Why Islamic Carpets and Pillows Are a Great Choice

Prayer rugs and prayer rug for Muslims have become an important part of Muslim worship rituals. It’s not unusual to see young boys or girls laying down on prayer rugs while reciting Arabic prayers or just doing some spiritual stretching. On the surface, prayer rugs seem like ordinary floor coverings or carpeting. However, there is more to the decorative Muslim accessory than meets the eye.

Like all weaves, prayer rugs come in many different styles. They can be woven from a variety of exotic materials, from jute to wool and mecca to silk. These rugs come in a wide range of designs, such as Arabic calligraphy or tribal motifs. Some are very thick and durable, using weft fibers from silk or jute. Others are quite thin and use primitive machine stitches to create intricate patterns.

Another way to categorize prayer rugs is by their use of color. Woven rugs can come in many colors, from pale yellow to bright red or green. Most come in plain color varieties, but occasionally you can find ones with contrasting colors or embellishments, such as hook-shaped motifs. In addition, some carpets are handmade and weaved by individual weavers, resulting in rugs that are uniquely theirs.

Woven prayer rugs

Woven prayer rugs have different usages than those found on carpeting. For example, the prayer rug used during the Islamic prayer, Dhatun, must always be folded and kept inside the house because it is considered a sacred treasure. Worn by both men and women, it is kept in front of the door. Anyone coming to offer worship will kneel before it and take hold of the left shoulder while kneeling. The right shoulder is free.

Carpets are also commonly used by Muslim women to decorate their homes. They can be found in various colors, patterns, and styles and serve the same purpose as the prayer rugs; to provide decorative excellence and to protect family property. It is a fact that carpet is a Muslim necessity. Hence, most Muslims prefer using carpets, irrespective of their religion.

Prayer rugs have different designs. They can be in the shape of a cube, a triangle or any other shape. They can also be long and narrow or wide and short. In the case of the cube design, the prayer rug is laid flat on the ground and the prayer is performed at a single place. If it is a triangle design, the rug is laid one side at a time, with each side being turned towards the direction of the prayer.

Wool rugs are considered to be the best when compared to synthetic ones. The main reason for this is the kind of processing that takes place before the wool is spun. The wool is spun very close to the surface of the base material so that the thread which is spun is very thin. This thickness makes the prayer rugs very comfortable to sit upon. Also, wool is durable and strong and thus these rugs are also quite easy to maintain.

Today there are many companies that provide Muslim prayer rugs and prayer carpets. The best thing is that the companies have an option for customization. Thus, if you want a particular pattern or design you can request it. You will get it at no extra cost. There are also many companies that provide Muslim prayer rugs online.

Nowadays there is a lot of online stores which sell prayer rugs of all kinds. These stores also provide Muslim fashion and design. The best thing is that there is no extra cost involved. So you do not have to buy a separate prayer rug for your home. You can just get the one that you need.

There are many benefits of buying an Islamic prayer mat online. For example, you can easily download prayer rug patterns of all kinds from the internet. If you cannot find the pattern in your area, then you can simply visit various websites and get the required prayer rug patterns. Also, you can easily shop for prayer rugs on the internet.

Prayer rugs and wool rugs come in various designs, colors, and textures. Some are made from expensive materials. But all of them are made with the same purpose in mind. They are made to cover the head and feet. Thus Islamic carpets and prayer rugs are truly a great thing to have.

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