Best Amazon PPC Strategies to Boost Your Sales This Festive Season

The holiday shopping season seems different this year due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We are well into the holiday season and our favorite holiday sales events are here to offer a sense of familiarity in a world of great uncertainty. To make sure your products and promotions stand out among the heightened Q4 competition over a more extended period will require a full-funnel Amazon PPC management that leverages high-quality, creative ad campaigns with relevant and impactful Messages to keep shoppers engaged and enticed to continue making purchases throughout the holiday season.

PPC Ads can boost your conversions by showcasing your brand identity, products, and promotions. Now is the high time to ramp up your Amazon PPC Management through the end of the year to maintain discoverability for escalated CPCs and CPMs on Amazon’s marketplace. This blog post will focus on how you can use Amazon PPC Ads to enhance your advertising efforts and drive holiday sales.

Running Continuous PPC Campaigns

Running PPC campaigns on an ongoing basis will solidify your sales momentum during the holiday season and provide valuable insights to enhance advertising initiatives on the fly. An always-on approach is specifically beneficial this year since holiday sales began early. You can create continuous Amazon Sponsored campaigns by selecting the “no end date” option.

In an Amazon Sponsored Products keywords report, determine keywords that generate the best results and increase bids on the specific keywords.

If you want to run a PPC campaign to grow brand awareness, review new-to-brand metrics for Amazon Sponsored Brands, identify campaigns that are helping engage new customers, and double down on those. 

If you want to use Amazon Sponsored Display to drive sales, measure the number of Ads clicks that convert into a purchase, and increase your budget on the suitable PPC campaigns.

Initiate An Effective PPC Targeting Strategy

Initiating a targeting strategy for your campaigns will help you reach more shoppers. It is also significant to accurately structure the targeting within your campaigns to generate the best results. A good PPC structure can be attained by testing keywords and products that will help determine the best-performing combinations. 

You should also select an effective Amazon Ad solution for your campaigns. Best practices include testing all Amazon Advertising options and determining the best solution for your particular campaign and objective.

For instance, If your brand is in the electronics business and your goal is to expand product reach and gain new customers, you should test all Ad solutions and PPC outsourcing to find the best fit for your targeted approach.

You can begin by employing high-traffic category queries with manual keyword targeting on Amazon Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. You can also make use of Sponsored Brands to target non-branded keywords with branded creatives. 

Finally, you can also use Amazon Sponsored Display views targeting to re-engage customers. You must test each Ad solution to get the necessary insight to make the best choice for your PPC campaigns.

Set Strategic Bids for Your PPC Campaigns

The strategic placement of your ads will help you win more impressions. It is particularly critical to set your bids to the maximum amount possible on highly competitive peak days, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You will only pay whenever a shopper clicks on your Sponsored Ad, and you can decrease your bid at any point. To achieve greater control over your spending, you should set your bid on a group level.

Amazon Sponsored Products offer a dynamic bidding feature. If you decide to use this feature, Amazon will adjust your bid in real-time when it is more or less probable that your Ad will convert to a sale.

With Sponsored Brands Ads, you can employ the suggested bid or select automated bidding. You can also use custom bid adjustments that allow you to increase or decrease your bid by a fixed percentage.

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads offer two options for active bids; to lower your bids in real-time when you are less likely to make a sale or raise your bids depending on the probability of a sale.

Utilize Bulk Operations in your Amazon PPC management

Utilizing bulk operations will help you save a lot of time by streamlining your Amazon advertising efforts. Bulk operations will assist in scaling your campaigns by allowing you to create, edit, and optimize multiple ad campaigns simultaneously. This feature makes it more manageable to keep up with your Amazon advertising initiatives during the numerous shopping events this holiday season.

To start using bulk operations on Amazon, you have to go to Amazon Advertising, select bulk operations, and download the bulk operations template. The template provides instructions, definitions, and template examples per Ad solution on Amazon to demonstrate how to create campaigns and apply changes to existing campaigns. You can easily do Amazon PPC management by making changes across multiple PPC campaigns through the bulk template instead of making individual edits in the campaign manager.

Give Discounts and Price Your Products Competitively

The Q4 is exceptionally competitive for Amazon sellers due to holiday shopping events starting early and running through late December. The multiple shopping dates provide shoppers more opportunities to get discounts on products they are looking to purchase and a more extended period to identify the retailer with the best deals. Brands are competing in offering the best savings and creative marketing. 

Providing competitive pricing on your products and optimizing your Amazon PPC service will help you stand out among many competitors in the marketplace. Running PPC campaigns with no end date, initiating a targeting strategy, strategically setting bids in your preferred Ad solution, and utilizing bulk operations to streamline advertising efforts will increase your conversions this holiday season.

Enjoy The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

There is a lot to gain this time of year, and well-executed PPC campaigns will ensure success. Acclimating to the requirements of the holiday season and making the best use of the Amazon PPC strategy will lead to you achieving the highest conversions. You need to evaluate and optimize your current products, plan and start your campaigns early, use the Amazon Ad resources at your disposal, test and monitor rigorously — and you will have a happy and prosperous holiday season.

Final Thoughts

The festive season is a chance for Amazon sellers to showcase their business efficiently. Represent your brand and products in a way that customers want to see. Check all the aspects and implement them competently while enhancing your business reach. And be transparent with your customers to gain their trust and establish your brand image.

As a seller, the holidays are crucial for your success. But, When you partner with an excellent Amazon PPC agency, you automatically receive access to their hands-on team of e-commerce experts. Equip yourself with the proper knowledge and tools, and you’re ready to thrive this holiday season.

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