How to Get Featured Snippets? – An Ultimate Guide

How to Get Featured Snippets is a question asked by many Google users nowadays, the answer is as simple as you can think, just by following and applying some latest tactics and techniques, anyone can rank their content as Featured Snippets on Google search engine results page.

For a further level of enhanced knowledge related to SEO services and Google Featured Snippets, give yourself some time and search more about the same topic. If you are in hurry, let’s dig everything in this blog post right away. 

Note: The Featured snippets are mainly used to attract users by drawing their attention to the Google search results page.

How to Optimize for Featured Snippets?

If you want to jump directly to the first position on the Google Search Engine results page without focusing on content changes or off-page SEO services such as creating backlinks, only featured snippets are those options that surely can help you to reach that particular rank or position possibly. 

Performing this procedure to rank your website using the Featured Snippets technique, isn’t easy as you think. You need to follow some of the steps and practices to finish this job correctly. 

In the first step, find a search results page already having one or more than one Featured Snippets. Now you know which type of Featured snippet Google is already showing for that particular term of a query.

There are two ways to find search engine result pages having a featured snippet. Firstly, users can search all the keywords one by one on their own or with the second method; you should go to various tools and search keywords with their volumes.  

Now is the time to optimize the content of your page so Google can easily find your content is relevant and it will show it as a Featured Snippet. And to perform this task, you need to follow these steps: 

After searching for specific keywords, analyze Google’s first page to explore more. 

Add unique-engaging content to optimize it for on-page and off-page SEO services and include more User-friendly content 

Now build some links to your website page and update your content on daily basis.

Increase the domain authority of your website and build a community as it increases the chances of your updated content being shown on Google. 

What are the types of Featured snippets? 


  •  Text Featured Snippets- Paragraph Featured or Text featured snippets are just some well-written sentences to resolve any of your queries properly. These rich snippets are also known as Definition box snippets
  •  Video Featured Snippets- YouTube snippets or Video featured snippets are available in the form of a video or clip which appears when you search or ask any query to Google. This is one of the best ways to respond to your questions with perfect answers. 
  •   List Featured Snippets- When the Google search engine results will be displayed in the form of a list whether it is a number list or bullet list. Although the number list snippet is slightly different from bullet one as the list of items are important when they arrange as number firm 1 to 10 but on the other hand, in the bullet list snippets, the order of the items or things isn’t important. 
  •  Table Featured Snippets- When users ask for some information and Google shows a table as the results; for example, price comparison of different models of phones or laptops having the same features.  

The Last Stroke

Hopefully, now you know properly how to optimize for featured snippets or how to get featured snippets? If there is any kind of doubts, connect to a team of Google experts and find suitable answers as per your asked queries in no time.

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