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9 Reasons Why you may be Experiencing Dysuria

Dysuria is the condition when you feel a painful burning sensation during urination. According to the best urologist doctor in peshawar, dysuria is often an underlying symptom of some bigger urinary tract infection. Usually this condition affects the bladder or other nearby parts of the body that causes painful urination. There are multiple reasons as to why dysuria occurs in the first place and fortunately for each different symptoms there is a potential treatment available today.

The first most important part of the diagnosis is to understand if there are other symptoms you might be overlooking. Such as excessive sweating, any dizzy spells, headaches, congestion, upset stomach etc., make sure any symptom that makes its way to the surface should be listed down by you. Once you have all of your symptoms written down, now it’s time to identify what might be the possible causes for your condition. Here are 10 possible cause for your painful urination.

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection is one of the most common causes for painful urination. This happens due to the excess buildup of bacteria in your urinary tract. Some additional symptoms can look like;

          Urge to frequently urinate

          Cloudy or blood urine

          Pungent odor urine

          Pain at the back and the side of the body

 Prostate Infection

Prostate infection is another leading cause of painful urine. This is also due to bacterial buildup, however in prostate infection cases the bacteria build-up is short-lived and can also be due to chronic inflammation. Some of the additional symptoms can look like;

          Pain in bladder and testicles region

          Difficulty in ejaculation

          Frequent urination especially during night

          Overall difficulty in urination

 Kidney Stones

Kidney stone is also a very common cause of painful urination. Kidney stones are often a result of metabolic waste that builds up and forms hardened stones in kidneys. The made-up stones will then lodge near the tubes that enter the bladder. This can result in painful urination. Additional symptoms of kidney stones can seem like;

          Cloudy or brown urine


          Urination pain that intensifies with time

          Fever and chills

          Frequent urination in small amounts

 Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts will put more pressure on the bladder and cause painful urination as well. Since dysuria is more frequent in women, ovarian cysts is also one of the leading causes for painful urination. Ovaries can develop on one or both sides of the ovary. Additional symptoms can seem like;

          Unexplained vaginal bleeding

          Pelvic pain

          Painful menstrual cycle

          breast tenderness

          Consistent back ache

 Interstitial Cystitis

Also commonly known as bladder pain syndrome, interstitial cystitis is a condition that lasts for over 6 weeks without any underlying condition. Some of the additional symptoms can seem like;

          Pressure in the bladder region

          Vaginal or vulva pain

          Pain in the scrotum

          Frequent urination

          Pain during intercourse

 Chemical Sensitivity

For hygienic purposes at times we use chemicals external to the body that can cause irritation and pain. There are many products in the market that can cause chemical sensitivity such as soaps, scented toilet paper, vaginal lubricants, contraceptive foams , scented vaginal washes etc. some other symptoms of the chemical reaction can seem like;




          Contraceptive foams

          Irritation on the skin or around the genital area

 Vaginal Infection or Irritation

Vaginal infections are common in women. Whenever there is overgrowth of bacteria or yeast in the vaginal tract, there is a huge possibility of vaginal infection happening. Some of the additional symptoms of vaginal infection are;

          Foul-smelling vaginal discharge

          Vaginal irritation

          Painful intercourse

          Unusual vaginal blessing



Some medications especially the ones with heavy composition such as those for cancer or bladder pain can be irritating and may result in inflammation of the bladder tissues. If a person has started new medication, there can be definite chances of chemical metabolic waste in the urine that can result in painful urination.

 Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer usually has silent symptoms. When the proliferation of cancer happens, you will observe blood in your urine as the first most prominent symptom of cancer. Some additional symptoms of bladder cancer includes;

          Frequent urination

          Lower back pain

          Loss of appetite

          Fatigue and weakness

          Difficulty in passing urine

          Foot swelling

          Pain in bones

 Potential Treatments

There are many places that specifically address issues related to urology, Hayatabad medical complex hospital is one example of it. Apart from seeing an urologist straight away, you should take a prescription of antibiotics. There are many other medications that include over the counter anti-inflammatory, and alpha-blockers that relaxes the muscles around the prostate. Regardless of whatever your case is, you should always consult with an urologist first.

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