Best Career Option as an Electronics Engineering.

Why Electronics Engineering?

Today, life would be impossible without technology. It’s difficult to imagine a world without technology. Some people think engineering does not have that much demand or scope. But it needs a good command over PCM subjects and also reasoning skills.

Engineering should not be underestimated. Every field of study whether it is commerce, arts, science, etc. has demand and need in the world. also, fire engineering colleges in Indore / Gwalior .also provided electronics engineering courses. Like other engineering options/types, electronics engineering is also a type engineering option. But it needs a good command over PCM subjects and also reasoning skills.

It takes a lot of imagination to work in the field of electronic engineering. Engineering is all about creating, manufacturing, operating, and maintaining items that humans require. It is vital to highlight that there is no uniformity in terms of payment in the subject of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

It is highly dependent on the individual’s position and abilities. Despite this, there is little doubt that Electronics and Communication Engineering is a promising growth-driven stream, and that an adequate understanding of the area, along with a specialized skill set, prepares an individual for a wide range of entry-level positions.

Eligibility Criteria –

  • It needs HSC that is 12th with a minimum of 50% marks in PCM. It may differ for different categories.

  • And for diplomas, they must have 50% in the PCM stream after the 10th.

  • Also, some institutes/universities provide an entrance test that a student must pass and can enroll in based on their marks in it.

Let us explore more about it – Pros and cons of becoming an Electronic Engineer :

  •  Pros-

  • There are plentiful job opportunities for electrical engineers.

  • Flexibility in the job.

  • Engineers can go for other professions also with additional qualifications.

  • Engineers can work in management positions also in their careers.

  • Have options to work in a variety of industries.

  •  Cons-

  • Changeable jobs.

  • Can have a workload based on their field, they may have to handle pressure.

  • Risk of physical health in some fields, like electric shocks, etc.

  • Competition in the promotion.

  • Product or device and design may fail while testing or reaching potential customers.

 Why choose this field of engineering?

As it depends on a person, why he wants to go in this field based on his/her interests.

  •  The curriculum will help you build abilities in microelectronics, fabrication, electronic design, signal processing, and modern communications principles, among other things.

  •  In this field, there are a huge number of opportunities for students.

  • They can learn and apply their theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Every field of engineering requires reasoning and problem-solving skills along with PCM. The student must earn a lot of knowledge while doing his graduation or diploma so that he can grow more.

  •  It will boost up the chances of getting job opportunities fast and with ease. The demand for that type of student will grow more.

  •  There are a lot of other engineering fields like mechanical, fire and prevention, aerospace, computer and IT, civil engineering, etc.

  • The program aims to develop researchers and innovators. Programming, data structures, linear algebra, probability, and random processes are among the fundamental disciplines introduced to students.

Job opportunities –

There are a variety of job opportunities for electronic engineers and others too. It is considered the most popular field which includes the study of devices and technical knowledge. They can opt for it based on their interest and potential.

  • Communications Engineer
  • Technical Director
  • Aerospace engineer
  • Computer Hardware engineer
  • Electro-mechanical Technicians
  • Network Planning engineer
  • Field test engineer
  • Service engineer
  • Electrical and electronics technicians engineer
  • fire and safety engineering

Scope of Electronics or electrical engineers –

As we are seeing today there is a lot of demand for technology and any work is incomplete without it. Similarly, electronics and electrical engineering have become necessary. It requires a great deal of knowledge of electronics and systems. As we have been seeing or hearing, engineering is not considered worth so much, but it is very important to make the right decision and right choice. ECE engineers’ abilities in planning, executing the testing process, creating system architectures, and perfectly delivering the result increase their market value.

As a result, as an ambitious ECE student, candidates must ensure that they select the appropriate Electronics & Communication Engineering program. The latest communication devices and other handy technological equipment, such as smartphones, tablets, processors, smart wristwatches, smart LED TVs, and so on, has only increased demand.

This field is very much needed in these changing times. Today’s students are very smart and brainy, this field will help them to grow and learn. So that he is successful in the future and also does something for the world. So that he becomes successful further and does something. This will help their technical and theoretical knowledge to emerge more.

For your CV, skills :

During your degree, you will gain subject-specific knowledge and abilities in design and testing, programming, computer,s, etc. You also gain some additional abilities like,

  • You can develop the ability to solve issues creatively and innovatively by applying expertise especially

  • Communication ( written and spoken)

  • Excellent teamwork

  • Transform a concept into reality and practicability

  • Professional ability and other code of ethics

  • Management of time and project

  • Mechanical and observational skills.

These abilities can help electrical engineers to find work in finance and management.

Licenses, certifications, and registrations for Electronics and electrical engineering –

They can choose to get certifications, for technicians they need to show an advanced level of knowledge. And some organizations provide certifications also.

  • The National Institute for Certification in Engineering provides certificates for electrical engineers (power and testing). This certificate would be beneficial for technicians who are from the field of electrical power engineers, distribution, and transmission industry.

  • ETA International also provides certificates in different fields like electronics and biomedical and others. The International Society of Automation offers certification in Control Systems Technician. To gain this certificate one should have some skills like electrical, mechanical, etc. Also, he must possess knowledge in control processes.

Approval –

Ministry of HRD, AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education).

Salary and Packages –

In India, the average base pay of Electrical engineers is ₹ 21,712 / // mo. Low – 12k (or around it), High – 42k (or around it). In foreign countries this may vary, it could be low and high with this.

Conclusion –

After going through this much, now we can assume electronics and electrical engineering. We came to know about many factors. Electronics engineering is a leading and in-demand course/degree among the students. It is a way to develop yourself as a person and professionally. Electrical Engineering is commonly associated with wires and circuits, but it is much more than that. Electrical engineers are needed in a variety of fields, including telecommunications, information technology, navigation, trains, automobiles, architecture, aircraft, and defense, and in many other varieties of fields.

Recommendation –

Finding good colleges isn’t an easy task. If I suggest the best and leading colleges for engineering including all courses like electrical engineering, civil engineering, engineer, fire engineering, and fire and safety engineering colleges in Indore, I would go for VITM in Gwalior and as well as in Indore. and many top colleges provide engineering courses. so knowledgeable about everything and then choose your college.

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