Do’s and Don’ts of video production you should know about

We all have watched stunning movies and short films with perfect aesthetics and shooting things. Have you ever thought of the effort filmmakers put behind the scene? Certainly not! You only enjoy the movie and switch to another channel once it is finished. Once you decide to know about the struggle filmmakers make, you would come across countless vital factors. We have picked the “Do’s and Don’ts” of video production out of these factors’ list. Stick to this article if you are interested in knowing these points!

Do’s of video production:

There are various factors to consider while you are busy with video production. Without these “Dos,” your video would not stand the chance of getting popular. A best practice to go on a safer side is to hire a production company Dubai since they have the relevant experience. Let us go through the following points without any further ado!

i) Have good lighting:

One of the success determinants in video production is having good light on the set. The light will reflect the quality of your film image, and hence you should take care of it. It will take your expertise to make a well-lit shot with an average camera look far better than a poor-lit shot with a good camera. Hence, it would be best to take extra care of your lighting to make your image look perfect.

ii) Do plan:

Planning is considered a vital consideration in video production. You can’t do well without a good plan in the head. Writing narrations, scripts, and planning your shots will make things perfect. Moreover, you need to visit the shooting place in advance and scout it to avoid any inconvenience at the shooting time. The more you plan well, the higher the chances of a good shoot.

iii) Have good sound:

What is the point in watching a movie or video if someone can’t hear it properly? Viewers can get away with poor visual quality but not with poor sound. Therefore, do pay attention to sound quality and attract as many viewers as you want. Having a good sound editor on your side will make things easy for you.

iv) Keep it short:

The length of the video should not exceed the message you want to deliver. If it is about explaining the political aspects of the country, a longer session would be fine. But, if it is a “how-to” clip, viewers will click out of it if it exceeds 10 minutes. Therefore, it is good practice to keep your video short and concise.

v) Keep it organized:

You’re mistaken if you think you can sum up the entire shoot in a single go. You would take numerous shots and selects one after the editing. It is best to keep things organized and name each file for your convenience. An organized system will help you spot things easily and saves you time.

vi) Vary your shots:

Your audience will love a variety of shots. Try not to go with a static approach. Move the camera around ad take long, medium, and close-up shots. You need to bring various shots rather than a static image of a character talking or singing.

Don’ts of video production:

We have been discussing the points that must be included in a video production project. We, now, will go through a few factors that can have adverse effects on your film or video and should be avoided at any cost. Let us go through them quickly!

i) Don’t rely on the equipment:

Let us say you have the latest technological tools in place; can it make a video by itself? Not without you! Do not rely on your equipment solely. A well-written story with poor lighting can make a higher impact than a poor story with HD cameras.

ii) Don’t be too static:

As discussed, try not to be too static in your shots. Avoid shooting a single person sitting in front of the camera and singing or talking. Your audience will click out of your video had it been too static. You need to hire an expert production company Dubai and see how they bring variety to shots.

iii) Don’t be too restless:

You are giving a headache to your viewers if you are constantly zooming or cutting between moving shots. Being this restless will shoo away your audience, adversely affecting your project. The best way to keep your audience busy and engaged is to bring about mixed emotions with dynamic shots.

Make your project a success with expert production partners!

Video production is a hectic process, and you always need an expert on your side. Consider hiring them in your best interest! Hiring the best production companies will enable you to make your production project a success.


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