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NFT Marketplace with Opensea Clone Script

Opensea Clone Script

OpenSea clone script is a pre-made script that helps you build your P2P NFT Marketplace for digital items and crypto-collectibles like OpenSea. Advanced features were added to Suffescom’s OpenSea Clone Script, making it more appealing to NFT users worldwide.

How is OpenSea used?

OpenSea is the globe’s first and largest NFT shop for trading crypto-collectibles, game items, virtual goods, and NFTs in an automated way over the Ethereum Blockchain Network structure. Anyone can buy or sell these things in Opensea through an intelligent contract. These goods can be put into different categories and are all tokenized and digitalized. Proof of ownership and proof of transaction is permanently store on the blockchain network.

OpenSea Clone Script: Start a P2P NFT Marketplace like OpenSea

OpenSea Clone Script is a White Label NFT marketplace that works like OpenSea and can change in many ways. It is build on a network called Blockchain, which lets users make and trade NFTs. Our OpenSea Clone script is make with market-pulling features that allow you to begin a thriving NFT marketplace that makes it easy for your users to sell digital collectibles like Art, Photography, Video, Music, Memes, Metaverse, and a lot more in a safe and fast way.

Suffescom is the leading NFT Marketplace Company. It has made a very reliable OpenSea Clone Script that can run on many Blockchain Networks, including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Flow, Avalanche,etc.

With the growth and success of NFT marketplace, business people decided to start their own NFT marketplace. And that’s why we’re the most significant player in the Blockchain Industry and have made several world-class NFT Marketplace Platforms for entrepreneurs worldwide.

The Opensea Clone Script from Suffescom works just like the Opensea platform. You can change the functions and features to fit your own NFT business model. Our experts build NFT marketplaces like OpenSea with all the trade-off features and other advanced features that make users and admins happy.

OpenSea Clone Script Features


The NFT Marketplace has the best storefront, which shows all the necessary information about an NFT and the NFT marketplace.

Interoperability with multiple chains

Current NFT marketplaces are made better with Multi-chain interoperability, which will bring in more crypto users and increase the number of NFT trades.

Payment Center

Like Opensea, the Opensea clone script will be linked to a different payment gateway that lets you buy NFT with a debit or credit card.

Multiple Wallets

The platform has multiple wallet options to help users with their wallets. Multiple wallets let crypto users with different wallets buy NFTs.

Lists That Work

Opensea Clone has different listing options that show all the information about the NFT so that traders can get all the information they need.


Auctions have been popular with users since the beginning, and adding them to your NFT marketplace would make it more full.

API Integration

The Opensea Clone has several built APIs to help your business grow. Depending on your business needs, you can integrate different APIs.


This Opensea-like Marketplace was made with the ability to show statistics that show how each NFT has been use since it was first create on the Blockchain.


Our very compelling OpenSea Clone is make with an advanced filter option that lets users find the right NFT of their choice in a shorter amount of time.

The most critical Ethereum token rules for OpenSea Clone

  • ERC721 
  • ERC1155 
  • ERC721

ERC 721

Most of the time, this token is use as a standard NFT token. It is a unique token with an open standard on the Ethereum blockchain network. With this token, developers will be able to show who owns each piece of data. NFT is worth more than other tokens because it is rare, valuable, and looks excellent.

ERC 1155 Token

ERC 1155 will make the rules for ERC 721 stricter. It handles the different types of assets and will cut down on the number of smart contracts and the time it takes to do a transaction. It also reduces to save money on the transaction fee. ERC 115 can potentially change how DApps work on the blockchain network.

What Our OpenSea Clone Script Can Do for You

High return on investment

Start your own Opensea-style NFT Marketplace. You will make millions of dollars because virtual world platforms will be more critical in the future. So it gives a high return on the money spent.

Audit of Smart Contract

Our platform, which is similar to Opensea and can be customized, is brilliant contract audited. All vulnerabilities and bugs are fix after the testing team. Developers go through different orders of work.

Effective History of Data

This platform showed the admin of the forum and his dashboard the most useful data. It shows all of the transactions and trades that have taken place in the marketplace.

A lot of security

Opensea NFT clone is build with extra security features like DDOS, CSRF, SSRF, two-factor authentication, and more to stop hacks and other attacks from newcomers.

Ownership Right Away

The Opensea Clone platform is make so that the buyer can take ownership as soon as the NFT is sent to his wallet after he signs the contract and sends the money.

The collection of NFT has a lot to offer

Most active users are in an NFT market with a wide range of NFT collections, so getting a type of NFT domain will help you get the best price in the market. Listing fees are one way that OpenSea Clone Script makes money.

Once a user has traded an NFT, you can get a percentage of the NFT’s price for putting it on your NFT market.

  • Transaction Fees: Users can get a certain percentage of the transaction fee or commission for all NFTs traded in the marketplace.
  • Fees for Minting
  • To render a digital asset as an NFT, the person who made it has to pay a fee, or the person who bought it would pay the price to get it as an NFT.
  • Cost to get started
  • Make extra cash for setting up the creator’s account for the first time so that he can list his innovations as NFTs on your platform.
  • Cash from a private sale
  • Get a standout feature for your NFT marketplace that lets a creator sell his inventions directly to a buyer through your platform instead of selling them to the public.

What is Opensea Clone Script?

To figure out how it works, we need to look at the two ways below.

For Buyers

  • This platform is free for buyers to use.
  • People who want to buy the NFT can do so with certain rights and licenses. Here’s a step-by-step guide for people who want to buy.
  • Buyers must sign up on this platform before starting to trade.
  • After that, buyers must put WETH into the wallet.
  • They can also join the auction process when it is open.
  • You can buy the listed NFT with a labeled amount. The NFT is send to the buyer’s wallet, and the labeled amount is send to the creator’s wallet.

For Sellers

  • Here seller can be considered an artist who made NFT and put it on the market.
  • Using a smart contract makes sure that transactions are safe.
  • The first step to joining the platform is to sign up.
  • After that, they can upload the file in the format that was given.
  • Sellers must pay a gas fee to make a smart contract.
  • The buyer can bring your NFT with the amount they want.
  • The seller will get the correct amount of ETH, and the buyer will get an NFT.
  • Why Should You Choose Suffescom For OpenSea Clone Script?

As the top NFT Marketplace Development Company, Suffescom will offer the best OpenSea Clone Script with high-end features to attract users. Suffescom will offer high-end NFT marketplace clone software with an easy-to-use, attractive user interface and user experience (UI/UX) made possible by new technology. The ready-made OpenSea clone from Suffescom is the only one on the market. So it’s the best and most suitable script for people who want to quickly start their nft marketplace like OpenSea.

Integration of Plugins and APIs to get ERC721 assets

  • Complete solutions for white labels
  • Dashboard for users and admin center
  • Multiple cryptocurrency wallets with dedicated technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regulatory compliance
  • Better support for Blockchain.

OpenSea Clone Script Questions and Answers 

1. What is OpenSea Clone Script?

OpenSea Clone Script is an NFT Marketplace-base script that works like OpenSea and is easy to get. Opensea Clone Script lets people trade Crypto Collectibles in a kind of domain and does things like buy, bid, and sell Crypto Collectibles based on what the user wants, as well as different ways to sell them.

2. Why Make a Platform Like OpenSea?

OpenSea is the most significant player in the NFT market and has done $3.4 billion in transactions. This means that most NFT prospects would instead trade their digital collectibles on Opensea, so making an NFT Marketplace similar to Opensea will meet the needs of NFT prospects.

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