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Gokarna Beach Trek Guide

It is a place in the Arabian Sea located in the Southwestern part of Karnataka. Gokarna is famous for its pilgrimage sites. It is the best place for trekking, cycling on the beachside, mountaineering, etc. 

Gokarna is full of exotic palm-lined beaches. A great view from the shore of the beach provides an utter relaxation and refreshment to body, mind, and soul. The beach provides a perfect place for entertainment, enjoyment, and escapes to a quiet space. 

Some of the beach and the beach things you can do there is – 

Gods Own Beach 

One might stop to stare at the beauty of this beach.The people who seek peace in between the bounties of nature. The trail here is not boring while you drive or ride. The beach and the palm trees surrounds the area which makes it refreshing while riding. 

The beauty of this place seems like absolute heaven. 

One can have a spectacular sunset views from the cliff or the beach. 

Food stalls are not available so it is necessary to pack some light food. 

The beach is clean and is offering its arm to welcome every person. 

Paradise Beach

    This gokarna beach is also famous by another name , Full Moon Beach. This beach actually seems like a paradise as there are hills around. This is small beach which is accessible only when you cover a journey by trekking. The trek till here is a bit tricky but gives you a sightseeing of nature while walking. It is famous for small tent stays. This beach acts as an energizer for the trekkers to rest and then continue walking. 

The food is not available here, so it’s better to pack some food.

It is an isolated, rocky and scenic beach. One can have a blissful experience with little touch of peace away from the noise of city. 

It becomes a little scary to pass through a dense forest to reach Paradise Beach if you are less in number of people. 

Gokarna Kudle Beach

Its beauty starts with the  tall coconut trees. This beach is famous for its unmatched beauty and mesmerizing charm. This is the best option for the person who seeks solitude. Best combination of land, sea and  greenery of coconut trees. It is delightful to watch sunrise and sunset from here. You can choose to sit on the shore of the beach and  walk on the water enjoying the never ending tides of water. The atmosphere is quiet and serene. 

It is a picturesque location which allows you to take a perfect picture in a dim light.There are beautiful shacks and bamboo huts for night camping. Beach has multiple options for enjoyment. 

It is a best place for newlywed couples, adventurers, solo travellers. 

You can opt for any travel means for reaching the beach. The duration of travel and vehicles depends on which city you travel from. It is exactly 5 hours journey from Mangalore and 235km in distance. 

Mahabaleshwar Temple

 This temple is a religious pilgrimage site.The Hindu devotees cleanse themselves in the water of Arabian sea before visiting the temple. The temple is ancient and has a look of Dravidian architecture. The legend states that Ravana’s mother was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and used to pray for his son’s prosperity. But Lord Indra was jealous of this and disrupted the prayer. She was angry and Ravana gave words to his mother to bring back the Atmalinga. He worships Lord Shiva and performs different rituals to please him. As a result Lord Shiva appears and Ravana is tricked by Lord Vishnu and disrespects Lord Shiva. When truth unveils, he once again worships hard to Lord Shiva and this time asks for Atmalinga. But due to some circumstances Ravana could not complete the rituals of possessing the Atmalinga and it collapsed inside the mother earth. 

It is a best place for spiritual devotees who want to cleanse their soul and mind. 

The person with good architecture must surely visit  to see the beauty of Dravidian art.

Mirjan Fortress

It is the trademark of the glory of culture in Gokarna. It was built in the 16th century with best architectural skills with a cultural touch. This fortress was built by late Chennabairividevi in her matriarchal reign. The fortress has 4 entrances made of laterite. 

The online system doesn’t work here so there are two modes of transportation – by bus or by bike.Just have a visit to this place it is one of the best place india where you explore the beauty of nature and a lifetime experience for yourself. 

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