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Comprehensive Guide to Market your Business: PVC Banner Printing Solution

Do you want your business should catch attention? In the printing world, large format PVC banner printing are an unbeatable outdoor promotional tool. The beauty of an outdoor banner is that you can use them no matter the weather- it would not be fade in all bad weather conditions.

Let us understand the complete guide to the banners printing so that your business nail outdoor promotions with perfect print:

Purpose of PVC Banners

PVC banners offer perfect signage solutions for indoor and outdoor displays. The vinyl printing is flexible and completely water-resistant. In addition, banners are suitable for all enterprises and business types. It is a perfect solution for promoting sales, product launches, and grand openings. Apart from that, PVC banner has a B1 fire resistant and high fade resistant capabilities that makes them perfect for indoor and outdoor advertising

Types of PVC Banners

PVC vinyl banners are manufactured with a variety of colors and substrates. This includes mesh, cotton, polyester, canvas and synthetic options. Therefore, it may be a daunting task to choose the right banner material with several options.

1. Standard PVC vinyl banners
The standard vinyl is mostly supplied on a white roll. The quality and feel of media are often determined by grams per square meter. Therefore, they are a very affordable and durable option as a shop sign. Not only this, it is considered as a long-term signage solution for your business.

2. PVC mesh banners
All PVC banners are strong and durable but choosing mesh banners can offer a complete key advantage to your business. This media has tiny perforations to allow wind, sound and light to pass. They are perfect for displaying on railings, scaffoldings and fences. These banners are made with materials like their standard counterparts.

3. PVC banner finishing
PVC banners are mostly purchased with clean-cut edges or with hamming.
Choose the banner printing services that give your extra business strength and weight for the outer display edges. This type of printing prevents tears and eases the tension from eyelets pulling from bungee cords or cable ties.

Tips to Design Banner Print

For your business, do you want unbeatable outdoor prints? Before using the quick tips on how to design a PVC Banner for your enterprise:

1. Pick the perfect spot
Before you even start thinking about color and images, it is essential to consider where PVC banners will go. A huge number of factors will depend on size, color, messaging and orientation.

One thing is to consider where passersby will see your banner, whether they will walk past, drive by or stand waiting for a bus or train. All things will affect your design once you are ready with banner size.

2. Write short and snappy copy
It is crucial you stick to one clear message. Grab the customer’s attention from the get-go and make it easy for someone to understand your promotion with one swift glance. A snappy message in big font is perfect for enhancing the customer’s attention.

An important note in the printing banners is that you must include a call to action. This tells readers exactly what action you want them to take after seeing your sign.

3. Create a big and bold design
To make sure that the banner stands out and attract customer, just go bold with your banner design. In addition, using contrasting colors for your background and main text will help the message stand out on a busy street or roadside.

4. Use high-quality images
For PVC banner printing designs, your business needs to pick high-resolution images. Source your images on high-quality stock images sites or take them yourself with a good camera. To learn more about the resolution, take a brief guide on the importance of correct resolution in the artwork.

5. Pick simple, easy to read fonts
It is always tempting to pick fancy fonts, cursive ones with big swooping letters. However, for a PVC banner printing, you must choose simple and easy fonts because obvious as possible for readers to read. In addition, use a clean and familiar font like Verdana or Helvetica. These are great examples of fonts that keep your design looking professional and easy to read.

To help you guys with banner design woes, have perfect knowledge about the banner design printing process in detail.

1. Consider the placement of your banner: the first thing you think before making any other design related decision is the intended placement of your banner. The design fails to stand out much from the background, and it would not attract much attention from a distance.

2. Choose bright and contrasting colors: if you are considering making your banner design, it is necessary to choose bright and contrasting colors. It always plays an essential role in making your design visible to the audience. The large bold text ensures that the message is clear and stand out from a distance.

3. Use large text: one thing you need to remember about banners is that content written on the banner is written with large readable text. Hence, these kinds of banners often attract customers so that they have a specific piece of relevant information.

4. Include appropriate information: In the banners, you need to ensure that you include appropriate information contained with your banner design. Clear your message to the target audience to simply to increase brand awareness.

5. Use hierarchy with design: a huge part of a successful banner design is to use hierarchy. You can use the text colour, size, font weight and many other attributes to draw more attention to certain aspects of your banner design.

Three Ways to Print Your Banner

Now we have talked about the design proof, below understand the three highlights you should know when it comes to the printing process.

1. Set up your resolution correctly
2. Use adobe illustrator
3. Convert to CMYK


It is necessary with any kind of design; you need to keep your own design needs in mind accordingly. Else, if you follow the advice from the professional PVC banner printing team, your banners will turn out just fine. However, you just need to make sure to choose the right printing company for the job.

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