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Can You Wear a Leather Jacket With Leggings?

Leather jacket and leggings sound like a weird combo? Not really!

The fall season is right upon us, and each new season calls for the new attire, no? I mean, we all like to stand out in the gathering, and what can be better than the pair of leggings with the classic leather jacket from the Real Leather Garment for such great weather. Imagine you are just about to leave your house in your perfectly managed hair, lovely white sneakers, and your printed sneakers, but the chilled temperature outside needs you to add some layers on you. Something that is not too warm and does not make your overall look a little odd, a leather jacket is a perfect fix in such cases.

It may seem unfair to wear a leather jacket with leggings; it is pretty straightforward. Depending on the fabric and color, a few tried and tested rules can make your appearance as appealing as you want without making you sweat or feel cold.

Following are a few pairs of leggings and leather jackets from the Real Leather Garment to keep you chic yet warm in this cozy season.

1) Timeless black jacket

You can never go wrong with the classic jackets; you can pair it with the sleek black leggings, a chic, understated print, or go all crazy with the loud patterns. Such a combination with the classic jacket would make you stand out at the party. Get your leather jacket today from the Real Leather Garment as no one does leather garments better than them.

2) Shearling collar jacket

People today are religiously following a minimalistic look; a shearling collar jacket is a minimal yet trendy attire with a twist. Do not forget to complement but not overpower your top half with the lowkey print on the bottom. Find something with similar colors to your collar, preferably white, to bring the whole look of the dress together.

3 Leather vest

There is no wrong time to wear the leather vest, particularly if you try to add more of a rough or an edgy look to your style. However, the sleeveless style keeps you from stealing the show. Or you can create a relaxed and unapproachable girl vibe by pairing your vest with the subtly bold legging along with a colorful sheen, mesh cutouts, and leather panels. Be ready to be the party’s head turner because your leather outfit from the Real Leather Garments would serve you the right looks.

4 Patterned upper wear

While you are looking to match your patterned top, you must not think twice before pairing it with the bottom’s little pattern. The key to staying up-to-date and not looking over or under dressed is to match your different patterns but still look fabulous together. Matching separates and patterns are the way to go this season. Or look for the same colors but opposite prints, something like color blocking with the polka dots and matching stripes with a little or more abstract pattern. You go, girl, you are all ready to set the floor on fire with this look.

5 Suede jacket

Suedes are the second-best option when someone is not in a mood to don leathers anymore. Suede jackets are the softer sister of leather, which looks a lot like them but is a little less edgy. However, they are super chic, but the good thing about them is that the fabric is soft, making it easily wearable. You are free to mix the patterns and colors but make sure they are lighter-hued and are more pared down to add to the look without overshadowing other things.

6 Colored jacket

Colors add life to the dull world; however, in no way we mean the neutrals or black and whites are boring. But there is something about adding the pinch of hot pink or red on the simple white jacket. It just makes you pop in the gathering, and we all like a little to be in the limelight, don’t we?

Leather jackets are generally found in black color, and pairing black jackets with colored leggings area pretty walk in the park. However, things become a little tricky when we have to pair colored jackets with leggings. The leather jacket in any other color can make you look boring yet out of fashion if you are not careful. Therefore, that’s right; we suggest you stay in the neutral colors range, which includes gray, black, and navy, to avoid overdoing your look.

7 Light on the pocket jackets

When it comes to buying leather jackets, we all have a misconception that it will break our bank, mainly the students cannot afford them. Here comes the rescue for you! The Real Leather Garments with its most affordable leather jackets can make you look chic as ever without emptying your pockets.

Even though fake leather is no joke today, you can hardly spot the difference between the real ones and the fake ones. If you are worried about the quality, you should play up your leggings. Your leggings will attract all the attention, and nobody would even have time to notice your jacket quality.

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