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5 Trending PC Games Without Any Interruption in 2021

There are so many trending PC games that you can play. But how do you decide which game is the best? Well, it’s not fair to just select that one game and give it the rank of the best game. Still, some games get more popularity than the others.

Therefore, everybody first rush in to play that game on PC. It brings them in the list of trending games. For example, AAA, Indie Titles, etc.

Before you jump into the list of trending PC games, keep one thing in mind. If you want to play your favourite PC games without any interruption, make sure you have a video card driver for Windows 10.

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Now, would you like to know about some of the five trending games on PC in 2021? What makes them unique from other games? To know about it, you should read the given article.

List of Five Popular PC Games

In this article, you will learn about some most trending PC games. Just go through the entire article once, and decide which is your pick.

1. Resident Evil Village:

Resident Evil Village

It is one of the very popular PC games. This game is the sequel of the Resident Evil 7. That in itself became very popular among the game lovers. You play in a Romanian village that is quite haunted. The game is all about how you come across different horrifying events and come out of them.

This may be the first choice of those who love horror games or shows.

2. Ghost Runner:

Ghost Runner

Here comes another show stealer for you all. It is amongst the most popular trending PC games. In this game, there is a Dharma Tower. You have to defeat a very cruel ruler and reach the top of the tower.

Defeating the ruler is not that easy. You will have to face the dangerous enemies, fight with them and use your extra skills to win the battle.

This game is full of adventure and interesting twists. You will just love this game.

3. Hades:


This game is full of new features for its fans. You will find some uniqueness in this game that may not be there in other games. You play a character named Zagreus. He is the son of Hades. You are trying to protect yourself from the underworld.

The best part about the game is, everytime you die you get to upgrade your character. In other words, you start from the beginning but with some additional skills in your character.

Also you get some upgrades in your weapons, that makes you stronger than before. This increases your chances of winning the game even more. This kind of progressive feature is rarely seen in any other game.

All the game lovers find it one of the best amongst the list of trending PC games.

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4. Control:


It is again one of the trending games on PC. It is full of adventures, amazing graphics, fantastic visuals, etc. You are Jesse Haden. You have to look for your missing brother in the city of New York.

There is an old building you have to explore. But you have to face the Federal Bureau of Control as its director. Not only this, you will face some objects associated with some paranormal activities.

Remedy Entertainment, its creators, have tried their best to bring out the best out of this game for its fans. How will you find your missing brother, exploring that old building?

This increases the excitement level to play this game. Try out this amazing game for at least once. You will surely love it.

5. Microsoft Flight Simulator:

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Attention all the flight lovers! Here comes an amazing PC game for you all. It’s all about flying planes. This game is all about flights. You have to fly some amazing planes across different locations in the world. You will fly in every condition whether pleasing or dangerous.

You will love it if you are adventurous. It may be not for those who hate flying. But this game is so interesting, that it will let you fall in love with flying planes. So if all those who want to overcome their fear of flights can try out this game for once.

You can’t resist this game for sure.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article. The list of trending and famous games is very long. But you can read and select among these five very popular PC games that you can try first. There is a choice for every kind of player. Whether it’s adventure, action, horror, mystery, etc. You will get all categories of games on PC.

Have a great gaming experience ahead!

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