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Things To Remember Before Going For An Eye Test

The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the body. Every day our eyes are exposed to radiation and so much stress. With so much exposure to screen, it becomes important that you go for a regular eye check-up. The eye test should be a part of your routine every year. The comprehensive eye test is an annual procedure that will help you prevent eye diseases for most people. The eye tests will also allow the optometrist for helping you to see better with an accurate prescription.

What Must You Not Do? 

Unlike few medical tests, it is okay to drink and eat most things before an eye test. If you have any special conditions or any medical issues, you can ask your optometrist about a few additional restrictions or suggestions before the test. You must remember that you must always call before the day of the test or early morning to get more information. Here are a few things which must not do before visiting the doctor.

Do Not Overexert The Eyes

Giving your eyes rest before the test will increase the overall comfort. When the visual system gets the rest and is in a relaxed state, there will be less fatigue by following some testing exercises. You must aim for eight hours of sleep at night before the day of the eye test.

The digital strain is also called the computer vision syndrome. Strain can lead up to eye fatigue. It can also affect someone who will spend lots of time staring at the screen on computers or mobile phones. That’s why it is recommended that you must minimize the time for looking at digital screens before the day of the eye test. A morning appointment will be your best option if you work on a digital screen for school or work.

Do Not Forget The Contact Lenses Or Glasses

If you are using glasses or contact lenses. Make sure that bring the current contact lenses and eyeglasses. The doctor will want to test the current eyewear’s performance and strength and the changes that might have occurred in the prescription. The human eyes might change drastically as they age, so there is nothing to be surprised about if the glasses need replacement.

Bring Your Sunglasses

You must not forget for bringing sunglasses. The optometrist will dilate the pupils while they conduct the test by using the eye drops. Light sensitivity for six hours is a primary side effect. You must remember for bringing the sunglasses pair that will manage the bright lights for the rest of the day.

Do Not Drink Alcohol Or Coffee

We all know that a single cup of coffee will give a kick start to a day, but caffeine might raise blood pressure. That’s why the annual eye test might identify high blood pressure. You will not want to get any inaccurate measurements because of caffeine in the system. You can switch to herbal or decaf tea for the morning start.

Alcohol is a substance that will increase blood pressure. In addition, alcohol consumption might make the eye feel irritated or dry, especially in eye tests. You must try to avoid taking alcohol before the day of the eye test and refrain from such drinking, which includes alcohol.

Do Not Forget The Insurance Documents

Keep the current copies of the medical or vision insurance documents with you for an eye test. Even if they have the information on their file, you must keep the updated copies and take them along. You must make sure that you carry a government-issued ID along with you also.


You know the key points to remember when going for the eye test. Make sure you choose an experienced and qualified optometrist for the eye test.

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