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Zomato Clone App – Build Online Food Delivery Startup With An App Like Zomato And Reap Benefits

The food delivery business is brimming right now. All thanks to Coronavirus Pandemic that has fuelled the on-demand food delivery businesses. Witnessing the boom in the online food delivery business, the majority of the entrepreneurs wish to venture by making Zomato Clone App.

Why Does Your Food Delivery Business need to Have Zomato Like App?

Today majority of the customers shop online and this includes ordering their favorite food. Thus it makes it very clear of developing Zomato Clone App for your food delivery business.

Following are a few facts to consider:

  • You tend to lose about 75% of the customers if you do not have a food delivery app
  • You lose on potential customers if your menu is not available online
  • Having an app like Zomato will increase food orders by 25%
  • Offering loyalty programs and promo deals, there is a steep rise in the online food ordering

Now that you know how much you are losing on not having an on-demand food delivery app. Chances are you not only lose on huge customer base but a greater portion of revenues. People want convenience, quick, and affordable, and building an app like Zomato can serve the purpose.

Why Build Zomato Clone App

Food is an essential human need. Today’s customers are getting busier than ever. With no or less time on hand to cook, they are highly dependent on an on-demand food delivery app. A Zomato likes an app that delivers quickly and it is easy on pockets too.

Therefore, building a Zomato Clone App can be incredibly profitable. The investment can turn out to be significant, serving hundreds of customers generating greater revenues.

Zomato Clone App can generate multiple streams of income by leveraging different types of revenue models.

How To Improve Online Food Delivery Sales Through Zomato Clone App?

Everyone in the food delivery business is struggling to pay high rent with no substantial sales. Due to pandemics, many restaurants are now choosing to build a Zomato Clone App. With competition becoming stiff, the following are the features that help you stay ahead in the competition:

  1. Restaurant wise commission

This feature allows the admin to change the commission as per the increasing and decreasing demands. For instance, Restaurant A is getting more orders compared to Restaurant B. Thus the admin will charge a high commission from Restaurant A. Therefore, allowing to generate more revenue.

  1. Multiple languages

Having launched your Zomato Clone App in multi-language can soar up your customer base. Having integrated multiple languages other than English encourages more customers to use the app. Since they can place the order in their native language, you will see a significant rise in online food ordering.

  1. Multi-currency

Zomato Clone App comes integrated with Multiple currency. This means apart from USD there will be ten different currency that allows you to implement within the app. Offering ease in doing business makes it easy to launch in those geographical locations where USD is not the native currency. Customers will have the flexibility to pay for the orders.

  1. Multiple payment modes

This offers the flexibility to the customers to pay as how they like. This includes secured multiple payment options like Netbanking, Wallet, Credit/Debit cards, etc.

  1. Voice instructions for delivery drivers

This allows the users to send a voice note to the delivery drivers if there are specific instructions to convey. Thus, it makes sure that the deliveries are made accordingly. For instance, the voice note is about coming from another gate, or leaving the packages at the gatekeeper, or not parking in the front of the gate, etc.

  1. Order cancellation

This feature enables the delivery driver to deny, and cancel carrying out the delivery orders. This provides flexibility to the drivers who are unable to make the delivery for some unforeseen reasons.

  1. Uploading kitchen pictures

This feature allows restaurant owners to upload pictures of their kitchen. This conveys the safety practices they are performing on the regular basis. Thus, building trust in customers.

  1. COVID19 Safety measures

Taking temperature, face mask verification, safety checklist, are the prominent sub-features of this feature. This enables that restaurants and delivery drivers are following the safety measures.

In Conclusion

Nowadays, it is possible to provide multiple services using one iOS app. For example,  with Zomato Clone App you can integrate Grocery delivery services, as well as parcel delivery services. This will enable to generate more revenue. Furthermore, it eliminates the need of developing different apps and spending huge.

Buying a white-label Zomato Clone App won’t be expensive. Approach an on-demand app development company that will take up your app project, launching your food delivery app like zomato in a minimum of time like 5 days.

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