonly referred to as a “social news website.” While this is technically true, it’s more accurate to say that Reddit is made up of hundreds of thousands of smaller, more specialized communities known as subreddits.

It’s really amazing how each community may be completely distinctive yet retain so many of the same characteristics that define the whole congregation, depending on how you look at it from a front-page down viewpoint.

The Reddit community is divided into categories known as “subreddits.” The original main page was called the “main-reddit,” and other regions were referred to as “subreddits.” There is no longer a single main-reddit. Instead, there are now 50 “default subreddits” devoted to themes such as books, television, and music, as well as thousands more non-default ones. — from the Reddit Wikipedia page

The subreddits are divided into groups such as “By location,” “By job,” and so on. Common and unusual communities can be found in the forums, organized by region, profession, hobby, and interest. You may “subscribe” to various subreddits and create your own distinctive main page and Reddit experience depending on your preferences. For example, you could join /r/filmmakers and /r/videography if you are interested in filmmaking or videography.

You can use the search bar at the top of each subreddit to find communities in which you have a common interest or knowledge. It’s an essential beginning for you to make connections and start building your karma (more on that later).

Speaking the Language

These comments and submissions are occasionally abbreviated and salted with terms that are familiar within (and in many cases, also outside) the Reddit community, ranging from OP (for “original poster,” the individual who posted the submission being commented upon) to NSFW (for “not safe for work”). From Reddit Wikipedia

If you’re new to Reddit, the front page and various subreddits in which you may be interested might give you a feel for how people post. However, the subreddit /r/TheoryOfReddit has a start glossary of many of the terms and acronyms to make things easier.

Practicing Proper Reddiquette

It’s also vital to learn and apply acceptable etiquette (or reddiquette), which includes learning and practicing basic manners. You’re in luck yet again, since Redditors have compiled and organized a canonical list of “Please do” and “Please don’t” guidelines.

With the ultimate objective of publishing your own videos as posted material, it’s essential to keep the following in mind:

Please feel free to share links to your own work (within reason). However, if all you ever do is post links, or it’s always voted down, take a good look in the mirror — you might be a spammer. The 9:1 ratio is a popular guideline; i.e., only 1 out of every 10 of your submissions should be original material.

The 9:1 ratio is the real deal-breaker, and if you’ve ever tried to post your own material only to be down-voted and harassed, it’s the rule that can quickly get you in trouble. Which leads us to how to avoid such issues in the first place.

Building Your Karma

Why should I try to earn karma? should you strive to gain points in a video game? should your favorite sports team attempt to win the title? Alternatively, look at it from a less competitive and more altruistic perspective and read what philosophers have said about the issue—in other words, don’t set out to accumulate karma; simply try to be a decent person and leave your karma as a memento of your legacy. Note: reddit makes no promises about reaching Nirvana. — Excerpt from Reddit FAQ

The currency that underpins the Reddit community, “Karma,” dictates how high up a post will be placed on any given page or post and is also key to your username and where/what you are permitted to post. It’s also essential in terms of your username and whether/where you’re allowed to post, as well as how others will assess your account.

To submit to the well-known (and heavily moderated) /r/videos subreddit, for example, you must have a link and comment karma score of 10. If you attempt to post without earning enough link or comment karma, you’ll receive this warning.

Hello /u/username,

Thank you for your contribution. Unfortunately, due to a lack of karma, your account is unable to post items to /r/videos at this time. /r/videos requires that users have a minimum of 10 link and 10 comment karma. To increase your karma, we recommend participating in popular discussions and submitting material to other boards.

What is for

This is one of the defenses against spammers and bots driving traffic to fraudulent websites and postings by replying to their comments with links. As a result, in order to increase your karma, you’ll need to go back to those smaller subreddits (such as those discussed previously) and post and comment how you please.

This third party application, again, isn’t intended to deter you from sharing your work. But rather to push you to interact and contribute meaningfully in subreddits that are specific to your interests. You might think of it as a training ground for experimenting with different sorts of postings and titles. Until you figure out what delivers the best results for you.

What/When/Where to Post

You’ll want to use this space to submit relevant links to pages, images. And videos connected with your various subreddits for a while. While there is no precise science or formula behind what, when, and why particular postings succeed and earn positive karma. People will continue to experiment. Here are some of Randy Olsen’s insights as a blogger (and Redditor).

Where to Post

It’s not generally taken into account, yet it’s fascinating. In general, posts on the larger subreddits receive more upvotes than those on the smaller ones. While communities will vary in their level of support. It all boils down to a combination of high relevance/interest in a post and pure chance. Also, if you’re aiming for the moon, the bigger forums are far more (or less). Likely (or to take off based on sheer number of members) to do so.

When to Post

Even though Reddit has grown to be a worldwide phenomenon. It still skews heavily toward its audiences in the United States and Europe. If you follow the trends, your best opportunities for posting would be on weekdays for early US crowds (7AM-8AM EST). And avoiding nights and weekends. However, if you believe you have a good understanding of your communities. Certain “down-time” postings might gain a lot of attention.

What to Title Your Post

Tagging your Reddit postings is one of several excellent methods to improve their karma potential. Titling your Reddit post is significantly simpler than you would believe; there are even online tools that assist you with it! It’s also important to note that while the language and reddiquette apply equally to titles. They may be particularly crucial for boosting karma. As can be seen in the word cloud above, while titling is extremely varied. There are certain themes that may be exploited.

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