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Travel and Leisure

Find out 9 Popular Things to Do for Christmas in the USA 2023

Do you want to spend this Christmas most memorably? If yes, you are at the right place. Make this year’s Christmas most enjoyable by knowing all the fun things you can do this year in the United States of America. 

Christmas is the magical time of the year. Furthermore, one can make it even more fun when they explore some of the best places during this time. Also, if you have your family members and loved ones with you, you can enjoy it even more.

Find out 9 Popular Things to Do for Christmas in the USA by going through the information below.

New York

There is no doubt why New York is the perfect getaway destination for Christmas. Furthermore, this is your chance to have a dream holiday with your loved ones. Get ready to have a stroll around the streets of this destination and have a look at the best decoration. To make this festival even more memorable, don’t forget to enjoy the ice rink in front of Rockefeller Center. Individuals can change their delta flight with ease by completing the Delta airlines change flight procedure. 

If you are one such individual who wants to avoid ice skating and is not interested in this activity, make sure to drink a hot cup of coffee. Nothing can beat a hot cup of coffee on a chilly winter day.  

Also, one can go ahead to choose Delta Christmas Day Flight bookings. Though this is an expensive time of the year, when people choose delta airlines, they can save a good amount.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is already a fun destination, but it becomes even more fun when one visits it during Christmas. There are so many events that take place during this time of the year. Remember, the lighting and decorations are there to make your Christmas time so much more exciting and memorable. 

Foodies must remember to enjoy food in Las Vegas as there are holiday menus available at the restaurants here. In addition to this, witness snow here, and don’t forget to take pictures to keep these memories forever with you. 

Magic Kingdom in Disney World, Florida

Can there be any better time to visit Disney World’s magic kingdom? People can have the most magical experience at this place. Furthermore, this will be the most fun day for you if you are with your near and dear ones. People will witness the unreal holiday decoration, and also, there will be a giant Christmas tree in this magic kingdom.

During Christmas time, even Hollywood studios have a fantastic light show. So, make sure to take advantage of it.


Chicago is one of the must-visit and most beautiful destinations in America. Also, when people visit this place during Christmas, they enjoy some fantastic moments. Furthermore, take your friends and loved ones with you to make this Christmas the best of your life. 

Chicago is a place that does not disappoint at all. There is a city parade that lights up the mood of all the residents. Various performances that take place during this parade give people so much fun. So, add this to the 9 Popular Things to Do for Christmas in the USA and enjoy it to the best.

Chicago has so much to offer to its visitors. If you are a foodie, get ready to try some of the most delicious food items and satisfy your taste buds. Also, all bars and restaurants have a special menu for their visitors because it is Christmas time.  

Lake Tahoe

Do you want to celebrate Christmas in two states at the same time? If yes, here is your chance to do so. Lake Tahoe is a destination that straddles two destinations: Nevada and California.

Make your Christmas holiday worth it by visiting Lake Tahoe. Furthermore, when at this place, people get to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. In addition, make sure to witness the fireworks that take place here. Moreover, people fond of music can participate in live musical performances.

Some of the off-slope activities that take place here are sleigh rides and ice skating. If you are here with your family, there is no limit to having fun. 

If you want to witness nature’s most surreal and unreal views, visit Lake Tahoe. This place is all about feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Park City, Utah

Are you in search of a ski town? If yes, visit Park City, Utah, without any second thoughts. 

The celebrations for Christmas start pretty early at this place. So, even if you visit this place in late November, you will also enjoy it here. Furthermore, make sure to keep an eye on Santa visiting you. 

People can even stroll around this place to enjoy the best views. In Utah, travelers must visit the Historic Main Street Lights, Electric Parade, and Torchlight Parade.

Big Island of Hawaii

Hawaii is a destination that does not even need a second thought. No matter what time of the year it is, one will never regret visiting this place. Get ready to witness snow-capped mountains during this time of the year.

Do you want this year’s Christmas to be unique? Are you willing to spend time in the warm weather on the beach? Make plans for Hawaii now. Hawaii is called the “Big Island.” Therefore, one can do an endless number of things here. 

One thing that will make your Christmas holiday even more fun is visiting the waterfalls Volcano National Park. To make this time even more exciting, spend time hiking down Pololu Valley to see black sand beaches. 

There are a lot of resorts that offer Christmas meals, and these places are decorated beautifully. Visiting Hawaii during this time of the year is a treat for all travelers.


To have the best Christmas holidays and time, Head to Orlando without thinking twice. This is a destination that has no space for boredom. So, no matter what type of traveler you are, you will have a blast here.

If you are on a solo trip or with your family, this destination will welcome you with open arms. 

In the United States of America, Orlando is the best place to enjoy Christmas. Furthermore, this place has so much to offer to its visitors. Christmas or no Christmas, visiting Orlando is worth it. 

Also, Disney World in Orlando makes it even more fun and memorable. 

If one is planning to make a reservation with Delta airlines but is still determining their plan, they must go through the Delta Airlines cancellation policy in advance. This will help them in avoiding any confusion and misunderstandings later on. 


Do you want to experience a candlelight Christmas this time? If you are willing to do so, this is your chance. One does not get the opportunity to have this candlelight Christmas every other day. So, one should take advantage of this chance. 

In addition, there are various other places one should take advantage of at this stunning place. National Gingerbread House Competition, Winter Lights at N.C. Arboretum and Biltmore estate are some of the places worth visiting. 

Why wait anymore? Make this Christmas the most memorable and fun day of your life by visiting any of the places gven above.

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