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Comparison of Top 5 Best Chat Platform- To Help Build your Own Chat Messaging Platform

If your interest is investing in your own chat solution or planning a subscription-based model for real-time chat service, this article will guide you to make your choice of best online chat platform services.

The demand for online chat platforms has been steadily increasing and is expected to cross $987.3 million in value by 2023!

The need for live chat platforms is driven by businesses trying to reach their customers across channels that are effective and easier for customers to use.

“Approximately 63% of people spending $250-500 monthly online will most likely purchase from companies offering live chat.”

What is Online Chat Platform?

Online chat platform is simply an online communication app which ensures your chat operator and website visitors can chat in real-time. The visitor and operator only need to type the message within the chat box and send it. The immediate response has made online chat platforms very popular.

Role of Chat Platform for Modern Industry

1. Social Community

Online chat platforms help in building a thriving social community of the app users. Many times the customers exchange information about the product or service that the business provides and becomes a sustainable platform for long term user engagement.

 Nearly 63% of customers return to the business and 79% of customers prefer a live chat platform  for immediate responses they get for their issues and queries.

2. Banking

Online chat platform removes the need for back-office functionality with proactive, quick interaction between employees and customers. Using on-premise/on-cloud integrations, end-to-end encryption for compliance with GDPR rules, or HIPAA regulations for healthcare industry.

3. Marketplace

When a live chat platform is integrated into an existing app such as ecommerce, buyers and sellers are connected.  The chat features allows them to send queries, payment reminders, transact and onboard new customers.

4. Gaming

Live conversations are what drive great gaming experience! Hence gaming apps, especially gambling and online casino apps are increasingly using Chat APIs to add the “live” element to their platforms. Multi-gaming consoles also find chat a great community builder!

Now, let’s consider FIVE best-in-class chat platform service providers to help you choose the right solution…

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Detailed Comparison of 5 Online Chat Platforms in 2022

In the last couple of years the demand for real time chat solutions has led to an overcrowded providers market. Choosing a unique chat app solution for your website has become a challenge.

To help you to understand the solutions available in the market we have compared the top 5 chat app platforms that can be used in any industry in 2022.

1. CONTUS MirrorFly

Trusted by over 100 brands from across the globe, CONTUS MirrorFly was founded in 2008 to build the best chat experience on any platform with high-level control tools. It is today the world’s leading chat API that allows you to build or integrate chat features on any device. 

As a DIGITAL INNOVATIONS organization, it has been driving 10x Transformation In People, Growth & Innovations. Its advanced chat API and SDK are extensively used in building a wide range of iOS, Android and web apps

MirrorFly Chat Features  

  •  Unified chat platform-provides video, voice, and messaging APIs
  •  Easy to rebrand whitelabel chat platform 
  •  Highly customizable solution 
  •  Unlimited voice calling and video calling
  •  VoIP and SIP calling 
  •  Encrypted and Secure 
  •  Over 150+ chat features
  • It supports Android, iOS and web apps


  • Ideal solution for on-cloud or on-premise hosting 
  • Intuitive UI/ UX design for seamless use
  • Easy to use white label chat solution to build any platform
  • Instant support


  • Only  8 people are supported on the video/audio calling group in a session   

Pricing  : Four types of pricing plans are available: 

  • Essential – $99/month 
  • Growth – $199/month
  • Premium- $999/month
  • Self managed – custom pricing

Why Choose MirrorFly Platform? 

When using this powerful developer-focused API and SDK for chat, video, and voice functionality, the following features are optimized:

  •  Over 150+ chat features for quick integration with any pre-built device
  •  Dedicated hosting
  •  Supports 1M+ concurrent users
  •  Pre-built platform that easily rebrand whitelabel chat solution
  •  Supports on-premise solution with self hosted infrastructure
  •  Compliant with HIPAA, GDPR
  • Advanced security with AES-256 and more.


Popular as one of the best open-source chat platforms, it was built in 2015 as a heavy-duty communication platform. It is easy to use with mobile devices and websites just as easily.

Rocket Chat Features  

  • Offers audio and video
  • Supports screen sharing
  • Supports file sharing
  • Live chat
  • Emojis
  • SMS and CRM integration


  • AES security
  • Multi-level authentication
  • Multi-tenant hosting
  • Connections and monthly active user levels controlled


  • Lack in-built VoIP or WebRTC


Free for community, Pro-$3USD/user/month; Enterprise – tiered pricing

Why Choose Rocket Chat Platform?

Most developers like the open source platform that offers and self-hosting option. Third party device use is easy with this provider as integration is seamless, protects data and privacy.

3. Apphitect

Designed for the modern style of chat platforms for web and mobile apps, it was built in 2008 and has been constantly updated. Operating out of UAE, Apphitect supports real time communication for personal online chat app experience and enriched UX.

Apphitect Chat Features

  • Supports geolocation tracking
  • Screen sharing
  • VoIP/SIP calling
  • Indicator and social integration
  • Voice and video conferencing
  • Voice or video calling and recording


  • Unlimited storage and on-premise infrastructure
  • Zero down time
  • Highly secure and scalable
  •  Support and Documentation


  •   No monthly subscription plan

Pricing :One time license cost

Why Choose Apphitect Platform?

The choice of apphitect is ideal when your solution needs over 150+ real time chat features that are customizable with easy integration for mobile and web apps. It supports SaaP model and self-hosting infrastructure with on-cloud/on-premise services.

4. Getstream

Founded in 2014 in Amsterdam by Theirry and Tommaso, the company has “raised over $58.25M to build the best Chat Messaging & Activity Feed infrastructure available, with best-in-class support.” The primary idea is to build APIs that are faster, easier to use and reliable in comparison to in-house builds. Hence, Getstream offers “beautifully designed” high quality SDKs out-of-the-box.

GetStream Chat Features  

  • Emails threads, newsgroup threads and internet forum threads
  • Chat moderation with blocking of  spam, profanity texts
  • Editing and deleting messages
  •  Direct, group chats to support certain topics
  •  E2E encryption using TLS for protective conversation
  • BGP and DNS routing for controlling systems


  • Notifications, personalization of feeds, activity
  • Multi-region support
  • Integrated with easy-to-use REST API
  • Giphy, file attachments and emoticons
  • Minimum coding for ease of use


  • Expensive plans for $499/month


 Startup-$499/month; Standard-$1,299/month; Premium -$2,299/month; Enterprise- Customized pricing;

Why Choose Getstream Platform?

This chat SDK is available with customizable features and wide user interface options which modify chats. The broad spectrum of features however, is priced very high especially for small organizations.

5. Sendbird

Sendbird was founded in 2012 by a team of experts in the US, to build solutions that allow conversations in the digital world. The platform focuses on connecting a wide range of users like doctors with patients via virtual clinics, sports fans with events via digital stadiums and digital bazaars for sellers and buyers to connect. 

 Sendbird Chat Features

  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Direct and group calling
  • Chat moderation
  •  Image filtering for improved clarity
  •  Duto-reconnect on any device
  • Call recording and quality scoring  for data tracking
  •  Supports iOS, Web and Android Apps


  • Private group channels for any industry
  • Users can choose to freeze a chat channel
  • Auto translation
  • Free trial for all features


  • Simple customization only
  • Video and voice calling in beta-stage
  • No access to announcements and delivery receipts


  • Multiple plans available:
  • 5K MAU, $399, $599 ;
  • 10K MAU, $499, $749 ;
  • 25K MAU, $1,199, $1,799 ;
  • 50K MAU

Why Choose Sendbird Platform 

Sendbird is liked for interesting features like encrypted file sharing, auto translation within chat. It is also ideally priced for large organizational use. But difficult for start-ups!


At the end of the above discussions it is clear that an online chat platform which has the best features will multiply your business reach. You can also create white label chat app by yourself, if you would like to include custom features.

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