Deliver food in a flash by launching an Postmates Clone

The Covid-19 pandemic affected a lot of industries across the world. Core metrics like cash flow, jobs created, profits, and revenue went down drastically. However, there was only one sector that survived this entire chaos. It was none other than food delivery. On-demand online ordering and delivery apps performed very well despite difficulties like containment zones and lockdown measures.

Postmates is a popular American food delivery app controlled and owned by Uber. It has completed a decade successfully in the USA after its launch in the market in May 2011. Users can order beverages, food items, and groceries from the Postmates platform.

This is a perfect time for entrepreneurs to create an app like Postmates. Restaurants have closed their shutters and customers cannot dine in. Hence, eateries are operating through two modes (delivery and takeaway).

Aspiring business owners can procure a customized Postmates clone app from a competent app development company. The Postmates online food ordering script includes Android and iOS apps for customers, delivery personnel, and restaurants. It also contains a modern web panel for placing orders. Moreover, a robust admin dashboard monitors the day-to-day business activities.

What are the notable features of the Postmates Clone App?

Explore by Category –

An app like Postmates offers multiple cuisines like American, Brazilian, Chinese, German, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Taiwanese, Thai, and Turkish for foodies. Besides that, customers can order alcoholic beverages, bakery goods, desserts, fast food, pizza, and many more dishes from the PostMates clone app.

PostMates Unlimited Plan –

It is an attractive subscription plan for users. The PostMates Unlimited Plan is available as a free trial for 7 days. Food lovers benefit from free door deliveries, greater discounts, and lower prices. Additionally, they can cancel their subscription (monthly or yearly) at any time as per their convenience.

Acceptance of different payment methods –

Customers pay for their orders via numerous methods on Postmates like online food ordering script. They execute transactions through credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, Mastercard, Stripe, and Visa.

Postmates Cash –

It is similar to physical money. Foodies have to purchase some amount of Postmates Cash and pay for their orders. It includes general credits, promotional cash, and a redeemed gift card balance. Importantly, users can purchase more Postmates Cash. Customers can also automatically reload it if they have a low balance.

Live order tracking –

Food lovers can track their orders on a real-time basis. They will know the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the delivery executive. Users get instant updates once the food has finally arrived at their home.

Availability of plenty of deals and discounts –

Food buffs can reduce their total bills easily on an app like Postmates. They make full use of the different cashback offers, combo plans, coupons, discounts, and promo codes.

CCPA compliant –

The Postmates clone app follows all the guidelines and regulations of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), 2018. Hence, customers experience a high level of protection and security for their data.

Provision of 24×7 technical support –

Users can resolve all glitches related to order processing, payments, and refunds by contacting the in-built Help Centre. Round-the-clock technical assistance is offered through email, live chat, and phone.

Analyzing the various sources of revenue of an App Like Postmates

Entrepreneurs can mint money consistently from the Postmates clone app. The multiple streams of revenue are a commission from restaurants for each order, delivery fees, Postmates Unlimited (monthly and yearly) subscription plans, publishing of targeted advertisements, registration fees from cafes and eateries, and transaction processing charges.

What is the budget for creating a Postmates clone online food ordering script?

The total cost of developing an app like Postmates depends on numerous factors. It relies on the choice of basic and advanced features, the extent of customization, the hourly rates paid to the developers, multi-platform compatibility, selection of technologies for designing the front-end and back-end, and the time devoted.

Entrepreneurs need to spend more money to use the post-deployment services. It comprises digital marketing, fixing security vulnerabilities and technical bugs, maintenance, software upgrades, and technical assistance.

Wrapping Up

Postmates has been impressive in the American market due to its tie-ups with many Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs). Along with gig workers, it is also using robots to ensure the timely delivery of food to customers. Hence, entrepreneurs can move up the ranks in the thriving food delivery market by obtaining a pulsating Postmates clone app now from a skilled app development company.

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