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Health and Fitness

7 Health symptoms that Indicate to see a doctor

You may be having a cough and simply wave it off by saying, “it’s nothing serious”. While this may be true, you never can tell if you should seek a doctor’s attention immediately. This is because some health issues appear minor initially, so it becomes difficult to tell which would be severe. Granted, a single dose of medicine can restore certain health conditions; however, you need to visit your GP for some problems.

For instance, a headache may look very minimal initially, but later on, your health may be in great danger, and it could be a sign of a chronic condition. This is why you shouldn’t ignore these subtle signs. Several issues need an early diagnosis. For instance, a disease like cancer can improve following early detection. It is advised that you monitor your health closely for these symptoms that could cause change.

What are the health symptoms that require seeing a doctor at once?

Severe pain or tearing sensation

There are times when you experience some parts of your body pulling out – it’s called a tearing sensation. Most times, you may feel like your muscles are pulling out. This condition could happen regardless of strenuous physical activity and lead to injury. A ruptured aorta can also be a reason for this sensation. In addition, the circulation of blood in the body may be impacted, particularly by the heart. Severe problems affecting the functions of the heart could arise from this. Persons having a ruptured aorta may experience unexpected and severe back pain. It is critical that you book GP appointment should this pain go on for more than 20 minutes.

Violent pain in the chest

Many health conditions are symptomised by chest pain. In fact, it is a pointer for most imminent heart conditions. Most times, a heart attack precedes severe chest pain. Other signs of a heart problem are overwhelming chest tightness or pressure. You may feel pain in the chest and other areas around it. Again, this pain could spread to parts of the body like the jaws, back, shoulder, and more.

Chest pain may not cause a heart attack, but you shouldn’t undermine it. Often, severe chest pain accompanies sweating and nausea. Any issue that affects your chest should be taken to the doctor right away.

Tingling sensation in parts of the body

If you’ve ever felt your body tingle, you’ll agree that it’s not a comfortable feeling. It is easy to overlook this symptom. However, tingling could be the start of a severe illness. Problem with blood circulation can cause tingling. In addition, issues like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and anaemia are symptomised by tingling. Those having prediabetes typically feel their feet tingle; this issue can get serious and deprive you of good night sleep. Of course, it can cause a sleeping disorder.

Kidney problems may also be identified by tingling sensation. If you experience this sensation for some time, it may not be serious. However, when it goes beyond 60 minutes, a problem might be brewing. So, see a doctor as soon as possible.

Severe cold

During the cold months, people’s most common issues are the flu and cold. It’s typical for one to get better without medication in 3 to 4 days. However, when you catch a cold every time, you should see a doctor. Cold has the following symptoms:

A continuous cough exceeding two weeks may lead to whooping cough. If it’s not treated, it develops in sinuses. This is a life-threatening condition.

In winter, the flu is one common issue. However, for new mothers and babies, this issue is serious. Patients with heart conditions already may get worse from a cold.

Again, throat problems could be caused by a bad cold and cough. When this happens, food swallowing becomes problematic in severe cases. In addition, pain in the chest and short breaths could also be a symptom.

Are you experiencing any of these conditions? Kindly visit your doctor today.

Dizziness and sweating

Gastrointestinal issues may cause one to be dizzy. Vision problems and inner ear issues can also lead to dizziness. If this condition persists, nausea and vomiting may show up. In addition, heart issues, diabetes, thyroid, and high blood pressure can be symptomised by dizziness. In simple terms, dehydration can bring about dizziness.

Heart problems, diabetes and thyroid, are also symptomised by sweating. However, we know that regular physical activities can cause sweating. When sweating becomes heavy, it may be due to stress, hot flashes, spicy foods and others. If you’re sweating heavily and abnormal factors cause it, please call a doctor fast.

Alterations in bowel movement

Everybody experiences a bowel movement, and on average, this metabolic activity may change from thrice daily to thrice weekly. Different people have different bowel movement and urination. This is why the condition has no specific type and time classification. Observe your body to know when there’s change. Diarrhoea, too much urination, and persistent constipation can change your bowel movement. Seek the advice of a doctor on this issue.


This symptom is a clear indication of a stroke. Eventually, paralysis may set in. When this happens, a person may feel numb in the legs, arms and face. The entire half side of a person’s body may be affected by numbness. We do advise that you check out the symptom and act fast.

Last thoughts

There may be other symptoms that are inherent to certain medical conditions. This is why we recommend regular health check-up. Sometimes, what you think is minor may escalate into something fatal.

Make it a habit to live and eat healthily. Exercise regularly, get enough sleep and rest as well. Don’t ignore even the slightest symptom, especially when it is continuous. If you’re not feeling well and can’t place a hand on it, book a private GP appointment at once for better care.

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