How Keywords Can Become Your Friends?

Do you want to increase the traffic on your website? Well of course, who doesn’t. You can make it happen with the help of particular keywords.It is considered that more traffic will help in generating more revenue for your business. But sometimes this does not work, maybe because you are getting the wrong traffic which is not converting into money; due to this, you will get the opposite result. That is why it is important to use various techniques through which you can rank your website on the first page without paying any additional money. One of the factors is “Keywords”. They can be a single word or a combination of few words. 

They are searched by people on several search engines such as Google. On the basis of the volume of those searched keyword, SEO utilizes the keywords as per their needs. Furthermore, finding the right keyword that will generate the right traffic is the task of an SEO expert.

Searching for them is not an easy task as their rank changes over time. 

Having a professional SEO expert will get more traffic on your website, and get more customers and earn revenue. Keywords are the chosen phrases or words that internet users type on search engines to get their search queries. They always play an essential role in ranking a website, so utilize the correct and highly used keywords in your ranking strategy. We provide the proper brief information on how they can be your friends and how you can easily utilize them to your advantage.

The keywords your customers are using

Keywords are very important to identify your customers. There are many free tools as well as paid with which we can search for the correct keywords. Google Adwords is the best tool, and since Google is the biggest search engine, worldwide, it has a lot of data that helps you in finding the right customers.

The intent also plays an important role in determining the keyword. For instance, if someone typed about social media advertising Dubai vs the best marketing agencies in Dubai. Both of them will get the traffic, but there a intent is different. What would you do? Use both of them, or just the single key phrase.

Not every traffic is better

As we have discussed earlier, it is necessary that every traffic must be good for your business, and may generate you revenues. You need to understand the different segments of your target market such as region, age, and gender, e.t.c., and then use the keywords that are right for you and your business.

Understanding the demographics, and then searching of keywords will increase the traffic on your site, and that traffic can be turned into potential customers because now you are implementing them rightly.

Pick the Right Region

Before looking for keywords, you need to know the regions in which your potential targeted customers are located. If you are applying the keyword for the best Thai cuisine in Karachi, but you want to target customers in Dubai, then it is not the right approach. Always know your customers and their regions, if you are targeting  UAE region, then many SEO experts in Dubai suggest that you need to pick which region of UAE you are targeting such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi or else for the effectiveness of keywords. Do not just pay attention to high-volume keywords to use them. Always use them wisely.

If you are implementing the right keywords, but in different regions, or the right regions with different keywords, then it will cost not just your time and effort that you just putting in, but your revenue as well. For the effectiveness of them, and if you want them to be your friends, then choose regions and keywords correctly.

Usage Frequency

It is also an important consideration to understand the frequency of keywords that can be used in the content. It is suggested that the higher frequency of keyword usage must be avoided as it impacts the content which we will discuss later on. The high frequency of keywords can distort the attention of users. There are three major keywords: short, middle, and long-tail.

Short keywords consist of 2-3 words but these aren’t very targeted, and it will be irrelevant for searching outcomes most of the time. Middle tail keywords on the other hand consist of 3 – 4 words, these words get more search volumes with higher effectiveness. Lastly, long keywords consist of 4 or more words, and they have specific and targeted customers. So use the best keyword tail and frequency to effectively implement them and get positive results.

Finally! Create Content

After you finalize the right keywords, now is the time to write content. Your content must not be keyword-dense, but the content should be creative and attractive to the readers. Try to avoid using more and more keywords in single content, because readers can get offended and stop reading your content. So it is better to limit the usage of them.


Keywords are important for your online business, website, or blogsite. To get more traffic over your site, you need to include the high volume of them, but they also need to be relevant for you and your targeted customers. The keywords you use in your content must not be overused because it removes the essence of that specific content.

We have provided you with the reasons of why they are important, and how you can utilize them to your benefit. They sometimes become your friends, if utilizing them correctly. So, do not ignore the importance and effectiveness of the keywords, and utilize them in the right manner.

Give us feedback on how you like our article, and are you using it correctly or not. 

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