How to force the use of your graphics card in 2021

How to force the use of your graphics card in programs or video games in Windows (NVIDIA or AMD). When we buy a Windows computer, we can usually choose whether we want a PC or laptop with a dedicated graphics card or without a graphics card.

By default, all computers include a graphics card (video card) which is very limited and only allows you to perform basic tasks. Conversely, if we want to use our computer to play video games or edit pictures/videos, then we need to get a computer with a graphics card that allows us to do these things.

This means that Windows computers that have a dedicated graphics card actually have 2 video cards: 1 integrated one and 2 dedicated ones, which are usually Nvidia or AMD models. Typically, computers that incorporate a dedicated graphics card work as follows.

When program or application requirements exceed the capabilities of the default graphics card, the Windows operating system changes to a dedicated graphics card. Which has more capacity and power.

However, there are many users. Especially video game players, who prefer that their computers do not have to be switched from the default video card to a dedicated card and therefore they can use specific games or programs directly to the dedicated GPU. Force to run through This is Nvidia and AMD.

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That said, below we want to show you step by step how to force a program or video game to always run with a dedicated graphics card:

How to force a program or game to always use an NVIDIA graphics card.

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card in your Windows computer. You will know that your computer has a special NVIDIA application called Control Panel. To open it, you just have to right-click on any empty space on your desktop. So that the option appears when the context menu appears: NVIDIA Control Panel.

Once the NVIDIA Control Panel is selected, it will open in a new window in which you have to click on the Desktop tab. This displays a menu in which you must select the option: Add “Run with graphics processor” in the context menu.

Enabling this function will add a new option to the Windows context menu: Run with Graphics Processor. That’s why from now on we can close the control panel window and then right-click on the application you want to run with the NVIDIA video card.

This will bring up a menu where you have to click on the option: Run with the graphics processor. This will display a submenu in which you must specify the option: High-Performance NVIDIA Processor.

How to force a program or game to always use an AMD graphics card.

To implement an application with an AMD graphics card we need further configuration. Because it is not as easy or as accessible as the NVIDIA option. However, with AMD you can also choose which software to use for a dedicated graphics card. If you have an AMD video card on your computer, you will find the AMD control panel in the context menu. That said, to access it, you have to right-click on an empty area of ​​the Windows desktop. In the menu, you have to find and select the option of AMD Catalyst Control Center.

This will bring up the AMD Control Panel window with the menu on the left. In this menu, you have to select the option: Energy. It will show a series of sub-options just below the energy, from which you must select this option: Switchable Application Graphics Settings

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You will now see a list of applications on the right side of the window that AMD recognizes as the potentially necessary use of a dedicated GPU. In this panel, you will find the Application button. After clicking on it, you need to find and select the. EXE file of the program that you want to run with the dedicated AMD graphics card.

Once this program is added, it will appear at the top of this window with applications already recognized by AMD. Next to each of these applications, you will see a box that when you click on it a menu will appear. In this menu, you have to select the high-performance option.

Important Note: It should be noted that some options may vary depending on the driver’s version. Also, the GPU model which you have to install on your Windows computer. These options will always be available on the graphics cards of these manufacturers. Although they can be found under different menus.

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