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Are You in the Maldives? Avoid These Simple Mistakes to Enjoy Your Trip

The Maldives, situated in the Indian Ocean, constitutes more than a thousand islands.

The Maldives is famous for its clear and emerald water, resplendent beaches which stretch as far as your eyesight can go and for its luxurious underwater and overwater resorts.

Maldives gives the experience of a lifetime

Not only this, but there are also other activities of attraction such as scuba diving, swimming in the ocean, idyllic sanctuary for snorkeling and unforgettable sunsets.

These activities make your stay in Maldives a lifetime and unforgettable experience.

It is one of the most stunning Island vacation getaway in the world and a perfect addition to the itinerary of travelers visiting South Asian and Middle Eastern areas.

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Avoid doing or thinking these for the Maldives tour

If you are planning to visit the Maldives anytime soon, then there are certain things which you should keep in mind.

You want to list a few mistakes to avoid so as to be fully prepared for your trip and have a ball time in the Maldives.

Mistakes to avoid in the Maldives

Limiting to one Island

Most of the Resorts or hotels are situated or have been made on private Islands. These private islands then remain limited to their own Island.

Geographically it makes sense as the Maldives have over 1000 inhabited islands, whereas inhabited islands are only close to 200.

You can choose to keep changing your stay in different islands (different resorts) over the course of your trip. Or you can choose to stay at one Resort on one Island and travel to other Islands by chartering a boat or taking a day tour.

Whatever you plan for, just make sure you hop and visit different Islands while being in the Maldives. Do not limit yourself to one Island only.

Assumption of the Maldives being a high budget trip

The Maldives has an impression of a destination that is expensive, exclusive and luxurious. Though this is true, it is also possible to plan a budget trip to the Maldives.

You can search for connecting flights through Europe and Asia to minimize the airfare. You can try staying at a local guesthouse or an affordable hotel to cut down your stay expenses.

Also, it is not all about chartering yachts and diving into water from an overwater resort. There are always other ways to enjoy the natural beauty of Maldives.

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For example, you can plant corals with the help of several ongoing initiatives often set up by these affordable resorts. You can plant reefs for as low as $5. There are local beaches where you relax, swim and can do snorkelling that too within a tight budget.

Saving the trip for your honeymoon

Thanks to the romantic sunsets and luxurious water resorts, Maldives tops the ranking of best honeymoon destinations. But this is not a place you should save until your honeymoon is all a romantic getaway.

The Maldives is perfectly suited for a girl’s trip, family escape, or even a solo trip. In fact, there are many resorts in the Maldives which cater only to families.

The Maldives is a romantic destination for couples and a place where you can relax and forget your worries back home. In fact, all this luxury should not be only for honeymoon couples.

Not including in liveaboard as a part of your trip

Liveaboards are nothing but localized cruise ships or houseboats. The Maldives has more than a hundred liveaboards that offer sea safaris around the pristine waters and coral reefs.

They also provide a wide range of accommodation facilities.  This includes personal chefs, dive instructors, surfing instructors, and other staff members, depending on the type of lifeboat you book.

You can even rent out the entire yacht or houseboat for yourself and then customize the staff as per your requirements.

Renting the entire liveaboard is a perfect distanced location experience on its own. This allows you all the personal space for yourself and allows you to tailor or customize your vacation.

Except for the guest and staff members that you would take, you would not see any other soul.

Missing out on the local culture

Just because the Maldives is known for its beaches and beauty, its South Asian cultural influence is often overlooked or missed. The culture in the Maldives is a unique blend of Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Middle Eastern, Indonesian and African influences.

You can experience this blend here in the Maldives. To witness the culture first hand, you can attend musical and dance performances, taste the local cuisine or arrange a day trip to a nearby village to experience and learn more about the traditional lifestyle in the Maldives.

Forgetting reef-safe sunscreen back at home

Maldives islands are situated on the equator of Earth. Hence, the sun’s rays fall at a 90-degree angle.

This makes the extremely hot weather, especially the direct sunlight, and hence you need sunscreen. The sunscreen must be waterproof and be high on SPF. You should constantly keep applying sunscreen to your skin.

Add other sun protection utilities like hats, shades, visors, light & breathable full sleeve shirts, and long pants to use whenever you need extra coverage of your skin.

All-inclusive Resort is not my Choice

The Maldives is no doubt expensive. While selecting accommodations in the Maldives, do remember that food and alcohol are also expensive.

On top of that, you are on an island in the middle of the sea, hence the high transportation costs for all the items made available there on the Island.

Hence, you should not overlook the all-inclusive resort, which includes food, beverages and other facilities.

Simply looking for budget hotels might look cheaper, but when you add up the separate costs on these things and the time spent on searching them, too, all-inclusive resorts end up giving better deals.

No Need to visit Southeast Asia or the Middle East with the Maldives

The Maldives is a tropical paradise situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

A lot of major Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian countries are nearby from the Maldives. Dubai is just 4 hours direct flight whereas Sri Lanka is even lesser.

There are partnerships with multiple airlines (like Singapore Airlines, Etihad, Emirates, etc.). Hence, several flights are available to reach destinations such as Dubai, Sri Lanka, or any destination where the flight directly reaches port (Singapore, Doha etc.).

Especially when you are travelling from the UK, get loans in 15 minutes and add these nearing destinations in your travel itinerary.

Skipping the Bioluminescent Views

You may not know that the Maldives is also famous for its shores which shine at night. These shores basically have bioluminescent plankton in the water, which illuminates at night and hence light up the water.

And for this magical light show, you should plan to visit the Maldives during mid-summer to mid-winter, which is the peak season for these bioluminescent planktons.

When these planktons get arranged over the shores, it illuminates and creates a glowing (in the dark) effect at the seashore.


There is no doubt or debate about the Maldives being a luxury and expensive trip to make. But it is also an enthralling and lifetime experience destination.

While you can plan out and cut costs here and there, you must not miss the things people often miss. Make full use of the trip you are making. The Maldives have a lot to offer other than water resorts, snorkelling, or private yachts cruises.

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