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7 Coolsculpting Myths Debunked

Fat freezing is one of the most successful techniques to permanently eliminate pockets of undesirable fat from the face and body when performed by a highly-educated and qualified practitioner using high-tech equipment.

Fat freezing works by cooling subcutaneous fat cells to sub-zero temperatures and destroying their membranes with a hand-held device. The liquid within these cells is then expelled through the body’s natural lymphatic system. Coolsculpting is one such brand name for the Cryolipolysis technique.

There are several myths and assumptions surrounding fat freezing, and this article shall attempt to debunk them and bring forth certain facts about the technique.


  1. You Will Lose Weight Due to Fat Freezing

Fat does not weigh as much as muscle, so don’t anticipate dropping a lot of weight when you walk on the scales. Rather than judging the numbers on the scales, it’s better to measure yourself with a tape measure and feel how much better your clothes feel on you. As such, freezing fat will not tone your body, and that is best done with weights in the gym to help build muscle tone and burn fat in the future.

You are fully aware during a fat freezing session and can communicate with your practitioner at any time. There is no need to administer an anaesthetic or an overnight stay in the hospital, and you can resume your normal activities right away with minimal side effects and no downtime.


  1. Fat Freezing Is Painful

Throughout a fat freezing treatment, you will feel little to no discomfort. Although you may feel some pulling as your skin is drawn in and it will be cold, relatively few patients report discomfort during the procedure. There may be some tingling and tenderness following, but this isn’t considered clinical downtime, and you’ll be able to get back to your normal activities right away.

Fat freezing is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure. You will be quite chilly, but there will be no cuts or needles, so there will be virtually no pain. You may experience numbness or discomfort during the first few moments of your session while the device pulls, presses, and shapes your skin. Despite this, many patients sleep, read, or watch a movie during their treatment.



  1. All Fat Freezing Devices Are the Same

This is not the case. There are numerous devices on the market, but few have the same proven track record, FDA clearance, and high standards as the Coolsculpting machine, which is why you may choose it over its competitors. With any aesthetic or cosmetic treatment, it’s best to go for the leading brands rather than the cheaper options, which may end up costing you more money down the line.

A poorly made, non-regulated device used by a practitioner who isn’t perhaps properly trained could lead to sub-standard results and even complications, so it’s best to go for the leading brands rather than the cheaper options, which may end up costing you more money down the line.


  1. It’s a Fantastic Weight Loss Program Substitute

Fat freezing is not intended to be used for weight loss. It’s a non-surgical, non-invasive fat-reduction procedure. Hence, you won’t lose much weight because that’s not what the treatment is about.

Since it freezes the fat cells until they rupture and vanish forever, the non-invasive fat freezing method is great for sculpting small portions of stubborn fat. Tissue and other cells surrounding the targeted fat cells are not affected as a result of the unique method.


  1. It Is a Treatment That Causes Sagging Skin

Excess fat reduction and cosmetic body sculpting are the goals of fat freezing, not sagging skin. Your skin is untouched because the freezing temperatures damage fat cells beneath your skin but not the tissue surrounding the targeted cells.

However, various skin tightening procedures are available now to help lift and firm drooping skin.

  1. The Results Are Seen Right Away

It isn’t a process that yields instantaneous results. The next day, or perhaps the next week, you won’t be fat-free. It’s a fat-freezing procedure that shatters fat cells and flushes them out of your system. However, the process of cosmetic body sculpting is not rapid.

It’s crucial to remain patient as your body absorbs the small residual cell fragments before removing them. Results can be seen in as little as a month, although the most significant alterations typically take two to three months. Also, more than one therapy is required to attain the best outcomes in some instances.

  1. Only the Stomach Can Benefit From This Treatment

Fat freezing is FDA-approved for the treatment of noticeable fat layers under the chin, under the jawline areas, and at the breast, back, underneath the buttocks, and upper arm. Submental (under the chin) area therapies are also FDA-approved for affecting the look of loose tissue.


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