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6 Simple Ways To Lose Belly Fat During The Lockdown

It is devastating to see that the country is juggling hard with the second wave of COVID-19. In these times of distress when extreme anxiety cripples your mind, a little distraction is necessary. Especially when it comes to being fit and healthy. Feeling strong and happy. 

Moving on, it’s a vicious cycle right now. Lockdown has made everyone couch potatoes- Eat, Netflix and chill. The more you don’t think about food, the more you tend to binge on it. But it is time to weigh yourself and check the amount of calories and weight you have gained. It can be an eye-opener. If not now then when?

You cannot afford to let yourself slip up, especially when you have always been the kind of physical activity. We know due to lockdown, all the best gyms in Bandra West and other areas have been temporarily shut. Still, you can join online workout classes to shed off those extra calories. 

Here we have listed some easy peasy ways to lose belly fat at the comfort of your home. It is time to burn off all those packets of chips, soft drinks and so much more!

So are you ready to get your endorphins pumping up for the days to come!

  • Drink less alcohol:

Yes, we agree it can be very hard resisting a glass of wine or any alcohol especially after a stressful work-life but you need to understand that alcohol is the main source of storing belly fat. If you talk about stats, just 2 glasses of wine an evening is equal to 72000 calories a year equating to 20 pounds of fat. Alcohol contains calories with no nutritional value. Women tend to store fats on their thighs, hips and arms by slurping alcohol while men  store fats on their tummy.

You need to say good-bye to alcohol completely in order to lose belly weight fast. If this sounds too much (lockdown isn’t enough to cut) then limit 1 glass in 3 days. 


  • Eat high-protein diet:

A protein-rich diet can help lose belly fat easily. If we talk in science terms, protein releases the hormones called PYY, which helps to send a message to the brain that you’re full. A good amount of protein with each meal can help you avoid overeating.

A protein diet is not limited to losing belly fat but it can also help elevate metabolic rate, help build muscle loss while burning out. If you’re a vegan person, there are food items that provide protein such as Tofu, Lentils, Seitan, Green Peas etc. 


  • Reduce your stress level:

It is no secret that stress builds up fats in the body. It releases a stress hormone cristol which increases your appetite. There are many ways to release stress. Everyone has their own ways. We don’t want to dive deep into this. But meditation, talking to friends and family, playing sports or board games and importantly exercise are some ways to relieve stress.

  • Avoid sugary beverages and food:

Sugar without a second thought, we all know produces fat. Refined sugar present in canned drinks and food contains enough fats to make your belly, the size of a room. No kidding! Check labels while you make your purchase and make a smart choice.

  • Exercise:

Exercise is the best way to get a strong, lean and happier body. Resistance training is the best way to lose belly fat. With resistance training, you tend to lose weight faster, build muscles and also help to tone your overall body. You can do a mix of workout to shed belly fat. Aerobic exercise and strength training can together be beneficial.


Some exercises to lose belly fat easily at home during the lockdown:

  • 45 Seconds Lying leg Raises:


  • 45 seconds reverse crunch:


  • 45 second flutter kicks:


  • 30 second elbow to knee:

  • 30 second Jackknife Sit up:


  • 30 seconds Leg pull in:


  • Get plenty of beauty sleep:

There is a reason, we call it beauty sleep. Sleep is an important aspect of overall health and wellbeing. It is important to get 8 hours of sound sleep to lose weight. So, sign off from TV and phone at night and get yourself to sleep well. You can do mediation before bed to get a restful sleep.

Burning off:

We understand it is hard to resist grabbing a pack of chips or binging on a cheese burst pizza. But you need to stay focused if you want to lose belly fat before the fats become stubborn and make it enormously hard for you to burn core fat. You need to eat smarter so you can lose weight fast. You can join online workout classes to help you lose belly fat and get a lean body.

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