AWS Certification – Career In AWS, Job Roles

What is AWS?

AWS is continuously adding new capabilities and features so that you can control the latest technologies to experiment and innovate quickly. The Amazon Web Services (AWS Certification) is a leading public cloud provider which is popular for its huge range of features, scalability, security and reliability. 

About AWS Certification Training:

AWS is today reaching out to almost every aspect of technology. AWS is the leading computing solution in every part of improvement and execution.  Amazon also offers a practical certification path which can be opted without leaving the job or paying extra for expensive training.

However, if you want to become an expert in AWS technology and thinking of building your career in this, then taking AWS training and certification course from any well-reputed academies is always suggested as you can get the proper guidance under expert professionals and tutors. 

Such tutorials are useful for individuals who are already in the technical or sales or managerial or financial roles with the AWS Cloud Computing systems. AWS training program will provide you with important hands-on experience which is crucial for your AWS career journey. 

Why AWS and Cloud Computing Technology?

AWS skills are high in demand. Organizations from different sectors, size and industry are using Cloud Computing technology for a broad range of use cases like data backup, email, disaster recovery, software development, virtual desktops, and customer-facing web applications, software testing and big data analytics. 

With AWS, you can provision calculate power, storage and other resources and can able to gain access to a suite of IT Infrastructure services as per your business requirements. Moving your applications and IT systems to the AWS Cloud System can reduce the capital expenses, administrative costs and supporting costs whereas retain the performance, security and reliability requirements your business demands. 

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Get Started with AWS Training:

Start AWS learning by taking training on AWS loud from well-known institutions. There are so many academics today who are even providing AWS online training so that if anyone is working in It industry and not getting enough time to go to the institution to learn and take a certification course, they can learn the course anywhere from any place as per his or her timing and scheduled class. You can learn AWS Foundational, Associate, Specialty and Professional courses. Under these courses, you are able to learn nine different certifications with various roles:

1.AWS Foundational

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner – Foundational: Basic level introduction and understanding of cloud computing including how AWS works.

2.Amazon Web Services Associate Level Certification

  • Amazon Web Services SysOps Administrator – Associate
  • AWS Solutions Architect
  • AWS Certified Developer

With the above courses, a candidate is able to get depth knowledge and understanding of AWS operations, architecture and development.

3.AWS Specialty Certifications

  • Security (Specialty)
  • Advanced Networking 
  • Big Data

Through the above courses, the candidate will get a detailed understanding of speciality area of AWS.

4.Amazon Web Services Professional Certification

  • AWS DevOps Engineer (Professional)
  • AWS Solutions Architect (Professional)

The candidate will get in-depth knowledge of AWS engineering and architecture.


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Different AWS Job Roles:

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer:

To work as a DevOps Engineer, a candidate needs to be proficient in design AWS solutions that will positively affect the business. The person has to implement and maintain servers including patching and debugging as needed. 

AWS Certified Solutions Architect:

To work on this job profile, a candidate needs to understand and work on the architecting, building, maintaining of cost-efficient, scalable and AWS Cloud environments. An AWS Solution Architect has to keep himself updated with Cloud Computing along with the latest AWS toolsets.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator: 

The person working in this needs to be responsible for installing, provisioning, operating, configuring and maintaining virtual and non-virtual systems software and so many other related infrastructures. He or she also needs to report dashboards and maintain analytics software.

AWS Certified Solution Architect:

Working in this job requires working with engineers and customers to offer implementation and technical leadership. An AWS Certified Solution Architecture is also responsible for ensuring new technologies that need to be integrated into customer environments. 

Amazon Web Services Certified Developer:

AWS Developers needs to build enterprise-level software applications and services and also have to understand cloud orchestration tools too. 

So, if you are a cloud computing enthusiast, then AWS training and certification is the right move to build your future as not only there are lots of opportunities for work but also there are several different ways in which you can fit into the IT working environment with the skills that you have learnt. 

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