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Where to use your new logo?

While creating the new logo you have to put a lot of effort in it. You decided on the shape and colors for the artwork that represents it well. Moreover, you must have spent countless hours deciding the font and make your logo perfect. After all this hard work, when you get satisfied with the results what are you going to do next? This blog will let you know where you can use your brand.

Best Place to use your logo:

The best place to use your logo is to use it everywhere. Yes, think of the most popular brands like Puma, Apple, Nike, and McDonald’s. These renowned brands proudly use their logo everywhere like on their products, websites, packaging, etc. Logos not only represent your brand, they will also help you to stand out from the rest. Make your logo unique and identifiable as it will help you increase the engagement with the customers.

You should use your logo almost everywhere but there are different marketing places where you can use the logo as it will help you gain recognition. Moreover, it will make you seem more professional.

  1. On your Website:

Website plays a crucial role in building a brand and business. As per the common design conventions, best place to place your logo is on the top left corner of the website or in the top corner of the website. A logo should be your “HOME” button as it will help engage more customers. Make sure that your website logo is legible on different screen sizes as it will help you put an impact on your customers.

  1. Favicon:

It is the small icon that represents your business. A favicon is generally displayed on the left of the browser’s search field. For example, the blue F of Facebook is its favicon.

So, you have to make several versions to represent your brand to make your business meet its ends.

  1. On Your Social Media Platforms:

Once your website is ready, use it on all social media platforms. They are so many like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Tiktok, and many more. Make sure your logo fits perfectly in their profile picture if not, make it in different sizes. Once you get to know where your target audience is more, make sure you are present there more and your logo must look great everywhere.

  1. On your email signature:

It’s time to up your game by using your logo in your email as using it in email will help people to remind about your brand whenever you send them a message or reach anyone new. All you need to do is incorporate it on top of your email body or locate it alongside at the bottom of your email signature.

  1. On your Presentation Templates:

Use your logo on each slide of your presentation while presenting it to clients, or even your staff members. It will persuade them in buying your product.

  1. Business cards:

To represent your brand offline, business cards are still an amazing tactile way. Make sure to put your logo on every card.

  1. Add it on promotional items:

It is the best offline way to promote your brand, put your on a hat, hoodie, T-shirt or any other clothing piece. Make sure the material you use is of good quality and focus on the sizing of clothes.

  1. Add it to your official documents:

Adding your logo to your official documents such as letters or contracts will make it look more legitimate and trustworthy. You can also place it in your receipts and invoices. It will provide a professional touch to your business.

  1. Images:

Upload your brand images on Instagram, Facebook, or any product photos with on social media platforms. Make sure to use a transparent background to make it look more attractive.

All in all, your logo is the most important asset in your business, use it everywhere to build your brand whether it be your website or your business cards, a simple logo can work wonders for you. All you have to do is stay consistent and make sure your logo justifies your business. For more information. Just visit here our experts always ready to help you.

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