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Your Complete Guide to Remarketing

The digital space is brutal. Most visitors visit and leave the webpage like they are virtually window shopping. Conversion rate – an industry term to determine the percentage of how many people visiting the page actually perform the desired action is considered a vital metric. There are numerous methods to increase conversion rates for a website. The average conversion rate across industries was around 2.35%, but if one considered the top 10% of the websites by sales volume, their conversion rate was close to a whopping 11%. This of course differs from industry to industry.

Conversion rate Optimization, or CRO is the process of optimizing your webpage to boost conversion rates. There are various strategies and techniques in this process on a macro scale – say a subscription based service, to a micro level – say adding a product to cart.

One such strategy which is both effective and efficient is remarketing.
It is tapping into that pool of people who had once shown interest in your product/service or brand. But have somehow failed to initiate further action. Most remarketing techniques include behavioral finance based techniques like nudge marketing through e-mails. And push notification or alerts that pique the customer’s interest.

Why should you consider remarketing?

Why remarketing

Remarketing as a technique to increase conversion rates . Simply revenue has multiple advantages, say leading firms offering PPC advertising services in Hyderabad. This is a wonderful re-targeting of the existing consumer base, and since trust is already established with existing customers, it has greater potential for conversion.

The customer is exposed to targeted, personalized advertisements at every point, there is higher consumer reach at every part of the sales funnel and as an obvious side effect there is increased conversion and revenue.

How does remarketing work?

 Remember how you click accept all cookies every time you visit a webpage without bothering to read (who reads it!?) what we are actually accepting?

So when you visit a webpage, a cookie is dropped into your browser. This could be an external link or a back link to an ad platform. Or if the same user visits say a shopping website after the cookie is dropped, the cookie “tells” the webpage about your interests to the ad platform. A few lines of code here and there- lo and behold! There is that e-mail in your website about that piece of jewelry you have been eyeing (no, I am just exaggerating)

The importance of remarketing


Remarketing is a cheaper option with promised efficiency when compared to techniques like pay per click marketing or influencer marketing.

Remarketing campaigns achieve high success than regular social media campaigns simply because the barrier to customer is already breached. The cost per customer acquisition is therefore much lower, and effort minimal.

Brand value:

Ever wondered why most advertisements on television are irrational or simply impossible? The caffeine drink that can give you wings, or the detergent that can get you a job.  Everyone who watches those advertisements know that isn’t true. The idea behind those ads however is to create brand awareness.

And remarketing does that spot on. It helps enhance branch recognition, and if you are a business that relies heavily on brand awareness, remarketing is a wonderful idea.

Higher conversion rate:

The most desired and obvious effect of remarketing. Since remarketing targets existing consumers, the conversion rate improves considerably.

Precision targeting:

Combining analytics like demographics and geography and running a remarketing campaign will provide you a higher granularity, and control over targeting.

Increase your bottom line – how to deploy remarketing

  • Run campaigns across platforms and sample sizes: Design and run different adverts for different target audiences – run a separate one on LinkedIn and a separate one on Instagram – the audience composition may be different. You will get an understanding of what works why and when and there you have a winning formula on hand!
  • Upsell, resell and cross sell:You will be surprised at this pool – how much revenue you can tap into when you upsell, cross sell or resell to your existing consumer base. And remember returning customers are the best – they are building a sense of brand loyalty. Combine this with special vouchers, bonus points or loyalty coupons and you have got a definite conversion!
  • Schedule:The internet is a funny place. Traffic on the internet is higher during rush hour in certain geographies, where people are browsing their phones on the tube or public transport. Scheduling a targeted ad for that specific time is a sure winner.
  • Market segmentation:Segment your market based on parameters you think work best for your brand. Splitting your customer base, based on shared interests gives you distinct groups for whom you ca run specific remarketing campaigns.
  • Customize and personalize ads: Get those creative juices flowing! Send personalized mobile moment push notification during the IPL season, or a personalized message. But be sure that your advertisements are relevant and interesting.

Remarketing is a great tool and is a easy way to gain conversion say experts from the best SEO company in Hyderabad. But remember remarketing comes with a rider. You have to have a great strategy in place – one that targets the right people at the right time!

Yes, remarketing works, but only if you’re targeting the right people at the right time on the right platform.

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