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Design An Ideal Kitchen with Hema Discount Code

5 Tips And Tricks To Design An Ideal Kitchen with Hema Discount Code

The alliance between technology and design turns a basic need, food, into an aesthetic and sensory pleasure. The living room is the most treasured in a house. But, do not forget the kitchen is the heart of a home. It is a space where we spend many hours and also good times around food.

To choose the perfect option, it is necessary to consider the needs and rhythm of life. We must think carefully about the use we give to this room and its main elements to choose the most appropriate to get the most out of it. Beyond issues such as the budget or what paint we want, Hema shares tips and solutions to revamp the kitchen! Visit our store for fantastic offers. Click on the Hema discount code.

How to get started with Hema Discount Code

To facilitate the distribution of the elements, experts recommend planning the space from an imaginary “work triangle”. It is composed of storage-washing-cooking, corresponding to the refrigerator, the sink, and the hob—the island of pleasure.

Island kitchens are the most spectacular, although they require more space. By integrating the dining area, improve the ergonomics space. It gives a whole new meaning. The better, the closer it is. It is interesting to ensure that the sink area is closer to the refrigerator due to the logic to wash fresh food before cooking with Hema Discount Code

Keep the hob and the sink on the same front or at a continuous angle, especially considering the separation to determine the work area. A distance of 90 centimeters is sufficiently balanced. Click on the Hema voucher code for immediate discounts with Hema Discount Code

Resistance and hygiene are essential when choosing kitchen materials. The classic option of natural stone is the most resistant to temperature, scratching, and humidity. Although it also has certain drawbacks, such as porosity, which makes them stain.

Cooking requires attention to detail. There is nothing better than good lighting. The ideal is to incorporate LED lines under the shelves or suspended cabinets that generally coincide on the countertop. And thus create continuity with focused light on the work areas.

The kitchen is the place in the house where the most incredible energy demand is concentrated. Hence, equip it with efficient appliances to reduce both consumption and environmental impact. Induction hobs spend 30% less than glass-ceramics. Enjoy the best Hema student discount value here.

Plan the kitchen distribution in a unitary way. Storage planning is the key to getting the most out of the space. The removable drawers equipped with internal organizers are an excellent alternative to under-counter cabinets because they facilitate order and access to various elements.
The taps are essential for the wash to be ergonomic, safe, and efficient. The folding models interact better with their surroundings, while the hose models allow more versatile use. The best offer is just a click away. Use the Hema discount code.

5 key tips for successful kitchen planning with Hema Discount Code

It is not necessary to be a professional to design the perfect kitchen. Still, it does take a good dose of organization, planning, and common sense to allow you to achieve a luxury kitchen. For this reason, do not forget everything you need at the Hema store online to design the perfect kitchen. Do not miss our following recommendations. Also, take advantage of our Hema voucher code.

It’s time to plan and design our kitchen without any errors rigorously. The key to the success and achievement of your dream kitchen based on an excellent comprehensive planning process that includes the following ideas:

Plan well with Hema Discount Code

An incorrect kitchen design leads to multiple long-term problems, such as lack of space to open or close doors, storage, room to store pantry products, or poor natural and/or artificial lighting. The kitchen is a workspace, leisure, and enjoyment, and to cook at ease. It is necessary to have a place not so prominent but well organized.

Decide the position of appliances with Hema Discount Code.

It is essential to choose the model and position of all appliances before carpentry, and electrical work begins. In this way, you ensure that you have all the necessary power outlets or ventilation points after the walls are plastered, or the floors laid. Shop and save on the Hema voucher code.

Don’t forget natural light.


No matter how many well-lit circuits you install in your kitchen, you should never forget natural light. Always look for a good entrance of natural light that illuminates, if possible, all the angles. It is the easiest way to create a relaxing and spacious lighting sensation, ideal for any kitchen. If there is not enough space, embed false light panels (which can mimic natural light) in the ceiling and make the luminosity flood everything from above, or put glass or crystal panels so that natural light can pass through from other areas of the house.

Functionality before style and beauty

Kitchens need to have good functionality above all else, even above their beauty or style. It is recommended to think well about design as a priority. Once this is done, think about the details related to aesthetics. Think carefully about the way you or your family uses that kitchen. The number of times you will pass through it, cook in it, etc. or create delimited areas for each use, especially when it is an open design.

Think about how you use your kitchen every day with Hema Discount Code


Spending some time thinking and carefully considering the shape and distribution we want a kitchen to have is fundamental. Do not make any mistake before installing furniture, appliances, and others. Experiment with different design alternatives before deciding on what best suits your lifestyle. Click for a fantastic Hema student discount deal here.

Mistakes you shouldn’t make when designing your kitchen.

Obstruct the passage area

Design your kitchen with easy access to everything necessary: the refrigerator, the sink, the pantry. If you have to walk through the kitchen, avoiding many obstacles to get to a specific point, it is clear that the kitchen design does not it is working as it should. Great discounts and offers on the Hema voucher code.

Not having appropriate ventilation sources

Ventilation is vital from the point of view of safety and comfort and helps protect appliances, walls, etc. If you don’t have good ventilation in the kitchen, cooking odors will last long after that time. Also, these odors, fumes, and vapors could end up leading to a severe condensation problem. Stale air and smells from food or the night before are not pleasant, and the circulation of steam and grease can leave unsightly marks on walls, furniture, and appliances. Invest in a sound ventilation system that pumps the hot, dirty air out of the house rather than continually circulating it through the kitchen itself. Use it regularly to always keep the air as clean and fresh as possible.

Not adequately lighting all areas.

Everyone is aware of the importance of lighting when it comes to living rooms or bedrooms, but overlooked when it comes to the kitchen. After all, the kitchen does not have to look pretty, if not practical, but good lighting does not only beautify. If your kitchen is not well lit, you can’t see if the food is cooking correctly. Find as much natural light as possible and add strategic points of light in neutral tones over the sink or countertops you use most frequently.

Not planning the necessary storage space.

Pans, various electrical appliances, glasses, saucepans, cutlery; these do not seem bulky but, when added, require ample storage space. If your cabinets overflow like a puzzle every time you have to take out a plate or pan to cook, it might be time to start looking for some more effective and creative storage solutions. For example, you can hang the pots and pans on the wall. Invest in magnetic knives, sliding furniture, or corner units, hang the cups on a pallet … imagination to power! And, above all, minimize and eliminate all those “junk” that is never actually used. Check out the latest collection online. Do not skip the Hema discount code.

Do not leave a free work surface on the countertop.

Design your kitchen so that you have as much available counter space as possible. The last thing you want to happen is that a meal is ruined because a tray that did not fit falls or because space was occupying and there was no space to finish preparing the missing things. If you have a small kitchen, maximize the area and get rid of everything that you do not use at least once a week. It is preferable to give up a few things in exchange for a good work surface.

Use easy to maintain and clean supplies.

If a kitchen has something special, it is that idea of ​​relaxation and an ideal space to prepare the food and be with the family. If we choose porous or challenging to clean material, that idea of ​​ idyllic kitchens will not come true. It will require a lot of cleaning work time, generating stress and anguish. Look for easy-to-maintain materials to avoid bumps.

Do not allocate a small area for lunch or breakfast

If functionality is the main element that defines a kitchen, it is important to design all its details. Allocate a small space for a dining table or a small bar to have breakfast comfortably.

If you design your kitchen with the help of a professional, try to communicate your ideas and the concept of a functional and super beautiful kitchen. Save more than 50 % on the Hema voucher code.

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