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8 Top Benefits of using the HTML5 video player

We have been using the cutting edge of video streaming technology in the past. As technology grows fast, we have modified our players from Real to Windows Media, and the latest version we are using is the Adobe Flash player. All these latest technologies need the plugin to install in your browser. Plugins are not always simple to install and can pose security risks if they are not installed. In this article, we will see an innovative version of our HTML player that uses open-in-all browser technology. It eliminates the requirement for the Flash plugin for most video viewers.

Top Benefits of using HTML 5 video player

The video element is one of the best and most appreciated options that HTML5 can give for web designers. Today, more and more companies wish to display their videos quickly, simply and the public for various advantages from promoting their brand. Some events raise responsiveness for those who need to celebrate a special occasion preserved for their loved ones.

Three per cent of viewers in the world are still using old version browsers like Internet Explorer 8 or 9 who will still be capable of watching any webcasts through Adobe Flash. The shift should be seamless, and other viewers are looking onward to an improved user experience to view videos. Here you can see the best benefits of an HTML5 Video Player.

 No More plugins are needed.

More than 80% of internet browser providers declared they would stop contributing plugins. The fact behind this is that 50% of all online views and shares came through mobile at the beginning of 2015 since smartphones essentially do not need plugins. It will make the Information Technology department happy as they will take away the special firewall rules that were in place for watching webcasts through the council’s network. The video streaming will mainly form with the use of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

Offers good security

When compared, HTML5 video gives you the utmost security since no plugin is needed. In Adobe Flash, serious security threats are found every week, and also hackers can take control of your system if you insert this plugin. It is the leading cause why most browser providers would wish to eliminate the need for flash players and other plugins. 

Better testability Performance is better.

Playing a video via Flash player can consume a lot of energy from your processor’s machine and battery. But, the HTML5 video player uses a core system technology to run videos, and it will take fewer resources to run videos in High Definition (HD).

Newest technology

Instead of using the newest technology, an HTML5 video player will be integrated with Theo player since this is the latest technology. This player is operating in many companies that observe it as the most acceptable option for video streaming. It will permit us to bring you remarkable features in the upcoming days like video thumbnails, DVR, sharing video scraps on the scrubber bar. 

Better captioning

The player permits us to use intelligent technology to convey you in synchronized captions, programs, and slides in the duration of live webcasts. We noticed this technology in the olden days on desktop browsers using Flash player, but it is now possible for Smartphone platforms like Android tablets and iPads.

Latest technologies used in HTML5 video player

HTML5 video players can be inserted into a website using less code. It permits video inserting right into the browser with several tags that give the video and player more control. You can use poster, loop, controls, auto-play, even preload, and there is no requirement to build a traditional player as previously. An HTML5 Video Player is also known as a JavaScript library since that makes a custom set of controls over the top of the HTML5 video part to offer a reliable appearance between HTML5 browsers. 

The browsers that support the use of HTML5 video are evolving at a rapid pace. While Flash videos are not easily searchable and not all users have quick and well-run browsers, HTML5 is now more advanced. It is easily searchable, works correctly on mobile phones and advanced browsers, and is simple to update and style. With a bit of change, older browsers help HTML5 too.

Developmental velocity is high.

Using web technologies permits us to tap into the brilliant tooling in current browsers available among the open-source society and at Facebook in common. Here, no need to recompile the code and apply modifications directly in the browser to permit us to move fast.

We have a first-rate testing facility at Facebook. While seeing HTML5 videos, we can benefit from every web tool in that communication, like Web-Driver and jest at our clearance.

Good accessibility

HTML5 video helps to load videos fast, so it is also used in video live streaming. It made everything possible for people, from building a player to view a fully available video to display readers and keyboard input. We can balance the convenient tools that HTML5 offers to make it easy for people with vision impairments to use our products.

Can everyone use an HTML5 video player? 

Yes, of course, all advanced browsers currently used will easily support HTML5 videos. It would consist of Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome 3+ Firefox 3.5+, Safari 3+, and Opera 10.5+. Statistically speaking about browser users, more than one-half of users have a browser that supports HTML5 video player. In the future, the number of HTML5 video users will increase. You can see the latest data on what browser people are using at 

To use HTML5 in your older browsers, a user must use the video element Flash as a backup. Otherwise, HTML5 will not work. That can be simply completed by downloading the video in at least two of these three formats. They are file name .ogg/.ogv, .mp4, and .webm.

Using HTML5 for watching your videos on mobile devices is a good idea. More and more people today are using their smartphones to view videos with the use of Flash. But a drawback is there. All smartphones or mobile devices do not well support Flash. 

If you own a website that uses a lot of videos, this is the real news you should be aware of because if you do not use this HTML5 video player, people may leave your website without watching those videos. The HTML5 video players thus plan an essential role in everything. Remember that without an HTML5, your website will possess a low rank.

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