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7 AWS features of amazon web services app development

For those people who are trying to start their business in mobile technology or have their interest in this business, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a favorite option.

The robust cloud computing platform offers AWS. It helps its users to design and provide different applications with the help of the cloud.

If you are running a business, you must have some basic knowledge about it and its way of action. This can help to offer the best possible services to the clients. There are a lot of cloud advantages that AWS provides. These may include content delivery, storage of the database, power to compute, and lots of other functions.

These services help the clients improve their outputs, and they will easily find a way to succeed in their business.

There are a lot of services which are combined. These include Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Let’s discuss different top features of the amazon web services app development.

  1. Availability of the Amazon Web Services App Development

Numerous data centers are present different across availability zones (AZs), helping AWS provide the services for its customers worldwide.

You can imagine an AZ as a place or a location where several physical data centers are existing.

When different AZs are collected in a single term, it is called a region. These regions are connected by the network links, which have lower latency.

There is a choice available for a business to choose one or several availability zones as per its requirements and reasons.

We take one example. There is an option for an AWS customer that he can spin up the virtual machines. There is the liberty to replicate that data in different zones.

  1. Server less Cloud Functions by the Services for Web Development

AWS is equipped with Amazon API and Amazon Gateway. There are codes and scaling which are assigned to help the users.

A user who is taking the help of a mobile phone needs to upload a code assigned to him or her.

After this, there is no need to get worried about the server for the user. Here comes the role of AWS, which is there now to manage the following whole process.

These are the apps designed to provide full facilities to its users without creating any tension.

Sometimes, customer needs to several tasks at the same time, and this requires a back-end code. This code helps to run as well as respond to the code.

  1. Migration, hybrid cloud

There are several tools and servers to help the users migrate the applications, servers, and data to the public cloud.

There is an AWS Migration Hub that is there to offer guidance related to the location. It helps to monitor the migrations of the contents from premises towards the clouds.

It is also facilitated with the EC2 System Manager, which is helpful for the information technology workers. It helps them to combine on-premises servers as well as AWS instances.

There is also collaboration among Amazon and a lot of other technology-providing companies. This helps in providing some sort of less bother in the deployment process of the hybrid cloud.

  1. Security and Compliance

It’s worthy of mentioning that most of the companies are entirely dependent on AWS. It makes Amazon offer the maximum security which is possible to the data.

Several features are offered to allow the customers to scale and innovate. There are no extra charges which are provided to the users. They just have to pay for what they use.

There are close linkages between the EC2 instances and different security groups which are existing in the AWS. There is the provision of security at the level of portal access as well as protocol.

AWS has established several rules about security measurements. These are there to monitor the traffic which is coming in and going out.

There are four essential criteria by which these security rules are implemented. These are:

  •  Type
  •  Protocol
  •  Port Range
  • Source
  1. Web Development Services Asterlation Management and Monitoring

There are AWS Config Rules which are designed to help in managing and tracking the cloud resource configuration. These can help the IT personnel in avoiding the structures which are done improperly. It also prevents deployments that are done without any necessity and are expensive cloud resources.

There are also several automation rules. This set of rules are designed in the portfolio. With the help of AWS CloudFormation templates, there is access provided to the admin. Admin has the authority to automate the infrastructure.

  1. Game Development

A facility is provided for the development of games in AWS. The companies which develop games at a larger scale are pretty very fond of this AWS feature.

It is also equipped with beneficial facilities that are mainly helpful in each part of the game’s life cycle or event.

There may be the provision of a developer’s bach-end service as well as developer tools. These tools show their importance when developers are intended to design the games.

The back-end services are incorporated in deploying, building, and scaling the platform that a developer uses.

  1. Messages and notifications by the Web Solution Development Services

There are messaging services provided in AWS. These are helpful in the provision of communication for the customers.

There is a message queue known as Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), a well-managed portion. It is responsible for sending, storing as well as receiving the messages.

There is also the existence of Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). It is designed to help businesses send subscribed messages to users.

It includes a feature that is provided with a mobile messaging system. It is helpful in the case of push messages to mobile devices.


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