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An Ultimate Road Trip Guide from Delhi to Manali by Car

Manali is the most famous and favorite destination among tourist from all around the world. This hill station is a land of beautiful sights and pleasant weather. You will certainly enjoy spending your trip at this gorgeous place. Experiencing Delhi to Manali road trip will be very fun loving. While planing for Manali, Delhi to Manali by car will be best option. You will witness many beautiful scenic sights of the valley during the travel. Moreover, you will enjoy each and every spot, that will come in your way.

Best road transport options

There are many options to visit Manali from Delhi. You can reach Manali by flight, Buses, private cars and trains. Private car will be the best option for road trip. As you will be comfortably traveling and can take stoppages whenever and however you want. Therefore, you will certainly enjoy going to Manali with private car. After crossing Chandigarh, you will start to witness green valleys of Himalayan mountains. You will also feel the chilling breeze of the mountain area. Experiencing Delhi to Manali road trip  will surely be entertaining.

Distance and time by road

It is around 500 kms from Delhi to Manali by road. Therefore, it will take approximately 10 hours for <b><i>Delhi to Manali road trip via Chandigarh. The road is very well maintained so, you will not get any trouble during the travel. After crossing Chandigarh, you will have to slow down you car and maintain a slow speed. This is the mountain area, so you will be crossing through the mountains. Manali is around 300 kms from Chandigarh. You will be traveling on a zigzag road and crossing mountains one by one.

Best time to take a road trip

You can plan your trip to Manali anytime throughout the year. The temperature in Manali remains pleasant always. If you want to experience snowfall, you must visit between December to February. You will find cold weather, snowfall and mountains topped with snow. In the other hand, if you want to enjoy outdoor activities, summer is the best. During the harsh summer of India, Manali gives pleasant weather that you will certainly enjoy. Moreover, many tourists visit Manali in the Summer season. Therefore, Delhi to Manali trip by road will be very thrilling in summers.

Delhi to Manali Road Trip through Rohtang, Kaithal and Ambala

While planning for Delhi to Manali trip, you will have 2 to 3 route options. Therefore, you will have one route which is from Haryana. You will crossing through Rohtang, Kaithal and then Ambala. The road itself is very clean and not damaged. Moreover, you will get no trouble in driving on this route of Haryana. You will also find may good Indian food restaurants in the mid way. You can take stoppages and each your lunch or beverages. You will find Khaats in restaurants, where you can lay and take rest for a while.

Delhi to Manali through Panipat, Kurukshetra, Ambala, Chandigarh and Bilaspur

There is another route which goes through the Punjab. It is shorter in distance than the other. The distance is around 600 kms from Delhi and will take approximately 11 hours to reach. You will be going through Panipat, Kurukshetra, Ambala, Chandigarh and Bilaspur. It is NH44 and you will find many popular stopovers on this route. After crossing Delhi, you will witness Purana Quila in Panipath, which has beautiful Mughal architecture. Moreover, you will see Karnal lake after crossing Karnal. This lake will certainly give you a peaceful vibe. Moreover, you can visit Rock garden in Chandigarh.

Popular places to visit along the way

There are many places to visit in every route of Manali. You will find Sheikh Chilli tomb, which is situated in Haryana. This tomb is a mausoleum of the famous Sufi Saint. You will find wildlife sanctuary which is located on Pendra road in Bilaspur, Chattisgarh. You will see greenery and many species of birds and animals in this sanctuary. Moreover, there is a place named as Barot, which is situated near Manali. This place is full of lush green Deodar trees and forests. Therefore, this place is an absolute hidden gem to explore.

Places to eat on the way

You will certainly find many places and restaurants that provide delicious food. There is a haveli murthal place which offers food in royal style. Moreover, you will find a multi cuisine restaurant on Sonipat. This restaurant is a perfect place to halt and give your taste buds a feast. You will also find a very famous Bahadur Dhaba in Bilaspur. This Bahadur dhaba is very popular for corn chapatis. In addition, this restaurant serves food late at night also. There is also a Chawla restaurant in Mandi, which provide lip smacking Punjabi food.

Travel tips for Delhi to Manali road trip

You must keep luggage light and take things with you that is required. Do not overpack and take everything you find necessary. You should also carry essentials for your vehicles like extra tyres, tools and equipment. Always check the condition of your vehicle before you leave. You do not want to get into some trouble. Therefore, you must take regular updates about the weather. You must also pay attention to the road signs and look out for the speed breakers. Moreover, you should also necessary medications for you and your family.

These above mentioned points are the top most points that you need to know. They will help you in managing and planning your trip. Keep these points in mind, will surely make your trip a comfortable and joyful one. Moreover, you will certainly enjoy the whole trip to Manali if you plan it the correctly.

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Shimla and Manali adventure tour

Shimla and Manali are the most beautiful and amazing tourist destinations of India. People love to plan this place with their family and friends. Even tourist are planning their tour with group also. This destination is enclosed with high ranges of mountains and hills.

You can explore this during the trip to Himachal Pradesh in North India. Also the entire tourist spot is situated on foothills of Himalaya. So it offers you beautiful scenario of majestic Himalaya. Enjoy your weekend at this place and make every moment exciting.

Spend your entire weekend with the packages of Shimla and Manali. This place is giving you all kind of places that people love to explore. Here you can visit religious, tourist, adventures, historical and wildlife places. Also there are number of hilly activities like trekking and mountaineering. Some other activities like hiking, climbing and biking are there to perform. Some water activities that you can perform are river rafting and skiing. So spend your entire holiday with loved ones and enjoy every moment.

Planning your weekend with family and friends are so exciting and easier. ne can now easily customize the packages also as per their requirement.

Shimla and Manali are the most beautiful place for peaceful journey. People can experience the real thrill and number of adventures here. Also surroundings of this place is full of natural beauty and pleasant environment.

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