Witness a surge in sales by launching a Restaurant order taking app

There is no doubt that the global Covid-19 pandemic changed the functioning of the food industry forever. Customers could not dine out in their favourite restaurants. They had to choose between either home delivery or takeaway. Owners of eateries had to adapt to the new normal and made rapid changes in their day-to-day business operations.

Instead of using separate apps and interfaces for managing customers, deliveries, finances, and tables, it is better to use a comprehensive online restaurant management app like GloriaFood. It acts as a modern online ordering system for both small and large restaurants. 25,544 restaurants use the GloriaFood online ordering platform.

Food business owners get huge benefits like higher sales, increased conversion rates, non-payment of commission to food delivery apps, and real-time table reservation. An alternative to GloriaFood is cross-platform compatible and can be used across various devices with ease.

Why do entrepreneurs need to establish an alternative to GloriaFood?

Food delivery aggregators are charging a huge commission and fees for delivering each order to customers. Restaurants are losing money as they do not have the freedom to set prices for their own food.

Hence, a viable business model is offered by a customized Restaurant order taking app. It immediately processes orders based on the request of users and distributes food directly without depending on any middlemen. Therefore, entrepreneurs will attract huge interest from those eateries who want to eliminate the role of food delivery apps in their daily business operations.

What is the business model offered by a Restaurant order taking app?

Entrepreneurs can pocket hefty revenue by selling the Restaurant order taking app as a monthly or yearly subscription plan to prospective eateries, publishing targeted advertisements, imposing transaction processing charges for usage of the payment gateway, and levying rates for additional services like API integration, bug fixing, maintenance, software upgrades, and technical support.

What are the fabulous features of the Restaurant order taking app?

Attractive restaurant widgets –

Eateries can impress new customers with eye-catching restaurant widgets. The widgets take care of sharing menu information and table reservation. Importantly, this increases user retention rates for entrepreneurs as there is lightning-fast order processing.

Free AdWords Generator –

Boost sales by using the right set of keywords provided by the Free Adwords Generator. A Restaurant order taking app shares specific keywords for different cuisines. Restaurant owners can also use an advanced Ad text generator to enhance their Click-Through Rates (CTR) and Conversion Rates.

Free Table booking system –

Eatery managers will know the status of empty and occupied seats by using the modern Table booking system. Customers can easily dine in their preferred restaurants by pressing the “Table Reservation” option on the GloriaFood like alternative app.

Special promotional codes and coupons can also be shared by entrepreneurs with prospective customers through emails and instant messaging platforms. Eateries reduce their operational costs significantly by eliminating cumbersome paperwork.

Multiple order-taking options –

Restaurant owners get more orders by utilizing a perfect alternative to GloriaFood. They can process an unlimited number of orders from Android and iOS apps, Facebook and Instagram pages, and websites. This helps them to earn more revenue.

Promotions Engine –

Eatery owners can manage their digital marketing campaigns efficiently by utilizing the Promotions Engine. It helps in the editing of visual content, posting banner and video ads, and also has a scheduling facility for publishing coupon codes, images, and texts.

Entrepreneurs get advantages like an increase in average order value and smart targeting of customers based on their interests and tastes. The restaurant’s performance improves by analyzing the shortcomings in detailed customer reports and delivery heatmaps.

Restaurant Receipt Template –

Eliminate the old-fashioned account books and replace them with a sleek Kitchen and Client receipt template. It contains important information like order processing status, payment details, prices of each food item, date and time of payment, name of the customer, and total bill amount.

The state-of-the-art Restaurant Receipt template also contains an exclusive section for checking the quality of packaging, a GPS tracker for monitoring food deliveries to customers, and sharing of real-time traffic updates.

Wrapping Up

Above all, a Restaurant order taking app is highly flexible and very scalable. Entrepreneurs who use the alternative to GloriaFood need not pay any commission for each executed order. They are not subject to any rigid agreement or contract.

A competent app development company will create a radiant Restaurant order taking app for aspiring entrepreneurs. They will get advantages such as free setup of the solution, lack of monthly fees, multi-platform compatibility, no hidden charges, and unlimited order processing across many locations. Entrepreneurs can achieve glory in the food sector by procuring an awesome alternative to GloriaFood.

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