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Top Five Team Productivity Tips for Today’s Project Managers

Effective task management is a challenge not only in big companies, where it’s difficult to stay in control of the workflow without the help of efficient software but also in medium and small businesses as well. In small business teams, clear communication and coordination is necessary for a successful project execution. Also, you need a task management software to manage multiple tasks and achieve a timely project completion for better productivity.

Task management solutions can facilitate you to go beyond the tradition to-do list to manage tasks. It can automate the entire project management process and make it easier for you to stay organized and access macro and micro overview of different project processes. Overall, a task management platform is beneficial for you to identify project delays and key problem areas in advance and eliminate them at ease. 

However, picking the right task management tool is not an easy task as it requires a lot of market research and effort. In this blog post, we are going to show you the popular task management tools that can help you make things easier at the workplace.

Popular Task Management Software

Good task management solutions can help you handle long-term projects and daily tasks and increase your productivity at the same time. Also, it is important for a project manager to keep everyone on the same page and provide them with all the necessary details that are required for task completion. 

Other than that, a robust team task management software makes it easier for you to streamline your project tasks and sub-tasks to achieve timely completion of a project and boost ROIs in minimal time.

So how to choose the best task management software that can cater to your project management needs? Let us have a look at the best free task management tools to help you decide which of them is the right one for your business –

1. TaskOPad

TaskOPad is a robust end to end task management software. It can help you simplify tasks for your project teams so that they are well aware of the things that they need to do. Moreover, it can facilitate prioritizing new or recurring tasks and assign proper timelines to them to achieve timely project completion.

In addition to this, TaskOPad works over all the popular platforms like Android, iOS and Windows. Furthermore, it provides you with multiple useful features like real-time document sharing, customized fields, percentage completion of tasks, Kanban Board, productivity tracker, team collaboration capabilities, dependency tracking, etc. 

What’s more, TaskOPad can help you to get an overview of the progress of different tasks. You can use it to know who is working on which task and what is the status of the same. TaskOPad can also eliminate hassles in team coordination to ensure that all the tasks and subtasks have been carried out effectively.

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2. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is a multi-platform solution for task management. Moreover, it is also helpful  in effectively collaborating with your project team. MeisterTask can also assist you to schedule and manage individual tasks in a customizable way that suits your organizational needs. 

Other than this, MeisterTask works well with Kanban Boards and enables you to fetch the necessary data that you need to render your duties. Besides, you can operate it easily on different third-party platforms like Slack, G Suite, Zapier and GitHub. Also, MeisterTask lets you automate project workflows to make your team productive while managing numerous projects at a single time.

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3. DragApp

DragApp is a shared inbox solution that contains various features to facilitate users manage their project workflows. Also, it works inside Gmail so that you do not go back and forth between your Gmail account and the task management app. As a result, you can achieve better productivity and save efforts of adding utilities while using third-part tools.

Apart from this, the components of DragApp are highly customizable. It also offers two types of views to its users to gain better clarity – List and Kanban Board. Furthermore, DragApp allows you to add notes and due dates or mention your teammates to centralize the entire communication related to project tasks.    

4. Todoist

Todoist is a free of cost task management solution that can assist you to keep a tab on your tasks and projects. It lets you create subtasks and sections and help you improve the way you manage projects. Moreover, it can allow users to set tasks as favorites and prioritize the same in a systematic manner.

What’s more, Todoist can enable you to delegate tasks and receive updates of new additions in the project. Furthermore, this software makes it possible for users to add comments so that every team member can stay on the same page regarding the progress of the project. 

Concluding Lines

Project management has become a must-have thing for organizations and businesses to thrive in today’s rapidly changing markets. As a project manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that your team accomplishes every task on time. And to achieve this goal, you need a task management tool for that. 

While choosing a project management application for your team, you need to analyze their requirements and capabilities. Also, you need to be aware of the condition of your workflow. In this blog post, we have provided you with a brief idea of task management tools. Now it is totally your call to choose the one that suits your managerial requirements and your organization’s budget. 

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