5 Educational Opportunities The Pandemic Has Provided Us

It has been more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit us. And as essay writer schools and other academic institutes remain closed around the world, approximately 214 million children worldwide have missed more than three-quarters of their in-person learning. While it has been a difficult time for educators and learners alike, this pandemic has also provided us with a number of opportunities for the betterment of the education system.

  1. Blended learning approaches will be more increasingly used

Even though online essay writer learning approaches have their fair share of advantages, it lacks the discipline and interactive style of the traditional ways of learning. With the complete closure of on-campus education due to the pandemic, we are left with no choice but to resort to online learning.

This is a good time to try, test and analyse the usability of the blended learning approach, which can draw on the best of both worlds and offer a better learning experience than a completely online learning approach. It is possible to think of a middle ground that will provide a mix between traditional face-to-face learning and online learning.

  1. Getting well-curated teaching and learning materials

The pandemic has also pushed other educators and trusted sources to assignment help from essay writer curate better quality online learning tools and resources. For example, National Geographic has curated collections for K-12 learners in their resource library. You can also find free materials quickly on their new landing page and get more practical knowledge of things.

Online academic service providers like have also launched a number of academic tools and resources to make the learning experience of the students. While students can find free tools like the essay typer or plagiarism checker on the websites, they have curated a repository of useful research materials, sample solutions, and answers for all academic levels. More and more for-profit organisations will come forward with such initiatives.

  1. More scope for collaboration with the teacher to cdr helpimprove learning

It has been difficult for the teachers to get accustomed to the new format of teaching with the whole pandemic going on. While this has made things quite difficult for the teachers, it has also created the opportunity for the teachers to collaborate with each other and statistics homework help each other out with necessary resources and guidance.

Khan Academy, one of the most popular online learning platforms, has started the “Teachers Pay Teachers” initiative, where teachers can see what other teachers have done. Say, for example, a teacher wants to send his/her students an instructional video. Instead of shooting a video of his/her own, the teacher (essay writer) can just find similar material prepared by other teachers and use it for his/her students. This basically helps build a stronger community online.

  1. No geographical barrier to limit the learning experience

We all have heard about the inequalities in education. While the students in one country get all the facilities of the modern education system, there are millions of students in the world who do not even have access to quality education. The pandemic has provided us with the opportunity to unite and forge connections across countries and even continents and share what works universally.

With more and more adoption of online learning tools and adoptions, we may be able to facilitate a better learning environment for the students who could not have access to world class education system before. It is now possible to teach the kids in Africa from your bedroom in a European city. Similarly, students can now connect with some of the finest educators in the world and learn from them.

  1. The role of the schools have become more significant than ever in society

While the schools remain closed to stop the spread of pandemic among students, their roles in contributing to society do not take rest. There is no denying that the schools, colleges and universities mould the future leaders of our society, ghost writer, but in this time of crisis, the schools are taking one step forward in supporting the families of less fortunate students.

A lot of schools across the globe have already started distributing meals, clothing, mental health support and other critical resources to the students and their families. Moreover, the teaching staff are playing a greater role in educating the people in the society about how to battle the pandemic.

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