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2021’s Top Premiere Pro Color Grading Presets

Have you ever wondered what makes a video look like a motion picture??? If you are a video editor or crazy to opt this line to rule the video editing industry, then you must know the process of creating cinematic, high-quality, and professional-looking videos. To achieve this, you need Premiere Pro color grading presets.

Don’t know about it?

Not to worry, Just read this article to get complete details:

What Are Color Grading Presets?

These are the workflow and one-click adjustments tools that rapidly carry innovative control and new palettes to your video.

To use these video editing tools, you don’t need any technical knowledge. Just import a preset file, and Premiere Pro will take care of everything else.

Although, there are several paid and free Premiere Pro color grading presets available on the web. This article outlines 2021’s Top Premiere Pro Color Grading Presets.

Have a look!

  1. 1300+ Cinematic Looks

The first and foremost video transitions of Premiere Pro of 2021 is 1300+ Cinematic Looks which contains more than 1300 cinematic looks from 13 different categories.

It is easy to use and also compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2017 and above versions.

  1. 222 Premiere Pro Color Grading Presets

The second popular preset in the list is 222 Premiere Pro Color Grading Presets which became famous among short filmmakers, YouTube video makers, and Wedding Filmmakers. This pack comes with a fantastic collection of 222 well-tailored professional colors presets for your Premiere Pro projects. If you are an NLE, i.e., Non-Linear Editing software user, then it is a good choice for you that you don’t want to miss!

  1. Instagrading Color Grading Filters

The next on the list is Instagrading Color Grading Filters that comes with 50 unique filters. It has everything that a video editor requires to make videos stylish and creative. It is compatible with Premiere Pro 2017 (11.0.0.) and above and works with any resolution.

  1. 300 + LUT’s Bundle Package 

Moving forward, 300 + LUT’s Bundle Package consists of the fast rendered 300+ presets, even when you’re editing on your phone. It comes with cinematic, Warm, Vintage, Drone, Clean, Vlog, Contrast, Music Video, and several other Color Presets.

  1. 150+ IMBD Hollywood Movie LUTs

The fifth Premiere Pro color grading presets of 2021 are 150+ IMBD Hollywood Movie LUTs, including unique 150+ movie LUTs from the IMDB Top 100 movies like Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Inception, Scarface, Batman, Pulp, The Godfather, Joker, Fiction, Starwars, etc.

  1. 550+ Cinepack Looks

Proceeding further, 550+ Cinepack Looks color grading preset is next that gains tremendous popularity. It emulates the characteristics of high-quality and professionally produced images or videos.

These LUTs have been specially tuned to convey the most satisfying looks from the features to the shadows.

  1. 45 Color Correction Presets

After reading the above-listed top 6 color grading presets of 2021, now it’s turn to move on to the 7th one, i.e., 45 Color Correction Presets, which contains

  • 8 cinematic presets,
  • 7 vintage,
  • 6 retro effects,
  • Six grayscale presets ,
  • 6 sepia, and
  • 6 chromatic color correction presets

All files are easy to install and a single-click application. There is no need for any third-party software to use these color presets.

  1. 1000 Cinematic Color Presets

The list’s top Eighth color grading preset is 1000 Cinematic Color Presets that contains 1000 presets from 12 different categories in .cube for After Effects DaVinci Resolve and .prfpset for Premiere Pro, etc.

  1. 100+ Cinematic LUTs Pack

The last-second color grading preset in the line is 100+ Cinematic LUTs Pack for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, and more.

This pack consists of files in CUBE and 3DL formats for both LOG and STANDARD videos. One of the best things about this preset is that it comes with a commercial license that implies you can use it anywhere in your client projects or even in your own projects.

  1. 800+ Cinematic & All-Around Look-Up Table (LUTs)

The last one is 800+ Cinematic & All-Around LUTs that include 800+ original LUTs which are handcrafted. Newbie and professional video editors can both use it.

It is compatible with Premiere Pro and other video editing software on Mac and Windows.

I hope you found this article useful, and to know about the latest premiere pro templates, stay tuned!!!

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