Boudoir Photography: 4 Common Myths Busted!

Boudoir photography has gained recognition and popularity in the past few years. Whether it is to make yourself feel good about your body or to bring a spark to your relationship. People use this photography as a great way to bring out the best of their bodies.Boudoir Photography

However, there are so many misconceptions about boudoir photography Saskatoon. And most of them have to do with the essence of this photography style. Most people think that this photography is close to shooting pornographic photos. However, that’s FALSE!

Sure, “Boudoir” means “bedroom” or “private space” but that doesn’t mean you need to get naked for these photographs. There is a certain art to this type of photography. It aims at bringing out the best features of someone’s body with the right costume, lighting, camera angles, and poses.

Hence, in this article, we will break some myths regarding this photography for you. After reading this, we are sure you will book one such photography session with a professional photographer.

Myth #1: Boudoir Photography is Nude Photos

WRONG! This photography is not just nude photos. Most people who have chosen such photography have done it to see themselves through someone else’s eyes. The photography style allows people to bring their fantasies about their looks on paper.

Hence, not everybody sees themselves in skimpy lingerie or nude. Sometimes, people just want to see themselves in intimate clothing. Or just want to see how beautiful they look even in their pajamas. This photography style has a way deeper meaning than just nude photos.

Myth #2: Boudoir Photography Means Wearing Lingerie

Now, we know that when you search online about such photography styles, you will find women wearing skimpy lingerie. But the truth is that a professional boudoir photographer will not specifically tell you to wear lingerie. Instead, they will ask you to wear what makes you comfortable. Want to just wear a white t-shirt and boy shorts? Yes, you can!

Want to wear swimsuits or bodysuits during the session? Yes, you can! Or maybe you just want to wear pajamas during the session? Yes, you can! This photography style is not limited to skimpy lingerie even if the Internet keeps suggesting that to you.

Myth #3: It is Gift for Your Partner

Absolutely not! This photography style is not just a gift for your partner. Yes, most brides choose this photography style for creating their groom’s gifts. However, it is not the case every time. There are several instances where women chose this photo for other reasons too.

Every woman wanted to go for this session to have images to look back on in 10 or 20 years.  Women wanted to see how their bodies are changing or have changed before, during, and after giving birth.

Some women lost weight and want to see how their hard work has paid off and made them look sexy. Some women chose this session because they were proud of their bodies and wanted to feel empowered. There are several reasons for women to choose this photography other than just as a gift for their partner.

Myth #4: It is too Expensive

Not true! Just like any other thing you buy in the market; this photography style also comes in different price ranges. The price is decided based on the photographer you choose, the number of images, turnaround time, and other such factors.

However, the higher the quality of services, the more costs you need to pay. This is similar to anything you buy in the market.

About Cindy Moleski:

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