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Different Types of Indian Bridal Jewelry Every Bride-To-Be Should Know

They say jewellery has the power to be that little thing that can make you feel unique. It is one of the most prized possessions of every Indian bride. You can never say no to jewellery, right? For some of us, our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers collect and store precious jewellery traditionally passed down from generation to generation.  

Some prefer to go out and choose an individual piece based on what’s trending. So here we bring you the best Indian Bridal Jewelry to make you look stunning on your big day.  

Selecting Indian Bridal Jewelry for your wedding and pre-wedding rituals can be a daunting task. Once you have decided on the right wedding outfit, now is the time to start thinking about the right jewellery and accessories.  

Indian jewellery and Indian jewellery sets are available for the modern bride. Do not worry about it. We have provided you with tips and tricks on diverse types of Indian Bridal Jewelry so you can choose the right jewellery.  

Various Styles of Jewellery  


Traditionally worn by the Mughals, Kundan jewellery is crafted by Rajasthani artisans with impeccable artistry and intricate designs. It uses imitation glass set in stones with gold or silver tones. Unlike Polki jewellery, kundan is affordable.  

Kundan is an excellent alternative to traditional gold jewellery and is becoming a popular jewellery choice for all brides. It also features a Meenakari enamel finish on the back. Choose Kundan Maang Tikkas, Nose Rings, Neckpieces and more.  

Pearl Jewellery  

It is said that the pearl is the queen of all precious stones. A pearl is an excellent option for brides who want to be subtle or minimalist with their jewellery. Add a touch of royalty to your wedding look in the most subtle ways with layered pearls, delicate strands, and eye-catching pearl jewellery. Most pearls blend effortlessly into any outfit and add an elegant touch.  

You look like a princess.  

Mughal Jewellery  

From Deepika Padukone in Bajirao Mastani to Aishwarya Rai in Jodha Akbar, we have seen many Bollywood divas wearing Mughal jewellery in a showy manner. Thanks to these divas, Mughal jewellery is very fashionable today. Many designers are experimenting with this. Mughal jewellery finds its rightful place in bridal jewellery with chunky gemstones and ethnic motifs. Mughal jewellery ranges from enamel motifs to Navratan gemstones and intricate Jadau jewellery.  

Choose a stunning piece of Indian jewellery sets for your wedding and make a unique style statement.  

Silver Jewellery  

Take a break from the old-fashioned gold and experiment with silver for a new bridal look. Stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement by incorporating silver into your bridal ensemble. While it may not be a preferred type of Indian wedding jewellery, it has been making waves lately. Demand today.  

In many rural areas, we see brides adorning silver jewellery. Adorn silver jewellery designs for pre-wedding rituals like sangeet or mehndi ceremonies are unique.  

Polki Jewellery  

Introduced by the Mughals of ancient India, Polki is a diamond. It is more affordable than authentic diamond jewellery and has a lavish finish.  

Comprised of raw finish diamonds, Polki is emerging as an exciting choice for bridal jewellery, known for its brilliance and exotic designs. Experiment with Polki jewellery and create an elegant bridal look on your wedding day. Resale value.  

Pachcikam Jewellery  

This traditional jewellery is native to Gujarat and Kutch. It is a highly intricate and crude work of art known for its uniqueness and style. Unlike other jewellery, it uses silver as its base and combines various precious and semi-precious stones. Making this kind of Indian jewellery set is lengthy, but it is highly appreciated for its excellent handcrafted feel and superb artistry.  

Pachcikam is a unique style of jewellery, a great style with remarkable elegance.  

Temple Jewellery   

To the wedding jewellery. It is still used in many temples to decorate idols. It is a chunky style of Indian jewellery sets in ornate patterns with sacred pendants of Lakshmi, Ganesh and more.  

South Indian brides prefer to wear temple jewellery for their wedding look. It not only looks majestic but is also said to bring luck and prosperity.  

Gemstone Jewellery  

One of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery. The cuts and colours of these gemstones set them apart from regular gold jewellery.  

Gemstone jewellery is often paired with diamonds set in gold and is a valuable investment. They are the most coveted wedding jewels due to their value and fine elegance. Embellish classic jewellery pieces with precious stones and give your look a royal touch.  

Diamond Jewellery   

Who does not love diamonds? Its shine, colour and sheen are particularly good and represent the best value for money. Diamonds come in various carats and cuts and are a classic choice for wedding jewellery. They go with every outfit and are also available in unfinished solitaire shapes.  

Set in platinum or gold, diamonds offer assorted styles and will appeal to everyone.

Gold Jewellery 

Finally, the alt is gold. It needs no introduction and has been around for a long time.  

A traditional piece of jewellery can transform the experience of modern artisans and technology. Most wedding jewellery is chosen for its value and return on investment. The most popular wedding jewellery choice is gold, which is considered unbelievably cheap. It is also an excellent investment in value as gold prices continue to rise. You can also consider remodelling your golden heirloom. From your grandma and give it a completely fresh look.  

 But what is the point of buying jewellery and storing it in a safe deposit box? Therefore, be aware of what you are buying and choose the style that suits you best. Choose a type that goes well with your bride. Choose the right one based on its value and ease of use. We understand that you are already bogged down with the entire wedding plan. That is why we have put together assorted styles of Indian wedding jewellery for you.  

Remember how you can differentiate between different jewellery styles and make a wise decision.  

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