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Fungal Sinus Infection While Pregnant: What are the measures to treat and prevent the same?

Pregnancy has its own set of symptoms and the case becomes severe to treat when it is accompanied by other underlying disorders. Some days you may feel strong while for some other days you may feel physically and emotionally ill. Many women experience day sickness and tiredness during pregnancy and some others feel back pain throughout their three trimesters. Getting sick with Fungal Sinus Infection While Pregnant is one of the common problems occurring with women.

If you are feeling any underlying symptom of any kind of infection and other disorders, you can consult the doctors at Lotus Hospital. The staff owes the responsibility of maintaining a peaceful and favorable environment for the easy and accessible diagnosing of gynecology and maternity-related issues. Herein, we have brought you the information regarding the fungal sinus infection and how you can treat it while being at home.

Symptoms of Fungal Sinus Infection While Pregnant

Sinusitis can develop at any point of the pregnancy. This infection brought inflammation to the lining of the sinus. Sinuses are the air-filled pockets located in the muscles of the face and nose.

A sinus infection can cause different symptoms, including:

  • stuffy nose
  • mucus drainage
  • pressure around the face muscles
  • fever
  • headache
  • Coughing
  • Sore throat

These symptoms can increase tension and alertness against other underlying disorders. However, it can be prevented with a few measures.

What Causes Fungal Sinus Infection During Pregnancy?

Symptoms of a fungal sinus infection while pregnant can also cause other underlying risk factors of causing cold, allergies, and fever. The acute infection lasts up to four weeks and the one with chronic symptoms lasts up to 12 weeks. Sinus Infection During Pregnancy can lead to triggered viral, bacterial, and other fungal infections.

In case, a fungal sinus infection is accompanied by a common cold, you may develop the risk of getting permanent allergies. In both conditions, the infection can block the sinus cavities leading to swelling and inflammation. A fungal sinus infection yields unpleasant symptoms that often go unbearable during pregnancy. It can make you feel worse while pregnant.

Treating a sinus infection while pregnant

Health issues often become the topic of concern while pregnant. Your concern is valid as pregnancy itself is a big task to accomplish. The good news is that you can take medications for any kind of fungal infection while pregnant. These medications are safe and secure to treat. For example, the use of acetaminophen can help you treat the symptoms of infection. Likewise, avoid the use of ibuprofen and Aspirin during pregnancy. Consult the doctor if you don’t have any other options. These medications can lead to other underlying complications.

Home remedies for fungal sinus infection while pregnant

Medications like cough suppressants, pain relievers, and decongestants can give you some relief due to infection. But, in case you want to avoid the use of medications during pregnancy, you can have some home remedies to treat yourself. Increasing the fluid intake can ease the throat, loosen the mucus, and can also clear a stuffy nose. Ideal fluids may include:

  • water
  • citrus juices
  • Broth
  • decaf teas

Here are some other home remedies that can help you fight sinus fungal infections while pregnant:

  • Use saline water drops or you can choose to make yours. Add one cup of warm water into ⅛ teaspoon of salt with a pinch of baking soda.
  • Run a humidifier at night to keep your nasal passage clear
  • You can sleep with more than one pillow. This will relieve your back and head. This will also stop the collection of mucus into your nose.
  • Use steam to get rid of excess mucus formation.
  • Gargle with warm salt water to soothe a sore throat.
  • Have plenty of rest. This will provide time to your immune system to fight against the sinus fungal infection.

If your face and nose muscles are paining due to sinusitis, have pain relief by placing a hot or cold pack on your forehead. Gently massage your forehead area. Take a warm bath and get relief from headaches. Be sure the water is not too hot. Hot baths should be avoided during pregnancy.

What to do after getting a fungal sinus infection while pregnant?

Getting Fungal Sinus Infection while pregnant is a topic of concern. It needs to be prevented and lower the risk of getting any kind of symptom. These infections can lead to a common cold. So, it is better to try for things that can help you feel relief from sickness and cold.

Consider wearing a mask to prevent infections. Limit contact with sick people. Try to wash your hands and face after having any kind of daily routine work like dusting the utensils, eating or making meals, etc. If you are having any underlying allergy, stop the use of any strong odor like the odor of making meals, strong perfumes, talc, or anything that can provide your strong smell.

Dry air prevents sinus. Try to use a humidifier to increase the moisture level in your home environment. Reduce the risk of sinus infection by having the use of anti-pest sprays.

When to see your doctor

If the infection is mild, it can be treated at home. But, there are times when you should go to the doctor. Make an appointment with the doctor of Lotus Hospital to discuss your medical condition. Pregnancy is one of the complicated processes, do not take any risk even if you are having any kind of bad thoughts about your health. If your cough gives out green or yellow mucus, it could be a sign of a recurring sinus infection. Consult the doctor and get yourself treated.

Untreated infection can cause other major problems. Do not take your infection symptoms lightly thinking that they will go away in a few days. Untreated sinus infections can lead to inflammation of membranes in the different areas of the spinal cord. It can also affect the sense organs like the nose, eyes, ear, skin, and taste.

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