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Why You Might Not Be Getting the Sleep You Need!

We all want to live happy, healthy lives. A huge factor in how good we feel is the amount of sleep that we get. Not only is sleep necessary for recharging our brains, but it can make us feel more mentally prepared to take on the demands of the day. Unfortunately, a lot of people are struggling to get the amount of quality sleep that they need. Please keep reading for the most common reasons you are not getting the rest that your body needs to function at its best.

See these reasons and also what you can do about them.

Your Bed Is Not Good for You

People are recommended to spend up to a third of their lives in their beds. However, not all beds are created the same. Similarly, people often require different characteristics. Whether you are thinking of investing in a whole new bed, frame and all, or simply a new mattress, having a new place to sleep can encourage you to sleep more restfully and for longer. Whether you like it hard or soft, sleeping on a new mattress for a few nights may get your sleep schedule back under your control.

You Take Certain Medications

When you lie down at night, you try to empty your mind and go to a peaceful place to encourage you to sleep. Unfortunately, some medications can make that difficult and can cause sleeplessness. Many of these medications are essential for your health, so it is best to speak to your doctor about what could be causing you to stay awake. Work with them on tweaking when you take medicine or the dosage. You might be able to find some happy medium where you can retain the health benefits of your medications without sleeplessness.


You Have Aches and Pains

Getting comfortable in bed is often the perfect time for your body to inventory and present its various small pains. Often, these small pains might be chronic and not upset your lifestyle enough to warrant medical treatment. From easing pregnancy pains to relieving those caused by arthritis, you can get a full night’s rest by making your body feel more comfortable. In addition, this rest will make it possible for you to greet the challenges of the next day head-on.

There Are Underlying Health Concerns

One of the most common disorders that threaten a healthy dose of sleep is sleep apnea, which causes your breath to catch in your throat while you sleep. There are many reasons for a person to develop sleep apnea, from a narrow jawline to a drastic shift in musculature. A case of sleep apnea must be diagnosed by a professional. They will perform a sleep study and monitor your habits. Your doctor may suggest a CPAP machine or a simple change (sleeping on the opposite side). Together, you can design your ideal sleep schedule.

You Need More Regular Exercise

We know you may not want to hear it, but not only is a regular regimen of physical activity an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can cause you to enjoy deep, unbothered sleep. Try these exercises right before bed to improve the quality and the duration of your rest. Not only can exercise make you more physically tired and ready for bed, but it can elevate your mental state and cause you to be unmolested by unpleasant dreams. Even going on a short walk before bed can give you some of the benefits that you need.

We all know that a decent amount of high-quality sleep is integral for a happy, healthy lifestyle. In addition to eating right and getting a proper amount of exercise, sleep can help your cognitive abilities and cause you to react more quickly to the world around you. From ensuring that your bed is as comfortable as possible to make sure that you stretch your legs a little before turning in, you can have a good night’s sleep whenever you want it.

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