Concrete Paver Molds Sculpture Production

If you plan to manufacture something large-scale, heavy and complex, then it will be necessary to first prepare a strong frame made of metal reinforcement, which is covered with a galvanized mesh. Then a concrete mixture of various compositions is applied to it in layers concrete paver molds.

It is possible to make small products yourself and at home, the main thing is that there is a desire to learn how to do it. Many DIYers have long wanted to use decorative concrete in their work, experimenting and proving that it is real and economically beneficial if you do everything yourself.

By combining these operations, you can get a very close to natural surface of the artificial stone.

If you learn to work with decorative concrete, then making various figurines of animals, birds or fairy-tale heroes for garden decor will not be difficult. Show your imagination, attract your loved ones, children to work. This will make it much more interesting to create and change your world. 

Today, Concrete driveway is one of the most common building and decorative materials.

Concrete sculpture production

Fabulous concrete sculptures, stumps, mushrooms, etc. look very beautiful and impressive on the adjacent territories. Bowls are cast from the solution and the banks of ponds are made, bridges and gazebos are made. However, the most popular are small sculptures of fairy-tale characters and animals.

The main stages: We weld the frame from the reinforcement. At this stage, you need to try to convey the form as accurately as possible. The product can be hollow or monolithic – it depends on your preferences.

If you decide to make a hollow sculpture, wrap a fine metal mesh around it before applying the grout. Thus, the formation of the product takes place. The last layer of concrete mortar should convey the slightest features and details of the character. After the concrete hardens, we paint the sculpture. Move the finished product into place. If you’ve made a monolithic figure, you may need a crane to move it.

Making a flowerpot

As forms for vases or flower beds, you can use any materials at hand.

For example, you can take a metal canister or a cardboard box. If you were able to find containers with a complex geometric shape, your flowerpots will become real masterpieces. So, we take 3 parts of sand, 3 parts of gravel, 2 parts of cement and prepare a concrete paver molds solution. The higher the grade of cement used for the mortar, the higher the strength of the products will be. Mix the sand and cement, then add the gravel and also mix. Make a hole in the resulting mixture and start pouring in water in small portions, while constantly stirring. As a result, the solution should have a thick consistency.

We process the prepared forms with technical oil – the lower form from the inside, the upper one – from the outside. Place a layer of mortar 5-6 cm thick on the bottom and ram it. We insert the upper form so that the thickness of the walls of the vase is approximately the same everywhere. If the wall thickness is insufficient, the product should be reinforced.

To do this, we take a wire reinforcement with a cross section of 2-3 mm and give it the desired shape. Place the reinforcement in the center of the resulting space between the forms and fill it with mortar. We leave the resulting product to dry. It will take 2-3 days for the solution to harden. During this period, make sure that the sun’s rays do not fall on the sculpture. After removing the vase, cover it with damp burlap, wrap it with plastic and leave it for 1 week.

This measure will avoid cracking the structure. After this period, you can drill holes in the vase for drainage using a drill. Also in the decor, you can use the ironing concrete paver molds technique, decorate the vase with pebbles, shells and glass. Show your imagination and be sure that your creation will become a worthy decoration of your personal plot. Technologies designed to improve the quality of building materials are constantly improving, the modern market offers improved novelties with unique properties.

The desire to improve one of the most popular materials led to the creation of a new variety of it, which consists of concrete and fiberglass reinforcement, which triples the elasticity of the initial material compared to ordinary concrete. Repair is a costly process, but you can save a lot by making glass concrete with your own hands.

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