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There was a time when I was really frustrated because of the fact that I could not upload videos for YouTube. I had to rely on other services like FileZilla and Yahoo Video until YouTube finally implemented the capacity to upload videos on their site. Now, I get to enjoy hours of free video chat with fellow Yahoo! users and file my videos on my computer. It’s truly a convenience to be able to watch videos on the internet whenever I want. This article will show you how far I’ll go in YouTube and how much further I’ll go in the future!

I first tried to use video chatting on YouTube

When I first tried to use video chatting on YouTube, I instantly became frustrated and set my sights on the sky. I thought that since I knew how far I’ll go on YouTube, surely I’d go even further! Needless to say, the whole process took me by surprise. I quickly got lost in the world of video chatting and never managed to upload a video on YouTube ever again! In fact, I’ve lost use this link count of how many times I’ve been on YouTube trying to upload a video and failed!

Luckily enough, I was not alone. Many others have given up on trying to upload videos on YouTube in this way and are very bitter about it. They feel as though the website is not designed for webmasters and users to upload videos in an easy and efficient way. This is why so many people are leaving the website and looking for other services that will allow them to upload videos easily and without hassles!

If you’re someone who’s looking for useful videos on YouTube and don’t have the extra time to waste then is your saviour. The first solution is to use software. Some of the software is free and some can cost hundreds of dollars! Luckily I have found a program that works extremely well and that doesn’t cost me a fortune!

The second solution is much cheaper than software

The second solution is much cheaper than software but still costs nearly as much as the software would cost if you were to upload videos on YouTube yourself. This solution is to use services such as Google Video and Microsoft Video. These are not for ‘vloggers ‘ers, they’re for those who are looking to upload videos to share with friends and family. For this type of video I’d recommend either watching video after video until you master the techniques or paying someone to teach you how to get the techniques down.

Once you’ve installed these services and have your video uploaded to them, you’re now ready to start uploading! The great thing about these sites is that it’s extremely easy to go through your videos and find out how far I’ll go! You simply go to the link of your video and it’ll tell you how many people are viewing it. It’s a great motivator to keep going – even if no one is watching your video, consider how many people would be interested in it if they did?

After viewing a few of your upload videos I would suggest making a note of which ones get the most views. There are a few tools on these sites that allow you to rate videos. As a result of that rating, you’ll have a better idea of which videos will help motivate you to work harder!

There is no point in watching endless videos if I don’t remember how far I’ll go! It can be a little time consuming but once you’ve got the momentum it can be a lot of fun. 

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