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Dome Camera vs Bullet Camera: Comparison and Overview

CCTV cameras have become an inevitable requirement in every office, institution, and entity. It acts as a strong deterrent to intruders and burglars. And act as the evidence or proof in case of a break-in. The law enforcement agencies can use the camera footage to identify the criminals and nab them.

A common doubt that is encountered by those looking for a CCTV camera is which one to choose. Two types of CCTV cameras are available in the market predominantly; bullet type and dome type. The range, installation method, area of surveillance are different for both the cameras.

It would be helpful in choosing the camera suitable for your premise if you know the subtle aspects in respect of dome cameras and bullet cameras. Approach a dome camera or bullet camera manufacturer accordingly. Let’s have a brief look into both types, which would be useful to know and differentiate each.

Bullet Camera

The bullet camera got the name from its appearance. It resembles a bullet shell, thus receiving the name bullet camera. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation, bullet cameras are preferred by large entities. It is suitable for long-range surveillance, making the camera helps to monitor parking lots, large premises, industrial areas, etc.

Bullet cameras are a visible warning to the miscreants thinking of intrusion or mischievous activities. Installation of the camera is easy. Moreover, the weather-friendly characteristics make it viable for installation in open areas.

Pros of Using a Bullet Camera

The pros that make bullet camera suitable choice are:

  • Reconnaissance of longer range than other types of cameras
  • The installation process is easy and quick
  • Weatherproof and withstands heavy rain and sun
  • It has night vision capabilities
  • Use it for both indoor and outdoor requirements
  • Visible deterrent to thieves and other intruders
  • Easier to install than dome cameras

Dome Camera

Similar to Bullet Camera, Dome Camera also got the name from the shape and appearance. The Dome camera looks like a dome, with a sphere-type outer covering. One of the main attributes that make dome cameras preferable is that they can be installed hidden from public eyes. High-security indoor premises, hotels, business establishments, etc use dome cameras for interior surveillance.

Dome cameras can be used for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Nonetheless, it is used for indoor requirements commonly. As the camera is in a dome-shaped body, the others’ won’t be able to judge the direction it is pointed. This is a major difference between dome cameras from bullet cameras. However, the installation of dome cameras is more difficult than bullet cameras. The miscreants can rotate the bullet camera manually in another direction, which is not possible in the case of a dome camera.

Pros of Using a Dome Camera

The pros or benefits of dome cameras are:

  • Wide angle
  • It can be rotated to cover more area
  • Discreet operation
  • Weatherproof
  • Night vision capability
  • Can withstand vandalism

Differences between Bullet Camera and Dome Camera

The differences between a bullet camera and a dome camera are enumerated in the following table.

Bullet Camera Dome Camera
Easy to install More difficult to install than a bullet camera
Field of view can be changed easily The dome camera has to be opened to change the field of view
Normally has a longer range, with high capacity lens installed Range less than a bullet camera
Miscreants can rotate the field of view manually, which will affect the surveillance Intruders won’t be able to change the camera direction
Not resistant to vandalism Resists vandalism effectively
Outsiders can easily recognize the direction of the camera Intruders will not be able to understand the direction the camera is pointed
Suitable for large parking lots and industrial areas Range is an issue when used in parking areas and the premises with a long surveillance area

Which one to Choose – Bullet Camera or Dome Camera?

You might have got a clear picture of both the bullet camera and dome camera by now. People tend to choose just a single type of camera for their property. It would be more beneficial if you can segregate different areas. You can install a bullet camera and dome camera as per the uniqueness of the surveillance fields. Such a mixed choice would help both discretion and deterrence. The camera angles and range would help a 360-degree reconnaissance of your property.

The technology used in CCTV cameras has changed over a period. Constant researches and studies have ensured that the cameras provide images and videos of better clarity. It had been a difficult process to identify individuals from the CCTV footage. It is not the case nowadays. Moreover, the cameras will be functioning 24×7, day and night, with the Infrared technology integrated. Wireless cameras, that don’t require lengthy cabling to the server, are also available in the market. You can verify the quality and reliability of the cameras prior to ordering them.

Go for a camera that offers clear images, weatherproof functionality, and easy maintenance and operation.

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